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Ships in the Night - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 9:16am by Lieutenant Melody McKnight-Yamaguchi & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Post Captain Hannah Mueller & Director Tienn Gyce

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1200Hrs - July 21st, 2393

Director Benice Gyce sighed softly as she wanted a peaceful assignment this time, she needed a vacation but she knew she was not going to get one, as she had been asked to take over as head of Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service out here in the Taurus Reach. Gyce was wearing civilian clothing as she was in no mood to wear the uniform and now that she was head of SCIS in this region, she could more or less do as she pleased, she did not answer to Starfleet anymore and now she had also dropped her papers to get out, she could wear civilian clothing whenever and however she pleased.

The Bajoran's reverie was interrupted with the com system beeping at her and the other dozen or so personal gathered in the passenger compartment of the transport they were presently ensconced within. "Attention all personnel, we're presently on final approach to Starbase Vanguard, prepare for arrival."

Gyce slowly shuffled over to her chair before she slid her lithe form into it, she sighed softly while she did so.

Meanwhile, in the cockpit area, the pilot tapped the display once as the whiteness of slipstream flight gave way to starlines and out of the blackness, a mushroom-shaped object appeared, in addition to various other ships present. "We're here, get us clearance to land will ya?" the pilot asked the young woman next to him, she nodded back. "Willdo." and she went to work.

The young woman turned back a moment later. "Clearance granted, we're to land in Hanger bay eleven."

"Alright," he commented as the pilot drove the small transport into the small hanger bay, a minute or so later the Transport lands and is secured. Gyce slowly strolls off of the transport, walking down the rear hatch which had been dropped to permit rapid exit, Captain Hannah Mueller was waiting, she smiled as she regarded the Bajoran before her. "Willkommen bei Sternenbasis Vanguard. Direktor."

The translator went to work. "Welcome to Starbase Vanguard. Director." Mueller smiled at the other female.

Gyce smiled. "Thanks. Its good to be here... Are the rest of my people here?" the Bajoran inquired.

"Nein noch nicht. Wir warten Immer noch auf sie. " Mueller answered evenly, which translated into. "No, not yet. we are still waiting for them to arrive."

Gyce nodded as she hefted her duffel bag. "Alright. I'm going to go and find my quarters and settle in, when do I start work?"

Mueller nodded. "Morgen früh werde ich Sie oder irgendjemanden nicht dazu bringen, wenn sie gerade ankommen. Das wäre einfach unvernünftig." which the susyem turned into. "Tomorrow morning, I'm not going to make you or anyone start when they just arrive. That would be just unreasonable."

Gyce smiled. "Okay then. Thank you for the welcome."

"Okay, Willkommen bei Vanguard." which was turned into "Again, welcome to Vanguard," Mueller answered. Gyce turned and departed the hanger, finding her way to the Quartermasters offices. "Hi, I'm Gyce Benice. I'm here seeking my room assignment."

Lieutenant Melody McKnight-Yamaguchi smiled as she regarded the older woman before her, she had been informed that the Director was on the Starbase and would be seeking her out for just this event. "Ahh, welcome aboard Starbase Vanguard. Director." the younger woman commented before she produced a PADD. "We have your new home away from home ready for you. Its located on level fifty-five. Section forty-two. The security codes and everything else you'll need is on your PADD. Also, Vanguard is a new Starbase so a few things will be a little different then you may be used to." McKnight-Yamaguchi explained evenly.

Gyce regarded the younger woman with a gentle smile. "How so?"

"The level of comfort is new, but so is the security and tactical presence," McKnight-Yamaguchi explained. "You will also notice a few other things are changed or new."

"I will keep my eyes peeled for the changes, the only ones who need fear me are the criminals around here. I heard that there was something of a mass-psionic event recently." Gyce commented. "Was that an act of a criminal nature of a Roanoke-like Pineapple event.?"

"Ummm. Actually, I think it was an accident." McKnight-Yamaguchi paused. "Despite myself being directly affected by it. it felt really strange to have a screaming match with my mother which never happened..." the younger female suddenly frowned. "I think the base security staff looked into it. Lt Commander Hular is the man you'll want to see for the information on the event in question."

"Thank you, Lieutenant, you have been most helpful," Gyce answered before she turned around and departed the quartermaster's offices in silence. Her next stop was her new home and then she would go and track down her girlfriend whom she had heard was assigned here

Gyce entered the quarters of her new home several minutes later and she stopped in her tracks, she had honestly been expecting slightly larger than her home on the Roanoke or one of the other ships she had been assigned to, which was more or less a two bedroomed apartment. What she found instead was a large home, an open sitting area with an attached kitchenette, with a bathroom off to one side with two small hallways, one was leading to what Gyce assumed were at least two bedrooms and a storage space, and the second she assumed was leading to a study, she stepped forward as she began to explore her new home. Gyce also found that she had not taken Lieutenant McKnight-Yamaguichi's statement at face value, that things had changed.

"Oh wow." the Bajoran mused aloud when she was finished, she had been assigned what would have bee considered an ambassadorial level set of quarters had she been on one of the older ships of the fleet that she had known, instead this was hers, all of this space was hers. Gyce suddenly recalled that her position required her to have superior levels of comfort and accommodation due to various traditions. All of which she had dismissed simply because she had never seen them as important to her but now suddenly, they were working drastically in her favor. Gyce sighed "I wish I had paid more attention to those traditions." she lamented to herself.

Gyce then went into the bedroom as she placed her duffel on the countertop and she began to unpack, she smiled as she began her work on making her new home hers.


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