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Be Bold... - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 8:36am by Lieutenant Commander Ennis Cullen & Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - USS Heart of the Tiger
Timeline: 1730Hrs - July 20th, 2393

Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen smiled as she stood before the small gathering, wearing her martial arts gi, with her yellow belt, she was here today to test for her green belt and now it was her turn to try to defeat the instructor. She stepped forward to face him, the two held their arms at their sides before they bowed to each other, then the bout began.

Saki was quick but the instructor severely outclassed her in terms of skills, there was a quick volley of blows as the two went for each other as Ennis watched, Sarah was sitting next to her father. Daniel, Olivia, and Anthony were in the care of a babysitter. Cullen smiled as he turned to say something to Sarah when a loud scream rent his concentration. He turned back to find Saki down on the ground with a soft trickle of blood streaming from her face.

Cullen palmed his medkit as he shot to his feet, his goal now was to reach his daughter. He was at her side a moment later. "Easy Saki. what happened?" he switched his attention from the student to the teacher who looked upset. "She tripped and fell, I was kicking at her and I..." he paused a moment. "I kicked her in the head as a result."

Cullen nodded his head as he opened his tricorder and went to work on his daughter. "It's alright, I know you did not mean to hurt her, sometimes these things do happen. That doesn't mean we need to like them." as he sighed softly. "Yeah, she's got a concussion, I need her in sickbay right away."

"Of course." the man responded as Cullen tapped his combadge. "Cullen to transporter room four, emergency transport, two to beam directly to sickbay."

"Stand by for transport." and with that, Cullen and Yamaguchi-Cullen were beamed away, the only traces that anything was wrong was the blood on the ground which the instructor began to clean up a moment later. "The exercise will be postponed until tomorrow, I must see to the wounded student first." he addressed the small crowd.

Meanwhile, in the ship's sickbay. Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen was on a biobed, as she lay unconscious as a medic and a nurse operated on her as Cullen sighed softly. "I'm going to get her to take a paternity test. I want to know who her biological father is, once and for all."

"She's not yours?" the nurse who was attending to Saki, suddenly paused as she sighed. "Mmm, makes sense." she paused. "I apologize, Doctor, I didn't think of it. The skin tones I mean."

"No need to apologize, lass," Cullen answered. "Her mother is part Halanan and part human, and she's black."

"Oh." the nurse answered, mentally kicking herself as she did so.

"Right. Keep an eye on her, I'll be right back with my items." and with that, Cullen rose to his feet before moving off, he returned a few minutes later with his items in hand. "Alright, how is she?"

"She's responding favorably to her treatment." the nurse responded. "Mind if I ask why you're getting her to take the test?"

Cullen regarded her in silence for a moment. "Mostly because of curiosity but in case I need to know if she has any medical maladies that are passed down through genetics, then we can head them off, years or decades before they become a threat to her," he explained.

"Makes sense. Okay." the nurse answered as she accepted the kit from Cullen, she gently pried open Saki's mouth as she sighed. "It's gonna be okay sweetie, this won't hurt at all." as she gently scraped some saliva from the back of Saki's mouth before she secured the kit, she then handed it to Cullen. "Thank you, Tanya," he commented before he went over to the medical research specialist who had exited her office to see what all of the noise was about. "Hey Doctor, what's up?" the human-looking woman addressed Cullen as he approached.

"I have a case for you if you would be so kind as to answer it for me," Cullen answered. "I know its late for you and you have a lot of work already but could you look at this paternity test for me and see if they're at any genetic issues and who my daughter's biological father actually is... I would be most interested to know the answer to these questions." Cullen explained his request.

Lieutenant Heather Lee nodded her head. "Willdo Doctor, I always move your stuff to the top of my workload as you were always so nice to me," she answered with a gentle smile. "You'll have the answers within the hour. How is your daughter?"

"She's got a concussion. Thanks to the martial arts teacher kicking her in the head during her test for the green belt." Cullen explained before he huffed a sigh at the handsome woman before him.

"Oww." Lee winced, clearly empathizing with Saki. "I hope she gets well soon."

"She might not remember the incident but she will be fine, but I'm concerned as this is the third major incident in two years. Saki might have permanent issues as a result if she keeps taking blows to the head like this." Cullen added. "and explaining this to her mother will be trying. For us both." Cullen shook his head. "I'll let you get on with it. Sorry Heather but Saki needs me."

"Right. Thanks, Doctor." and with that, she turned and retreated back into her office a moment later, leaving Cullen free to return to Saki. He picked up his medical equipment and went to work on healing his daughter's wounds.


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