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...Bloody... - Part Two

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 8:52am by Lieutenant Commander Ennis Cullen & Lieutenant Safaa LaSteel & Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - USS Heart of the Tiger
Timeline: 1800Hrs - July 20th, 2393

Lieutenant Heather Lee smiled as she regarded the infomation on the display before her. "Mmmm... Seems Saki's dad is a little younger then I expected." her smile faded before it was replaced by a frown. "This makes no sense." she mused softly. "How does a twenty-year-old man have a ten-year-old daughter... But the DNA doesn't lie, this is Saki's biological dad." Lee tapped her combadge. "Lee to Cullen?"

"Cullen here, go ahead Heather." came the expected response.

"I have the infomation you requested... Could you come in here, please... I am missing a piece of this puzzle." Lee commented. "I'm confused about something." the young woman explained evenly, her left hand gently stroke the skin on her jawline, clearly she was deep in thought.

"I thought you might. I'm on my way." came the unexpected response from Cullen a moment later. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Cullen. "What's going on Heather?" he addressed her as soon as the door closed behind him.

"Saki's biological father is twenty years old, there is no way he could be Saki's father," Lee answered evenly.

"Saki is not supposed to be ten years old, she's supposed to be an infant at age three, her mother is also supposed to be eight years younger then she actually is," Cullen explained. "Rachael was pregnant with Saki about six months before she ended up in that temporal sinkhole." he paused. "She became pregnant sometime in late twenty-three ninety." she paused. "He would have just turned eighteen at the time."

"Rachael would have been just turning fourteen." Cullen paused. "Wait a moment. Heather are you sure of your findings?" Cullen paused. "Are you absolutely sure of this?" as he regarded her, a steely look in his eyes.

"Yeah, why-" Lee asked before she answered her own question. "Oh no," she whispered. "Saki is a product of rape."

"Aye." Cullen paused before he sighed softly. "First it was her twin from another reality who made me think she was my wife, Saki uncovered her and now Rachael is a victim the same issue, except Rachael, had a child with this guy." he regarded Lee with a look that could have meant many things. "Do you know where he is assigned?"

"I do," Lee answered with a nod. "I looked into the matter, knowing you might ask me." as she handed her boss a PADD.

Cullen sighed softly as he gently took the PADD from her. "I don't think Rachael even knows about any of this." he sighed softly. "When she finds out, she's going to go crazy," he added.

"Oh, I'll bet. He didn't tell her his age while they were dating and Rachael was too young at the time to know any better." Lee sighed softly as Cullen tapped his combadge. "Cullen to LaSteel?"

A second female voice came from the com system. "LaSteel here, what's up Ennis?"

"Could you drop by my office, I have something I'd like you to have a look at if you don't mind?"

"Sure." LaSteel answered, "I'm on my way. I'll see ya in a moment." and with that, the other woman hung up on him as Lee sighed. "I'm sorry Ennis."

"So am I. Heather." and with that, he turned and walked out of her office before making his way back to his daughter who was now sleeping. "How is she?" Cullen asked the attending Doctor who turned to face him, PADD in hand. "She's going to be alright but I'd like to keep her for a while because of the head trauma. Also because you're busy. Saki is asleep at present and I can wake her whenever you wish."

"No, let her sleep. I have another matter to attend to, one I need to address with Lieutenant LtSteel." Cullen sighed softly. "Saki's biological father was a bad boy."

"Do I even want to know?" the doctor inquired in a halting tone of voice.

Cullen regarded the man before him. "When my wife finds out what this asshole did to her, she's gonna wanna kill him herself. Saki is a product of rape."

"Hoo shit." the other Doctor answered with a soft sigh. "Dammn, of all the things I was expecting, that wasn't it." he paused. "My big sister was raped while she was at the academy, do me a favor.?" he paused as he smiled.

"Of course," Cullen answered. knowing fully well what the man was saying to him and why he was saying it.

"If this guy is in Starfleet, save me a seat at his court-martial." the other Doctor inquired.

"Done," Cullen answered, while the door opened and in walked a moderately tall human-looking female of middle age. "Doctor, you wanted to see me?" Lieutenant LaSteel inquired.

"Yes," Cullen answered. "Let's discuss the matter in my office and let Saki sleep." he added a moment later.

LaSteel followed him into his office while she held her silence on the matter. He closed the door before he handed her a PADD. "That's the matter before me."

LaSteel sat down in a chair as she regarded the PADD in her hands, she also began to read the details. "Mmmm... So Saki is a product of rape from a Starfleet officer, against a Starfleet officer who is also your wife. Yet she didn't file a claim on the matter, mind if I ask why?" LaSteel knew there were many reasons why legal action regarding sexual assault and rape was not pursued and the reasons were as common as a cold virus and as numerous as all of the sand grains on the average class M world. "I'm not trying to be an ass on the subject, Doctor. I simply need to see understanding."

"Rachael doesn't know about the matter because she has no idea of where Paul Harrison is, the last time she saw him was when she was saying goodbye to him when he was on Starbase Four Hundred," Cullen explained.

"Says here the event took place in mid-twenty three ninety-one, Saki looks more than three years old. I don't get it." LaSteel responded in a questioning tone of voice. "Can I get some background please on the matter?" she added.

"There was a temporal event in the mix, had it not affected Rachael... Had she been able to age normally, she and I would never have met, she would be seventeen now instead of twenty-five years. Saki would be two years of age rather than ten." he paused. "Rachael had Saki within three months of entering the temporal anomaly." Cullen sighed.

"I assume the passage of time was drastically different?" LaSteel inquired in a gentle tone.

"It was, by a factor of Ninty six. Years past for her in the time it was weeks for the rest of reality." he shook his head. "It was so many times faster inside than outside," Cullen answered. "Rachael was gone for almost a month as we reckon time but she was there for eight years, Saki had just turned eight when she was rescued."

LaSteel nodded. "Considering her situation, I can see why Rachael never bothered with it, she would have forgotten about it as in her eyes, it was over ten years ago now and she has much larger fish to fry. This explains a great many things. That's also assuming Rachael even knew... which I assume she didn't." she sighed as she lifted the PADD and began to read. "Hoo boy. When word of this gets out, this young man's career is going to go into the incinerator."

"That's not what I wished for," Cullen responded almost automatically.

LaSteel regarded him in silence for a moment. "Are you sure.?" she asked in a soft tone, knowing the man was looking out for his younger spouse and she wished to avoid provoking him.

"Yes, my only interest is seeing justice done." Cullen sighed. "I didn't even know who Paul Harrison was until ten minutes ago when Lieutenant Lee told me."

"Alright, I'll get started on this. You do have a case and there is no statue in limitation in regards to sexual assault. Paul Harrison had just turned eighteen at the time and Rachael, who was not his spouse was fourteen at the time she became pregnant." LaSteel paused. "Okay, I will need Saki's medical paperwork on the subject and the like, I also would like to look into the matter with what happened in the martial arts ring with her. If you don't mind, to make sure it was a mistake and not something stupid that we need to sort out." LaSteel explained. "Could you have it for me by the morning of the twenty-third?" she asked him in a gentle tone.

Cullen nodded. "I'll have it ready for you," he answered in a tone that was all business, but he knew why she was wanting to wait, it was to give him time to calm down and focus on his daughter and not lose his head in this matter before him. "Sounds good," Cullen answered before he smiled. "Thanks, Safaa."


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