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Stuck with Regrets

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 6:08am by Captain Robert Connor & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0800Hrs - July 14th, 2393

Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi moved into her office, she smiled as she went over to where her aide was seated. "Hey, Chief, hows things?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs inquired, a gentle smile on her lips.

"Much the same as yesterday." the man answered as he regarded his boss with a nod. "The effects of the psionic event are propagating through the system and the effects are becoming more obvious and well known," he explained. "We now have several dozen wounded due to recent events. The Hospital's report is on your desk."

"Thank you, Chief. I'll give it the once over, could you ask Plataea to open a com channel to the USS Massachusets, I need to speak with her skipper." Yamaguichi-Hobbs commented as she regarded the man before her, she was also brushing her hair out of her eyes.

"Right away skipper." and with that, the man turned and walked out of her office as Yamaguchi-Hobbs drifted over to the large wall monitor, which she activated in silence as she settled in to wait for the connection to be established, she took a moment to sort out her hair, as she reached up over her head with both arms as she quickly pulled her hair back into a simple ponytail.

Meanwhile, Chief Petty Officer James Mason went out into Operations before he made his way over to the heavily pregnant large female wearing Operations sand who was seated at the large Operations station. "Captain, a moment please?." he inquired of her.

"Yeah Chief, what's up?" Lasky inquired as she regarded the man who was addressing her.

"Could you contact the USS Massachusets, Commodore Yamaguchi-Hobbs would like to speak with her skipper, I assume it's of a personal matter," he explained.

"Okay, I will arrange it for her," Lasky answered, a gentle smile on her face. The Chief before her was not asking for this to waste her time or effort. "Thank you, Chief." as she took her station, her fingers began to fly across the station she called her own. "Opening the channel now, connecting her call," she commented to the chief petty officer who nodded before he departed.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Captain Robert Connor moved onto his bridge, he smiled as his first officer met him at the turbolift, he smiled at Connor. "Good Morning skipper," he commented lightly. "You have a message from Starbase Vanguard, waiting for you on secured channel four. The Commodore wants a few moments of your time." as the two men began moving across the bridge, towards the ready room.

"Sounds good. The bright is still yours. I'll go attend to the Commodore since she's waiting for me." Connor answered. "I'd best go see what she wants."

"Aye skipper." the first officer turned and went over to the center seat at the heart of the bridge. Connor went into his ready room as he moved over to the large wall display, he tapped it once as the face of his first great love appeared before him. "Hey, Celeste. What's going on?"

Yamaguchi-Hobbs smiled as she regarded Connor, there was something about him that always made her smile. "Robert, its time we talked... Has Jasmine talked to you yet?" the middle-aged inquired.

"No." Connor regarded her. "What's wrong Celeste?"

"Did you ever look into the matter of who Jasmine's mother was.?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs asked.

Connor paused. "I did, actually. I was told at the time that her mothers DNA was not on file and she was listed as an unknown."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs regarded Connor. "I looked into the matter myself." she paused. "I am her mother. I asked the medics to look into the matter and do a DNA check. I am her biological mother and you are her biological father.."

Connor paused a moment. "Wait, hold it... Celeste. How's that even possible?" Connor inquired, he even looked confused too.

"Robert." Yamaguchi-Hobbs almost whispered. "Recall when I was fifteen. I miscarried and it was an accident. Mom didn't tell me that the embryo was still alive, which in itself was a medical miracle, she took it and carried it to term, herself. She then left me with an abort pill which she administered to me in a cup of tea. I didn't know any of this was going on and had the school counselor not left it alone, mom would have told me she was carrying my child when the time was right and we could have raised Jasmine together."

"Awww shit.. I didn't know. I'm... I'm sorry Celeste." Connor answered in a soft tone of voice before he left out a sigh. "Would it have changed anything between us, had you carried Jasmine to term?" he inquired. "My folks were still moving to Alpha Centauri regardless of the outcome."

"I guess I don't know," Yamaguchi-Hobbs commented. "I'd guess not as I was never good at dealing with what might-have-been's, I prefer to deal in facts and not theories." she sighed. "Especially ones I can't prove or consider." as she shook her head.

Connor knew that Celeste, appearing before him, was not the most imaginative woman in the universe but she was very good at dealing with what was in front of her. "Yeah. I recall us discussing alternative histories."

"Many of which I couldn't grasp, they were just too far out there for me to really enjoy," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered. "Still that encounter with that alternate reality eighteen months ago did open my eyes, an alternate version of me and another version of Marie." she sighed. "The time dealing with it was downright surreal at times and downright weird at other times." she paused. "But yeah, coming back to the original subject."

"You are Jasmine's mother, when did you find out?" Connor asked in a hesitant tone of voice.

"Last night. I wanted to see Jasmine first and inform her." Yamaguchi-Hobbs commented lightly. "One of the medics alerted her that someone was looking at her medical records, that someone was me so she came to track me down. the conversation was interesting for us both, it didn't help she got to meet my kits." she paused. "I adopted three Caitian children, two females, and a male. Charon enjoyed meeting her," she added.

"Well, that's good. Jasmine always wanted siblings but... I was too hung up on you to really give her what she wished for..." he sighed. "I'm sorry Celeste."

"Jasmine had mentioned that you never got over me." Celeste sighed softly "Well, maybe we can work something out between you, me and Bree..." she paused. "I don't wish to cause trouble for my own spouse," she added. "But, the next time you're in port here, drop by and I'll introduce you, maybe you could stay for dinner too."

"Sure, It'll be nice to meet your other children and Bree," Connor answered when suddenly the com system interrupted the two old friends. "Bridge to Connor, sorry to interrupt skipper but you are needed out here."

Connor nodded as he tapped his combadge. "Understood, I'm on my way. Sorry, Celeste but I need to go and deal with this." he let out a soft sigh. "Massachusets out." and with that, he hung up on her.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs tapped the wall display once before she turned and went over to her desk, in silence.


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