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Nightmare or Prophecy, the Aftermath

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 6:07am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Lieutenant Commander Kameron "Foehammer" Solusar-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 100: I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day
Location: Yamaguchi Quarters - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 2200Hrs - July 13th, 2393

Lieutenant Kameron Yamaguchi knew that something had gone wrong with Elizabeth in the last day or so, considering he had assumed that he was part of the army of William the Conqueror as he invaded England in ten sixty-six. He had never known of his wife or his children, both born and unborn as he was happy to attack the English army at Hastings. He knew that Elizabeth's experience had been a lot more intimate and a lot more brutal then his own had been. "Hey, Beth. You okay?" he asked softly, Kameron knew his wife was not okay, she was not even close to being okay.

Elizabeth was checking on their eldest son, Robert while he slept. The holonanny stood nearby like a silent ghost as Torilla Yamaguchi smiled at Kameron while she also nodded to him. Kameron for his part had always relished and cherished the presence of his mother in law, as he loved her as the mother he did not have. He had no faith or love for his own mother as she had turned on him after his brother died in that accident almost eleven years earlier. That was a cloud that had never cleared and showed no signs of clearing either.

"No Kam, I... I don't know how to explain." Yamaguchi-Solusar explained in a soft and gentle tone. She rose to her feet as she did so before she turned to face him, he could easily see the tears streaming down her face as she did so. "I don't have the words.." she admitted through her tears.

"That's alright Beth, we'll figure it out together," Kameron responded as he gently took her hand in his own. "Come on sweetie. Let's leave Robbie to his sleep." Kam added as the two went back into the main room. "It has to do with what happened yesterday... Doesn't it?"

"Yeah," Yamaguchi-Solusar whispered as her eyes seemed to glass over. Kameron gently guided her over to the sofa. "Okay, let's sit you down, easy Beth." as he sat down next to her before he gently slid his arm around her shoulders. "What happened?"

"Promise me something Kam?" she looked at him, the look on her face sent shivers down his spine, clearly this was something really potent and something really personal.

"Anything," Kameron answered quietly. "You don't have to ask Beth. I said I'd be there for you and I will be, always."

"I don't want you to think less of me for this story... Because it was all my fault, I didn't listen, I made kindling of my resentment and ashes of my own self-hatred because I didn't listen to what I was being told by various people. Especially you." she paused a moment. "I don't know to process what happened... Because tomorrow I'm going to get the medics to throw every check and test they can at me and our baby... Because what I saw, cannot come to pass, no matter what happens. I can't let it happen like that.."

"Happen like what... Beth, you're scaring me," Kameron answered softly. "What's going on?"

Yamaguchi-Solusar regarded her husband. "In a couple of months time, I miscarried. That's where fate had placed its trap. It's well hidden and unstable..." as she stopped suddenly.

"Like a sabotaged proton bomb," Kameron responded quietly. "Go on Beth."

"If I do nothing, I risk it all, our baby might die... and that one event will start a chain reaction that will destroy everything, it'll shatter my entire family because everyone will be affected by it, you'll want me to seek counseling and I refused you, as the wall between us went up right there... I was sure nothing was wrong and you were unable to grieve because I didn't," she explained in whispers. "We started fighting and it got worse and worse... Eventually. I got tired of us always fighting and so I left." as she regarded her husband. "You, who always said you'd stand by me did stand by me, you were there until the very end. But I was the one who ran away, like a coward."

"But you didn't go anywhere, you're still here and our baby is still alive," Kam answered as he gently pressed his hand over her abdomen. "He or she will stay that way. The little one has got you for a mother and me for its father, what more could it want?"

"Kam, there is more..." she paused as she breathed out and then back in again. "I requested field duty and I drew the Unto the Breach under Captain Worf."

Kameron nodded, he held his silence as he regarded her. He had never seen Elizabeth looking like this before, he had seen her happy beyond words and saddened to the point of despair but he had never seen her looking defeated, so beaten and it scared him. "Oh, Serving with Starfleet's royalty. Nice." but he noted she did not get happy with the comment.

"I was there for less than three weeks before I disappeared while on active duty, Starfleet and the Unto the Breach began an extensive search of the planet we were exploring but no traces of me were ever found. You blamed yourself for driving me away and you couldn't cope, so you took your own life a week after I was posted as missing. Robbie was left an orphan so Rachael took him in and raised him among her own children. She didn't treat him any differently than her other kids except she ensured that he would know who we were and what sort of people we were... Even though he would never call us mom and dad, that privilege he kept for Rachael and Ennis."

"My God," Kameron whispered softly. After a moment to process the details. "Go on..." he added.

"After what happened to me, Dad tried to retire but he was told no, as the Federation was in a state of conflict with the Tholians, I don't know much of the details. But it was assumed that I had died at the hands of the Tholians, Mom and dad became very angry and bitter towards them and after the fight ended, dad kinda sorta disappeared in the insanity afterward, which I think he was okay with that... Mom never stopped looking for me, she asked for it, then she demanded it and then she begged for it." she paused a moment before she continued. "It took her five years before she gave up, it was also about that time she stuck in for command of a Starbase as she had to act to save her own family, Dad and the kids went to live with her on Starbase 985, also in the Taurus Reach. Gabe and Savannah didn't feel safe in the field anymore so both of them dropped their resignations and left Starfleet, mom followed about a year later and Rachael left at about the same time. Everyone settled down on Utgarde Four, protected by Siaxx who had now taken over command of the Starbase as Celeste had moved onto a flag assignment deeper in the Federation."

Kameron regarded his wife as he gently held her in his arms. "Okay, let's see if we can move you into the bedroom. It'll be more comfortable there rather than in here." as he gently helped her to her feet. "It'll be okay Beth, just one step at a time."

The walk into the bedroom was long and slow as Kameron gently helped her along before he gently sat her down on the bed. She gave him a listless stare as he gently climbed in behind her, he gently enfolded her in his arms from behind. "Okay, we're here. Go on Beth with what you were saying."

"Robbie was raised here. On Utgarde with all of the other Yamaguchi's who ended up taking civilian jobs on the planet. Siaxx had one more child to make six in all, a girl she named after me. My family would be broken and shattered but they would come back together. Different and changed..." She paused a moment. "Gabe and Savannah would make great city planners while Rachael made a skilled Engineer. Ennis would end up running the city hospital while mom opened a lost pet sanctuary." she sighed softly. "Dad lost the battle with his own darkness several years later as he was caught out in a boat in a storm. The boat capsized, killing him but the storm finished his pain, he had died long before that. Losing him placed a greater strain on mom and raising her children, adopted and otherwise was what sucked the life out of her and in truth, what got her was the same as what got dad, a broken heart."

"What about Robbie?" Kameron inquired.

"Robbie saw what was happening and he wanted something better so he chose to join Starfleet. The first Yamaguchi in a generation to join the service. He did well at the academy and he knew he needed to find out what happened to me but the odds were against him as I was listed as missing in action twenty years earlier, the trail for me had long since gone very cold..." she sighed softly. "Mom had been ruthless about searching various worlds the USS Unto the Breach had been to and she was able to eliminate all but one, the farthest which she had never gotten to because she had been recalled by Heather Duval because the Grey Wolf was needed on the front lines of the fight with the Tholians."

Kameron raised an eyebrow. "How do you know all of this..?"

"Because I watched it all happen... Years of experiences just like that, except it, was through our son's eyes. I was watching him go through life and I couldn't help him. I watched him struggle and suffer. I watched him endure a beating from three other children to such an extent that Rachael very nearly murdered their parents in response, Robbie spent four weeks in the Medcenter. As a result of that, he went into the gym and when the four boys came back for a rematch, Robbie utterly destroyed all four of them, leaving them with multiple broken bones each."

Kameron smiled as he listened before he gently began kneading the flesh on her shoulders as his wife was wearing a simple lacy sleeveless nightgown which really did not hide anything, however they kept their bedroom door locked for various reasons but it had been Saki who had been the cause as according to Rachael, Saki was seeing things that she did not need to be seeing. Elizabeth had taken Rachael sat her word and thus, she had kept their bedroom door locked ever since. Elizabeth gently moaned as Kameron gently working over her shoulders with his hands. "Kam, you should have been a masseuse."

"I am a part-time masseuse. Yours." Kameron answered with a smile as his goal had been to get Elizabeth to think on something other than the negative issues she was dealing with, as the life of their unborn child was a very sore point of contention for her. Kameron knew this as he was the father of the said child but he did not need to fight Elizabeth's battles for her, she knew this too. "In Elizabeth I trust. All others pay cash."

Elizabeth smiled as she turned her head to peer at her husband before she kissed him on the lips.


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