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With Regrets - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 5:46am by Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Post Captain Heris Dvald

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0800Hrs - July 13th, 2393

Commodore Celeste Yamaguichi-Hobbs went into the hospital complex as she decided she wanted to get the question that was burning in her mind answered once and for all. The middle-aged human female went over to the main desk. "Hey. I'd like to get a question of genetics answered. No, I don't have an appointment."

"Okay Commodore. I'll have the first available Doctor come and collect you." the Chief Petty Officer answered, he knew the Commodore was not to be kept waiting lightly and she was the commander of the Starbase, this meant various rules were violated because of the position the woman before him was holding. "Could I get you to take a seat over there, thank you." as he indicated the chairs in question.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded before she turned and went over to the chairs in question. The man at the desk paused as he tapped the display. "I need any available doctor to come to the front for a priority one walk in," he commented.

Doctor Heris Dvald was just entering her office, she yawned as she placed the PADD onto her desk as the call came in, she raised an eyebrow at the term 'priority one walk in' was only used for a half a dozen people, Fleet Admiral Duval, and Commodore Yamaguchi-Hobbs were among them both. The tall Bolian female smiled as she tapped her combadge. "This is Doctor Dvald. I will take care of it," she responded as the tall female turned and went out of her office, her next stop was the front desk to collect who it was that needed the medical attention.

The doors opened at her approach as the tall Bolian stopped at the front desk. "What's up?" she asked with a gentle smile at the Bolian male at the desk.

"Good Morning Doctor. I have Commodore Yamaguichi-Hobs who has a medical question she wants to get an answer to."

"I'll handle her. Thank you." Dvald smiled before she went over to the tall female who was sitting in the waiting area nearby. "Commodore, what's going on?" she paused. "Are you well?"

"Physically. I'm fine but I have a question of genetics I'd like to get an answer to." Yamaguchi-Hobbs paused. "It's concerning what happened yesterday. Did you go through anything strange?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs rose to her feet as she posed her question to the tall Bolian female before her.

"I did," Dvald answered. "I'll tell you in my office."

"Sounds good, after you then," Yamaguchi-Hobbs commented with a smile.

"Of course, if you'll follow me, we can get things seen to," Dvald answered with a smile.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs followed the tall Bolian as she smiled to herself, Heris had a nice ass if she did not say so herself, the two women walked into the Doctors office, before Dvald shrugged off her lab jacket, revealing a very female figure with nice, wide hips, a thin waist and a set of rather ample breasts. Yamaguchi-Hobbs noted that Dvald was more well-endowed then her wife was.

Dvald regarded Yamaguchi-Hobbs with a knowing grin. "So. Celeste, what can I help you with?" she inquired.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs realized that she had been caught checking out the lovely looking Bolian female as she sighed. "Right. I need a DNA check run against myself and a Second Lieutenant Jasmine Connor." The middle-aged human female explained.

"That's a rather strange request." Dvald paused. "Mind if I ask why?"

"She was part of my hallucination..." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered in a soft tone of voice.

"Alright. I can do that for you." Dvald answered evenly. "But first may I caution you against seeking answers you are not yet ready for."

"What?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered as he was clearly unsure of how to answer that statement.

"There is a danger in secrets, both in seeking and in knowing. You might find an answer that you may not like." Dvald answered with a nod. "For example, you might find out that you are this young woman's aunt," she added. "Which means you two need to talk things out and see how the other feels on the topic."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded her head. "Ahh. That explains that." she paused a moment. "Also I want her DNA ran against Captain Robert Connor, the commander of the USS Massachusets.

Dvald nodded her head, while the tall Bolian female sat down at her desk. She then went to work. "DNA checks. Let's see.." as she called up Yamaguchi-Hobbs's service record. "Comparing you to Jasmine Connor." she paused as she tapped in the request on the panel. "Calling up her medical records, I assume its the lovely looking second Lieutenant. My my, she is quite a looker, Celeste." Dvald paused as she narrowed her eyes before she looked at Yamaguchi-Hobbs who was sitting before her. "The second I do this, it'll send an alert into the system her boss will know about it and so will she before the day is out. Expect her to call on you about it."

"I am. I expect this will be educational." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered.

"Okay. I have the information and her doctor is not impressed." Dvald commented aloud as if she was reading a novel. Yamaguchi-Hobbs smiled as she clearly thought that it was amusing. "Let's see... Robert Connor. The Commander of the Massachusets is definitely her father." she paused. "You are her mother." Dvald sat back in her chair a moment later. "You had an unplanned pregnancy that you forgot about? not likely."

"What? hows that possible?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs asked. "I would have had her at age sixteen then. Jasmine... is my little girl," she whispered.

"This was unexpected, wasn't it.?" Dvald asked gently.

"Yes. Somehow Jasmine survived my miscarriage... Even though I had been poisoned." she paused. "But this makes no sense." Yamaguchi-Hobbs sighed. "I need to speak with my mother and see what she knows about this matter. I suspect she's going to tell me a few things that I will not wish to hear."

"I recommend you take a little time to process this Celeste, not race off without having adjusted to the fact you have a daughter you didn't know about," Dvald explained with a gentle smile on her lips. "But if you must confront her now then I recommend you do it when you are calm and at peace with yourself Celeste."

"I will consider it Heris," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered in a soft tone. "I should go and get to work."

"Alright, well, here is the datafiles on the subject, just in case you need proof, someone took the embryo from you and carried it to term but the question you face is, who and then why." the tall Bolian female explained, while she handed the middle-aged human female a PADD.

"I have a funny feeling that my mother took it from me, then she poisoned me to cover her tracks, bringing my baby to term for me and she never got the chance to tell me any of this because I didn't talk to her for over five years," Yamaguchi-Hobbs explained quietly. "More then enough time for mom to carry her to term, track down Rob and give her to her biological father, she must have hoped I'd come around to it later on. Only I never asked and I never adjusted."

"That's quite a theory, Celeste. But you need facts to back it up. When you talk to your mother, may I recommend you do so gently."

"I will. Thank you Heris, you have been a great help to me."

"Your welcome." and with that, Yamaguchi-Hobbs rose to her feet and departed in silence.


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