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Facing Ones own Nightmares - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 7:08am by Lieutenant Commander Galiaan Fordring & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Hospital - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1300Hrs - July 18th, 2393

Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar walked over to the front desk, she was in her normal duty uniform as she nodded to the two people behind the desk. "Hey guys, I'm here to see Doctor Fordring for my one o'clock appointment," she explained.

The Chief nodded. "Found you here Ms. Yamaguchi-Solusar, I'll let the doctor know that you're here, would you mind taking a seat over there?" he inquired.

"Sure." and with that, the tall female turned and moved off as the younger male regarded her from behind, he smiled as Yamaguchi-Solusar turned her head as she regarded him, she then gave him a rather gentle smile before she selected a chair before she slid her body into it. The Chief regarded the younger man before him. "I think she heard you thinking. You don't know about Doctor Yamaguchi-Solusar now... Do you?"

"No. I've never worked with her, I've heard of her though, and what I hear does not do her justice. She's got the figure to die for."

"Don't her hear you thinking that one." the Chief slowly smiled. "She is a formidable telepath after all. Plus she is very happy with her present bedmate. Or so I'm told." the elder enlisted man explained.

"Aww... I'll page Doctor Fordring then." the younger man answered as he tapped the display to arrange just that.

Meanwhile, seated in her office was Doctor Galiaan Fordring, she blinked as she smiled, she had just come back from lunch and she knew her next appointment was one of her medical officers who wanted a prenatal check. The massive female had a feeling it had something to do with that psionic event a few days earlier and that Elizabeth had seen or experienced something that had horrified her.

Fordring's reverie was interrupted when her presence was requested up at the front desk immediately as her new appointment was waiting to see her, the massive female rose to her feet before she departed the office that was hers by right of her position, in silence. Reaching her destination a few moments later. "Gentlemen, you called for me?" the tall female asked in a gentle tone of voice.

The Chief petty officer nodded. "Doctor Yamaguchi-Solusar is here for her appointment." he regarded Fordring as he spoke.

"Thanks, I will take her now."

"Of course doctor." as Fordring moved over to where the large human looking female was presently sitting. "Elizabeth. You ready?" as the massive female looked down at her friend and comrade.

Yamaguchi-Solusar looked up at Fordring, she had always considered the more massive woman as a mentor and motherly figure to herself and to make of the others in the medical facilities on the Roanoke and in various other places afterward. "Yeah. Let's get my questions answered."

Fordring gently grasped the smaller woman's hand in her own, but when one was over seven foot tall and massed in at several hundred pounds due to an extremely dense musculature and skeletal system, everyone else seemed small, she gently drew Yamaguchi-Solusar to her feet. "Let's go have this chat in my office. You seem like someone with a lot to say."

"Thanks," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered before the two started off towards Fordrings office, she turned her head as she glared at the younger man behind the desk before she carried on. The Chief sighed. "I did warn you."

"I didn't say anything to her."

"It does not matter, in telepathic matters, it's all the same." the Chief answered evenly.

Meanwhile, as Yamaguchi-Solusar followed Fordring down the hallway, she turned her head. "Trouble Beth.?"

"One of the guys at the desk, mentally undressing me. I'm used to it. It doesn't mean I need to like it." Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a sigh, she followed Fordring into her little den of sin a moment later. "Hows Siaxx doing?"

"She is pregnant as she herself found out about two days ago and she is really happy about it." Fordring sat down on her desk rather than take a seat behind it.

"Good. Siaxx has earned the right to be happy over something in her life, her kids are the only area she's not had major issues." Yamaguchi-Solusar smiled as she peeled off her uniform jacket and hung it up on the coat hooks next to the door. "So.. Let me ask my questions and you can try and get me some answers."

"Alright." Fordring picked up the medkit she owned, she then produced a tricorder. "So, what exactly is the concern so I know where to look?"

"I'm worried I might lose my baby to a miscarriage. I saw something with that psionic event a few days ago and I did not like what I saw."

"You are not the first person to tell me this story regarding that little episode of insanity, you won't be the last either," Fordring answered as she proceeded to flip open her tricorder. She smiled as she went to work. "Let's see what we can see," she added in a rather cheery tone of voice.

Yamaguchi-Solusar regarded her in silence as she watched the tall female before her work. Fordring regarded her tricorder a moment later before she downloaded the results into the medical display before her. "Well, other then exhaustion and hypertension that you are dealing with, you are healthy. I can't find a thing wrong with you or the baby."

"Somehow, that's not what I was expecting you to say," Yamaguchi-Solusar responded in a quiet tone of voice.

"No, you were expecting me to give voice and body to your fears and terrors. The ones that keep us expectant mothers up at night, that something might be wrong." Fordring answered in a light tone of voice as she regarded the younger female before her.

Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar sighed softly as she regarded the other female before her. "Give it to me straight Doctor," she whispered.

Fordring frowned as she sighed softly. "I can't find a single thing wrong with your child Elizabeth," she answered. "No DNA issues, no signs of anything whatsoever. I will keep looking, even if I have to go through the entire DNA code, line by line." Fordring commented. Yamaguchi-Solusar didn't attempt to talk the massive female out of it as she too was a mother to two young children in her home, she was a great-grandmother who had just had twins. "That said, I'd recommend you go and have a chat with our resident research scientist. Lieutenant Paris. I'll alert her to expect you but treat gently with her, she's overworked and feeling very underappreciated as a result." Fordring commented. "So take this chip to her and be nice to her. Offer to assist with her workload if that would help."

"I'll do that Galiaan. I've never had an issue with Lieutenant Paris before."

"Unless you are nice to her, you will have one now. She has ten people wanting her to work miracles with DNA from pending infants and pregnancies, you are about to become number eleven to her."

"Oh." Yamaguchi-Solusar sighed. "Okay. I'll ask her. I have some open time so I can take some of her workloads off of her hands."

"That would be great. But other than that. Your baby looks to be in great shape, Beth." Fordring answered as she watched the tall female stand up, Yamaguchi-Solusar then slipped on her uniform jacket before she accepted the isolinier chip from Fordring. "Take it easy Beth."

Yamaguchi-Solusar nodded her head. "Thank." and with that, the tall female turned and departed the office in silence.


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