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Perhaps, a Change of Residence

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 10:50am by Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra

Mission: Mission 102: Sic Transit Tienn
Location: Tienn's Quarters - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1930Hrs - July 25th, 2393

Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra grinned as she stood before her husband, wearing only a tank top and a pair of shorts. "Well mom and her husband, seem to be settling in well in their new setting," she commented as she proceeded to lift both arms to the ceiling of her quarters, as she stretched. "Uhhh, much better." she smiled as she regarded him. "Also Mom and Almar discussed it, and they are willing to provide a home for us and our family on their property if we wish to drop in to visit or just plain live there."

K'taro smiled. "Tell me more of your family's plot of land?" he inquired, turning to face her as it was clear that he was interested in what his spouse had to say on the topic of land on the world below.

"The land around the Tienn compound is mostly flat with lots of open space, there is little tree cover as they are near the foothills of the Omsk Mountains, roughly about a hundred kilometers east of Utgarde city, they have two shuttles and plan to acquire two more Starfleet surplus models. Both type sixes. I'm going to ask a few of my engineers to give them the once over, I'll trade them a week of leave for the work." Tienn explained. "I want to be sure that our family is not getting a lemon for the asking price," she explained. "A broken home and a worthless chunk of land," she added, for clarification. "So, a home out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of family members around or living in a small city, made up of mostly Starfleet homes..."

K'taro nodded almost eagerly. "We could hunt the wildlife of the world below as live as Klingons should." he paused. "We will, of course, have the amenities of modern homes and we'll ensure the little ones are protected from the elements."

"That all sounds good to me," Tienn answered. "So how do you feel about living near my parents?"

"I do not believe I have met your parents yet, do you speak of me to them?" K'taro inquired

"I do, they are eager to meet you. I know my sisters like you and I am surprised Iteela has not yet tried to bed you. I expect that to change."

"She will fail," K'taro answered in a simple tone. "I am happy with my present spouse who is a warrior and not..." he paused. "someone who isn't worthy of me," he added in what he hoped was a diplomatic tone of voice.

Tienn suddenly grinned at him. "That's not what I was expecting you to tell me. I was expecting... harsher and blunter and cruder from you."

"You proved your worth to me in battle, your sibling has not proven anything to anyone," K'taro answered in a flat tone of voice. "Living on the planet has its merits and I have nothing against your parents, it'll do Balin some good to have the company of his extended family and it'll help our other children too," he added.

"Strength and safety in numbers... We still do not know much of this world." Tienn explained with a nod of her head. "All logical reasons."

"Still, what do you think?" K'taro inquired of her. "I would know your heart first," he added.

"I've missed real ground with real air and real water falling from the heavens. I've missed the snows of home, the crisp frosts in the mornings and mists in the evenings..." the female Bajoran paused. "I do wish to feel that again... I wish to move planetside, having my mothers family close by will be an added blessing for us, we can have babysitters on demand for the little ones and we can have some our time to ourselves." Tienn explained with an easy smile on her lips.

"Sounds good, then we will make the arrangements for a parcel of land, I would like to hunt the beasts of this world for some of our traditions cannot be simulated and others need real risk for real victories, even a real defeat is better than hunting forcefields of light and shadows. What honor is there is such a thing?" K'taro had not realized he had asked this question until after he had asked it.

"The truest prize is in the effort, not the prize," Tienn answered evenly. "There is no shame in defeat so long as my heart is pure, my actions forthright," she explained. "For victory is often only fleeting, glory is but a circle in the water, by ever seeking to enlarge itself, it disperses to naught," she added.

K'taro blinked, she had not been expecting the response he had gotten. "You have been a better student then I was expecting." he smiled at his spouse, he couldn't have been more pleased with this turn of events. "Alright, let's look into the matter and make arrangements to move our family planetside. If you wish to live among the mountains of this world then I will not deny you." as he grinned at Tienn.

"That sounds great..." Tienn answered, a wide grin on her face.


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