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Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra

Name Tienn Nerra

Position 118th Marine Engineer Commander

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 35
Birthdate January 12th, 2358

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color black with chestnut highlights
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Generally small and petite, she gets around it by being
honest and knowledgeable, she generally wears her hair long
in a tangle of curls going down her back


Spouse la' - Commander K'taro, Fire Control - Starbase Vanguard
Children Natural Born:
Edal, daughter, son of K'taro - Female
Garlok, son of K'taro- Male

Adopted Children.
Balin - Tiger
K'Ress - Cougar
P'Grira - Cougar
Cr'ashar - Cougar
R'Tashar - Cougar
M'Tarash - Cougar
Sr'asi - Cougar
Father Tienn Kenris - Schoolteacher - Bajor
Mother Tienn Jaina - Civilian Farmer, Tuanko Colony
Brother(s) Tienn Koll - Vedek in the Vedek Assembly - Bajor
Tienn Leran - Schoolteacher - Bajor
Tienn Jeric - Civilian Doctor - Bajor
Corat Tienn - Boy, 17 years old
Lonar Tienn - Boy, 13 Years old
Neban Tienn - Boy, 11 years old
Ian Yamaguchi - Chesna's Husband
Neban Hular - Ezas's Husband
Suvek - Kerris's Husband
Sister(s) Tienn Ezas
Tienn-Yamaguchi Chesna
Tienn Kerris
Tienn Iteela
Ulani Tienn - Girl, 15 years old
Gilora Tienn - Girl, 11 years old
Tienn Marja - Sister in law. Married to: Koll
Tienn Prinu - Sister in law. Married to: Jeric
Tienn Moi - Sister in law. Married to: Leran
Other Family See the Tienn family Tree in the Wiki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tienn Nerra is a generally happy young woman with a lot going for her, generally is easy to please and easy to get along with, she does carry her emotions on her sleeve and isn't subtle about things whatsoever on any levels at all. When needed, she has no trouble stepping up to the plate when needed and has an excellent work ethic which means she's mentally flexible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tienn is a workaholic and is easily motivated for work, she has no issues working long hours. She's either early or is on time and she also has a rather unique gift, a flawless sense of direction in all three dimensions instead of just one, north.

Has a very serious hatred of Cardassian's, she forgets to eat when she's working.
Ambitions To gain command of her own ship someday. To be a good mother to her children.
Hobbies & Interests Flight, history of exploration with holodeck program, cooking. paleontology, anything regarding the art of war and reading engineering tech manuals.

Personal History Tienn Nerra is the youngest of six children, born in 2358, as such she was present for the last eleven years of the occupation of her homeworld and as such, she got to help with the rebuilding phase of Bajor's recovery as well as the recovery of her siblings and parents against the Cardassian's. her formulate memories of her earliest childhood were of oppression and abuse in various forms, she watched as her parents and siblings were abused in various styles.

She watched as one Cardassian guard tried to sexually assault her eldest sister, an act that deeply scarred everyone present but Tienn Ezas killed her attacker, it was here she learned about terror and brutality rather than a loving childhood, when she was eight, both of her sisters fled from their home and she had heard both had been killed while trying to escape.

When the Cardassian's finally fled when she was five, she and her remaining siblings were trying to hold onto their dignity because she truly despised Cardassian's by this point and then she heard that contrary what she had heard about Ezas and Kerris being dead, both women returned home to bring assistance from the Federation.

This meeting would forever change the young woman's destiny as her elder sisters also became her hero's, bringing help to their hometown and the people in it, Nerra learned to respect the Starfleet uniform and it was at that tender age was when she decided she wanted to become what her sisters turned heroes were.

Her brothers never bothered looking past home so Koll and Leran both settled in their home city of Lonar and her sisters all went off and joined Starfleet, Tienn Ezas and Tienn Kerris both escaped a Cardassian Labour camp as so along with several others but most were picked off one at a time.

Tienn Ezas joined Starfleet Academy after making it to Earth whereas Tienn Kerris simply enlisted in Starfleet and earned a commission later, it would be many years before Nerra would be reunited with her sisters as she joined Starfleet around twenty-three seventy-six after the war with the Dominion ended.

Nerra would spend much time reconnecting with her sisters as both had gone off and formed lives of their own, Kerris had gotten married and now had children of her own with a husband who cared about his wife.

Nerra would join Starfleet academy in twenty-three seventy-six, it was there where she came face to face with more than just something to live for, she came face to face with life itself. Tienn graduated a year early due to the need for new cadets to fill out rosters as replacements for personnel who were killed in the line of duty at the hands of the Borg.

She went first to the USS Pillar of Autumn for two years, then across to the USS Shadow of Intent for two years and then the USS Song of the East for two years, then Starbase 45 for two years and then the USS America for one year and then it was off to the USS Shield of Vega for another one year, then she transferred across to the USS New Hampshire.

Her time aboard the USS New Hampshire was short, she was assigned to be the assistant Chief Engineer long before she was ready for it, after a few months she decided to stick her name in for reassignment as she wanted more time and experience. Her request was granted as she decided to become a Combat Engineer.

Her time on the USS Shadow was short as she found that she hated the assignment here, the men were all interested in her which only annoyed her as she was the only woman asides from one Andorian Shen in the entire unit. She stuck her name in for reassignment but she was demoted from Major to Lieutenant after getting involved in a massive bar brawl on Starbase 400.

While processing the fallout from Admiral Bremer covering for his Klingon buddies, she was offered the chance to become a platoon leader aboard the newly commissioned USS Dreamcrusher.

She accepted and went over with a few others from the Shadow to this new ship of the line, since assignment to the Dreamcrusher, she garnered a Promotion to Marine Captain from Lieutenant and her own command of a pile of marines so now she is going to whip them into shape.

Also, she recently met someone and because of her track record with men, she's taking things slow, in late June she was present for a wedding and in early July, she heard her sister ended up in some very serious trouble after getting into a fistfight where Nerra ended up beating the ever-living daylights out of a pregnant woman.

Nerra was disgusted by her sister's actions but she quickly realized that there was more to it then what met the eye as Iteela was generally a well-behaved officer and not the time to easily fuck up like this so she began looking into the drugs issues that seemed to be plaguing the USS Roanoke.

She was happy that her sibling got acquitted on the charges facing her but she stuck her sibling on notice that she was disappointed in her actions but she was impressed by his sisters singular heroism when she stayed behind to man the transport station helping to save over three hundred lives, many of them wounded but had she not been there. They would most certainly have died.

She had mixed feelings about Tienn almost dying as their last conversation was an argument but she was elated beyond words when she heard that her sibling was going to live.

She served well as the Commanding officer of the Marines on the Dreamcrusher but after the debacle on Lobox VIII, she strongly considering resigning her commission and leaving the Marines as she decided she hated serving with stupid leaders like Lucas Nye.

After the actions of what happened on Lobox VII, and the debacle that happened there, she was one of the few that kept a calm head and helped immensely to salvage the situation, as a consequence of this, she was restored to her rank of Major and was asked to take over as skipper of the headquarters battalion assigned to the Argonne.

Since her assignment to Starbase Vanguard. Major Tienn was promoted to Lt Colonel and asked to take over command of her own battalion, she accepted but she also found ou that her demotion was illegal and it was removed from her record.

Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2376 to 2379 - Marine Infantry
Cadet One - Four

USS Pillar of Autumn: Pathfinder II Class
2379 - 2382 - Marine Infantry
2nd Lieutenant / 1st Lieutenant

USS Shadow of Intent: Sovereign II Class
2382 - 2384 - Marine Infantry
1st Lieutenant / Marine Captain

USS Song of the East: Pathfinder II Class
2384 - 2386 - Marine Support
Marine Captain

Starbase 45 - Starbase 74 type
2386 - 2388 - Marine Support
Marine Captain / Major

USS America: Nebula Class
2388 - 2389 - Marine Support

USS Shield of Vega - Galaxy II Class
2389 - 2390 - Marine Support

USS New Hampshire: Galaxy Dreadnought Class
April 2390 - August 2390 - Marine Support

USS Shadow - Sovereign Class
August 2390 - April 2391 - Marine Support
1st Lieutenant

USS Dreamcrusher - Pathfinder III Class
April 2391 to November 2391 - Marine Support
Marine Captain

USS Argonne - Wasp Class
November 2391 to 2393 - Commanding Officer - HQ Battalion

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Commanding Officer - 118th Support Regiment
Lt Colonel

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2376 to 2380 - Cadet One - Four
2380 to 2382 - 2nd Lieutenant
2382 to 2384 - 1st Lieutenant
2384 to 2387 - Marine Captain
2387 to 2390 - Major
August 2390 to April 2391 - 1st Lieutenant
April 2391 to November 2391 - Marine Captain
November 2391 to 2393 - Major
2393 to Present - Lt Colonel
2393 - Record was Expunged from Illegal demotion.

Corrected Service record:
2376 to 2380 - Cadet One - Four
2380 to 2382 - 2nd Lieutenant
2382 to 2384 - 1st Lieutenant
2384 to 2387 - Marine Captain
2387 to 2390 - Major
2390 to Present - Lt Colonel