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Sogh Hom K'taro

Name K'taro

Position Fire Control Officer

Rank Sogh Hom

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description K'taro is well built and has the scars of war on his body. He keeps his beard short and neat.


Spouse Lt Colonel Tienn Nerra
Children Edal - Female
Gorlok - Male
Father Grok (deceased)
Mother B'varr
Brother(s) Dorro (deceased)
Sister(s) Myzra
Other Family Nasha -Aunt and House ruler
Chiam - spouse (deceased)
B'mala - cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'Taro is a member of House Otlhaq. He is even tempered but still has a stubborn streak in him. He is loyal to his house even though that has held his career back.

He is regarded by the KDF as a solid officer and leader. That said, because of his House's position on the High Council other Houses will not let him command one of their warships. His own House lacks warships in any number.
Strengths & Weaknesses K'Taro is a skilled warrior and very very professional officer. He studies tactics thoroughly.

K'Taro speaks his mind even when it is not in his own best interest. He is more concerned with efficiency and honesty than going along to get along.
Ambitions To have his own command.
To be a good father to his children.
Hobbies & Interests K'Taro enjoys Klingon history. He also enjoys practicing with esoteric Klingon blades.

Personal History K'taro was the second son of a serving KDF officer on one of his house's estates on the planet Luurak. Luurak is an agricultural world close to the frontier. He enjoyed hunting and exploring on the planet's vast forests during his youth.

His House was powerful but still lacked their own warships. As the second son he would inherent nothing from his father so a career in the KDF looked promising. He was a diligent student and attended the Kumark Imperial Academy on Qo'nos.

Many of the other students at Kumark also came from prestigious families. They were there to be groomed for a job in the Imperial bureaucracy or on the Imperial command staff. He was also ostracized for his rural background. At seventeen K'taro finished school and was earned a commission as a Weapons officer.
Service Record 2372- Assigned to IKS Shoth, an upgraded K'tinga class, as a weapons officer. Rank of lagh. The Shoth took part in the assault on DS-9.

2373- Start of Dominion War. The Shoth fights many engagements but is wrecked at Chin-Toka III. K'taro survives and is promoted to Sogh Hom.

2373-76 Assigned to IKS Gultoch. Seves through the Dominion War and takes part in the final assault on Cardassia Prime.