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The Stars Are Witness

Posted on Wed May 1st, 2019 @ 2:45am by Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra & Sogh Hom K'taro

Mission: Building Our New Home
Location: Utgarde IV, Shalloz Plateau
Timeline: 1500Hrs - July 24th, 2393

The shuttle landed on the flat, desert plateau. Three passengers dismounted the shuttle into the warm night. Nerra held her child as K'taro help her off the shuttle. The night was cloudless with a breeze that occasionally gusted. They walked a distance away from the shuttle to a small rise. All around them below was a spectacular view of the surrounding desert. Above the sky was filled with stars.

"Nerra, let my hold our child," K'taro asked in a gentle voice.

Tienn smiled as she gently handed him their child in silence. Their son had no name and Tienn had done this a year earlier for Edal. Balin had been present for that night but this time, this event was for Tienn and her mate to share with their son. Balin said he would take care of their other children, including Edal and he would see things handled.

K'taro picked up the child in his arms and held him so he could see the night sky. "See that star there?" K'taro asked while pointing his finger to a distant star. "That is Qo'nos. That is where our people are from."

"And that star close to it, Ty'Gokor, that is the first planet our empire conquered." He told the baby. "And that planet there, that is Klach D'kel Brakt. Our house ancestors fought in that battle. That is where we defeated the Romulans in a glorious battle. And that planet there, that is Chin'toka. Although that was a battle lost the actions of the Klingons saved both the Federation and Romulan Empire to fight another day. And that planet is Cardassia Prime. There our peoples along with the Federation and Romulans won an everlasting victory over the Dominion."

"You are from a proud house, one that holds a seat on the High Council. You are from House Otlhoq." K'taro proudly smiled at the newborn. "From this day forward, as the stars are our witness, you will be known as Garlok. Garlok, son of K'taro. Gaze upon the stars Garlok, for they are yours to be taken."

K'taro offered Garlok back to Tienn.

Tienn gently accepted her child back from her mate, she had a gentle smile on her face as her son cooed at his mother. "Hello, Garlok. Its good to meet you, at last, my son," she explained with a gentle smile, in the Bajoran tongue.

"You should point out Bajor for him," K'taro told Tienn warmly.

Tienn smiled. "Okay. Let's see." she paused as she quickly scanned the night sky before she spoke to her son in passable Klingon. "See that star there. That's Beta Ursae, its a Bajoran colony and I know it well, we fought for our freedom from a ruthless enemy who had occupied our homeworld and had enslaved my species for decades, it was a bloody endeavor but eventually we succeeded and with help from the Federation, we were able to resist the Klingons, the Cardassians, and the Dominion." Tienn smiled. "Bajor-B'hava'el is too dim to be seen from here my son... But when you are older, we will take you to these worlds."

"Good, I want him to know both sides of his heritage," K'taro told Tienn. He then looked at Garlok. "I will teach you to use the proper weapons. I shall teach you about honor. How to channel the drive in you when you have the need to hunt. When you are old enough, you shall pass the right of ascension. It will prepare you for the life of a warrior. The gates of Sto-vo-kor only open for the bold."

Tienn nodded. "Then we shall teach him together and I'd like you to teach me also, so we can teach our other children about the art of war and honor." the Bajoran explained evenly, in Klingon. "I want to know what it means to be a Klingon."

K'taro laughed. "In that regard my dear wife, you already understand."

"But I still have many questions. I will learn the answers soon enough. Garlok, my son. Tonight you will start your journey to the hall of heroes and the legends that you will leave for posterity. You will become a great warrior and lead others to greatness." Tienn then smiled.


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