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At Dawn, Look to the East

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 10:40am by Commander T'Arla Hammerson & Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra & Sogh Hom K'taro

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0900Hrs - July 24th, 2393

Doctor T'Arla Hammerson lifted a PADD, she glanced at it as the Vulcan female knew that today, her favored patient and her new son was leaving the hospital to go home. "Mmm. This looks good. Go ahead and tell team four that they can proceed." she explained to the nurse that was waiting for her. T'Arla handed the PADD back to the younger female.

"Yes Doctor, right away." and with that, the two parted company before the slender Vulcan female knocked on the door of her destination. "It open." came the female voice from inside.

The Vulcan opened the door before she entered. "Morning Tienn, how are you feeling?" the Vulcan inquired, a gentle smile playing at her lips.

"I feel trapped and caged. Have you come to release me from Sauron's prison.?" Tienn inquired with a good-natured smile. "I feel great, never had so many well-wishers and visitors who want to see my son. I've never had so many admirers in all my life."

"Well that will change but yes, today you are being released from the hospital. Mind if I give you one last physical?" the Vulcan inquired.

"Please do," Tienn answered with a smile. "I wanna know how I'm healing downstairs." the Bajoran asked.

"Alright. Let me find out for you." and with that, the Vulcan went to work. "You are healing nicely. You expect your husband to bed you as soon as you get home?"

"I do. Knowing K'Taro as I do, I suspect he will be looking forward to it, as will I." Tienn explained as she watched the Vulcan giver her child the once over. "How is he?"

"He's excellent, very strong and healthy, oh you two did something right with him," T'Arla answered with a smile.

Meanwhile, at the front desk, the nurse at the desk regarded a Klingon male she did not know. "Can I help you Commander?" she asked of K'Taro.

"Yes, I am waiting for my mate and son to be released. Her name is Colonel Tienn." He told her.

"Ahh." the Andorian suddenly smiled. "Let me page someone for you." as she tapped the display before her a few times. A moment went by as a Vulcan female came over. "Commander K'taro?" she inquired. "I am Doctor T'Arla. I am to take you to your spouse."

"Excellent. Please lead and I shall follow." K'taro replied.

T'Arla nodded. "This way." as he turned and led him to his mate who was busy tugging on her uniform boots. Tienn Nerra was fully dressed with the exception of her uniform jacket as she saw K'taro, she smiled as soon as she saw him. "Hey, K'taro." The tall Bajoran greeted her mate with a gentle smile. "I think we're about to be leaving this place. I have missed you and our other children."

"They miss you as do I." K'taro smiled. "Don't tell that to Balin though. He is trying to act stoic. When I told him you would be returning from sickbay, however, his face lit up."

"Tell Balin what?" as she winked at him. "I see no need to bother him with facts he isn't going to worry about. He sees himself as the protector of all our kids and he is so much larger than all the others. It's easy to see why he would think that." Tienn smiled as she gently picked up their child who was asleep. "Its okay little one, today you'll start your journey." she regarded K'taro. "Tonight, he'll be named?" the tall female inquired with a wide smile on her lips.

"Yes, I have a shuttle ready. We will leave in about six hours." He told her.

"Excellent. I've been looking forward to this."

T'Arla regarded the two. "You two will try not to overdo anything overly strenuous?"

"I will try Doctor. I will make no promises." Tienn responded with a smile. "I do not wish to end up back here because I overdid it. But I do wish to celebrate the birth of our child." she indicated her husband as she spoke.

"I understand and congratulations to you both. Just don't overdo it." T'Arla smiled. "I've been there three times myself, I know what you are planning Ms. Tienn." she gave the Bajoran a knowing smile.

"Okay, we will try to not let it get out of hand," Tienn answered. "But I'll settle for some sleep in my own bed." she smiled.

"We are taking a simple trip to the desert to see the stars," K'taro told T'Arla.

"Ahh for the Klingon naming ceremony." the Vulcan nodded. "Logical, I will not stand in your way and I wish you good fortune." she nodded to K'taro. "The same for your son," she added. "Do take care of yourself Ms. Tienn."

"I intend to doctor, thank you for your care during these times."

"Your welcome. Now I have to go tend to your paperwork. Good day, you two." and with that, she turned and slowly walked away.

Tienn smiled. "shall we husband?" she inquired of K'taro. "I've missed the company of my mate."

"I have been relishing this moment for months," K'taro told Tienn.

"Let's go home and we can introduce our son to his new home." Tienn answered. "and I can go for a nap in my own bed." as she smiled at her mate. "Then we can plan the third child we'll be having."


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