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Sleepless in Stalingrad - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 10:43am by Captain Tienn Ezas & Tienn Jaina & Almar Pettar
Edited on on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 10:44am

Mission: Mission 102: Sic Transit Tienn
Location: Various Locations - Utgarde IV
Timeline: 1030Hrs - July 25th, 2393

Captain Tienn Ezas smiled as she placed a large crate of equipment onto the floor of the kitchen, her mother had finished relocating her family to this new home on Utgarde Four from the Tuanko Colony, the climate was a little cooler and wetter than the old home. Corat Tienn followed with a second crate in his burly arms, following his elder sister into his new home, a woman who was old enough to be his mother. "Where.. do ya.. want this?"

Tienn turned as she indicated her own crate. "Right next to mine, big man," she answered with a cheery smile, he placed it onto the ground a moment later. "Phew. Those get heavy after a while," he commented as he regarded his sibling with a jovial smile.

"I hear ya," Ezas answered with a smile. She had been rather uneasy around Corat as he had gotten bigger over the last eighteen months and now he was more massive then she herself was. "You want something to drink?"

"Sure, though the replicator isn't working yet, dad says he's working on it," Corat answered as his sister came in through the door, she carried a pack on her back with two bags, one in each hand, all of which she placed onto the kitchen island in the center of the large room. "Ahh. What are you two conspiring about?" Ulani inquired.

"Nothing, other than universal domination." Tienn Ezas answered. "But don't tell anyone. We want it to be a surprise." the older female added.

Ulani looked unconvinced, it showed too. "I think you are screwing with me."

Ezas shared a look with Corat. He sighed. "Ulani, you have no sense of humor. I mean really. Come on, what do you think we're talking about?"

"Sex, what else could you two talk about?" the teenager answered

Corat blinked. He turned his attention back to Ezas. "I think we missed something."

"Yes, I am inclined to agree. What exactly did we miss Ulani?"

"He has a crush on you." Ulani indicated her brother who instantly went from happy to enraged. "What!" he snarled.

"It's true, don't deny it!" Ulani responded, also in an angry tone of voice.

"Enough!" Ezas shouted. "We have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it, so stop wasting your energy on each other." as the older female regarded Ulani. "You, get this kitchen sorted out, that is what you were supposed to be doing. Ulani, do not make me tell your father about this, though I suspect he already knows."

The door opened and in walked the eldest Cardassian in the house. "Yes. your shouting was hard to miss," he responded as he went over to where the replicator was located. "Now, what's this about?" he inquired in a gentle tone that indicated he would rather not argue and fight over it.

Corat answered first. "Ulani said I had a crush on Ezas." he indicated the older female nearby with his hand, his bloodshot eyes indicated he was highly agitated and embarrassed by the entire event. Ezas meanwhile held her silence as she knew this was a major event for him.

"Ulani, are you stirring up trouble?" Pettar inquired of his daughter.

"It's true." Ulani protested.

"So what if its true," Pettar answered. "Ezas is a beautiful woman, and Corat's business is his own. Not mine and certainly not your Ulani. Do not do this again. Or I will make you regret it."

Ulani turned and stomped off, out the door as Coral fought to calm down. Pettar regarded his son. "You alright son?"

"She had no right," Corat answered quietly, his tone of voice indicated he was not thinking clearly.

"No, she doesn't. But why don't you two carry on, let me sort this mess out." Pettar answered. "I think I got the replicator working now," he added as Ezas turned and walked back out the door, Corat followed in silence.

Ezas smiled as the two began walking down the dirt trail outside of the main building. "Corat, having a crush on an older woman is not a bad thing." she tried to sooth his fried nerves.

"I would never have acted on it, "Corat answered as a growl.

"I know. I feel flattered actually that someone else has an eye on me like that. You'll find Ms. Right soon enough Corat. You'll know when you do." she answered, a wide grin on her face. "Don't worry about what others think, its what you think" she commented. "Do you like Bajoran women or human women, what about Andorians or Cardassians?" she inquired. "In this case, it really is all about you." The tall female explained. "First things first, I think you could do with lifting something heavy and I know exactly what we can work on next."

"Sounds good, after you Ezas."

Ezas regarded him over her shoulder before she gave him a rather sultry grin, she knew he was having a bad day and so she wanted to give him a memory to think back to. She then winked at him as she began to sashay her hips ever so slightly, it wasn't often she was told that someone wanted her so she decided to make this one memorable.

Corat followed and he was trying to commit what he was seeing to memory, he smiled as he took a moment to enjoy himself.

Meanwhile. Pettar regarded Ulani who had returned with another consignment of household goods. "So, Ulani. What was all that about?"

"Corat has a crush on Ezas, I think it's disgusting."

"Its also not your business. Why did you do that?" Pettar pushed for specifics.

"Ezas is our half-sibling. I felt-"

"You had to protect her," Pettar answered quietly. "Ulani, you should have left this one alone. Ezas is old enough to be your mother, she also holds the rank of Captain in Starfleet, she is married and has a family of her own," he explained. "Also, you humiliated her in front of all of us, you also humiliated your brother in front of her too." he sighed. "Ulani. Go find your mother and tell her I am sending you into town for some food. Enough for all of us, I'm looking for easy to cook meals, hot dogs, burgers, fries. That sort of thing."

"You are punishing me." the teenaged girl was nothing if not perceptive.

"Yes," Pettar answered. "You disappoint me Ulani, I expect this sort of thing out of Neban or Gilora, I expect far better from you. Now go." and with that, the conversation was finished as Ulani departed in silence.


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