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One Small Step - Part Three

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:22am by Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Fleet Captain Marie Yamaguchi & Colonel Brianna Hobbs

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Yamaguchi Quarters - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1900Hrs - August 3rd, 2393

Charon Yamaguchi looked up at his mother as Celeste emerged from the bathroom that connected to the master bedroom, she smiled as she regarded Charon. Hey little guy, you feeling okay?" she inquired, he was here to collect Celeste and Brianna for dinner.

"Yip," he answered. "I was sent to come to get you, dinner is ready." the small Caitian explained.

"Awesome," Celeste answered with a smile. "Come on Bree. Let's go eat," she commented with a smile on her lips.

"What are we having?" Brianna asked Charon.

"Lasagna." the Caitian answered. "Aunt Marie is making it with extra meat," Charon explained, it was also clear he was having a hard time not drooling over the food as he wiped his paw across his mouth. "Mmmm. I can't wait," he added.

Celeste smiled. "Let me go get Jackson and then we'll be along. Charon, stop drooling," she added the last sentence in a light tone of voice.

"Your Aunt Marie is a very good chef Charon. I'm sure you'll like her food." Brianna told him.

"Yip," Charon answered before he raced back into the main area, leaving Brianna and Celeste alone.

Celeste slid out of the bed as she began to pull on her shirt as all she wore was her underwear and a sports bra, she then pulled on a pair of shorts, she turned as she regarded Brianna. "Are you gonna be alright?" she asked in a gentle tone.

Brianna had slipped on a loose shirt and leggings. "Yeah, as best as I can be. I mean, I'm not happy about this, but I accept it."

"It'll be okay Bri. You can still abort if you are so inclined or." as a smile appeared on her face. "Let me carry the little one to term if you prefer."

"I can do that but in some ways, I want to have this child. Not the way I envisioned it but that's what life has handed me." Brianna replied. "Your sweet for offering to carry her but I need to this."

Celeste regarded her spouse in silence before she nodded. "Then I will help you with this, just as you helped me." she then smiled before she gently retrieved Jackson who was awake, she gently picked him up in her arms. "Come on sweetie, dinner is ready." as she gently came back to Brianna. "It's gonna be okay... of that, I am sure."

Brianna nodded in agreement. "I think so too. Thank you for being there Celeste. You keep reminding me why I fell in love with you."

Celeste grinned. "Well, I have my moments," she responded as she gently bounced her son on her hip. "You hungry Jackson?, because I know I am and Marie is not subtle in her cooking style." she turned back to Brianna. "Marie is utterly convinced the kits we have, are malnourished," she commented evenly.

"That's more to do with the Klingon captivity. The kits get more than enough food here." Brianna replied.

"Oh yeah? wanna get them to do anything you wish?. Promise them BBQed chicken," Celeste answered with a soft giggle. "Hell chicken of any kind, they will obey you for hours," she added before she gently gave her wife a soft kiss on the lips. "Shall we?" she inquired.

"Yes, let us enjoy your sister's toil." Brianna smiled.

Celeste softly giggled before she led her spouse into the main sitting area where the Caitian children were already being seated at the table, presently they were helping themselves to the appetizers on their plates. Marie smiled as she regarded her younger sister and her spouse. "Ladies, you're just in time, dinner is ready." she commented. "the kits seem ravenous. I should feed them before they decide to feed on me." Marie then smiled. "I made a side dish for Jackson. I wasn't sure of what he wanted so I decided on a chicken plate with a lot of broth, hopefully, he'll enjoy it," she explained.

Celeste grinned at her sibling. "I forgot how much you enjoyed cooking Marie, you should have been a chef."

"Horus and the kids tell me that often. I might open my own restaurant on the Starbase when I retire. Or I can open one planetside in Utgarde City." Marie then smiled at her sister and her wife. "Let me plate dinner up for you guys." before she moved off and began plating large portions for the kits and a larger one for Celeste. "Bree, how much do you wanna eat hon?" Marie asked Brianna.

"I want a hardy portion. I have to be out in the field tomorrow and I don't eat much when I'm out there." Hobbs cheerfully replied.

"Outstanding," Marie answered. "I'll also place a portion aside for you for when you get back from the field tomorrow." the older female explained as she went about filling out the two large bowls before handed one of them off to Hobbs. "Is that good or do you want more?" she inquired.

Celeste meanwhile got her son set up in his high chair as she began to feed him, Jackson was hungry so he ate without any fuss. She glanced over at her spouse and sibling a moment as a smile graced her lips.

"Looks like Jackson's a hungry boy." Brianna cheerfully stated.

Celeste raised an eyebrow as she watched her son eat his meal. "I guess so." as she regarded her wife before she turned her attention back to her son.

Marie regarded Brianna. "So, Bree. Hows life has been treating you recently?. Did you have anything interesting happen to do with that mass hallucination effect?" she inquired. "Celeste got another child out of it so there was some good.." she regarded the other woman as a frown appeared on her face, it was easy for her to tell something was not quite right.

Celeste noticed too. "Marie... Is everything ready?"

"Yeah." the older woman turned as she began plating up the dinner for the kits, she picked up a plate while spooning a large helping of pasta, melted cheese and cooked meat into the bowl, she was clearly a master a feeding crowds as she did this in quick succession for the peoples gathered. "Here you go, guys. Dig in."

Celeste and everyone else present began to eat their food, the meal progressed in silence as everyone present ate their fill of Marie's cooking, it was clear that this woman greatly relished cooking, as the taste of the food was worth the wait, after all, was said and done, the babysitter arrived and took all of the kids, including Jackson. This left Marie, Celeste, and Brianna, alone.

Marie regarded Brianna as she finally decided to right out with it. "What's wrong Bree?. You've had this cloud of doom overhead all evening."

Celeste regarded Marie with a simple glare which Marie chose to ignore as she regarded her sister's spouse in silence. "Bree. If its-"

"No. I'm pregnant." Bree finally came out with it, all in one lump sum.

Marie paused, as she mentally fell over, she recovered quickly, however. "Oh... and I assume this was unplanned." she turned to Celeste who had a rather impassive look in her eye. "You knew?"

"No, not until thirty minutes ago. Right before you called us out for dinner." Celeste explained quietly.

"That explains a great many things," Marie answered as she regarded Brianna. "Its gonna be okay, we'll get you through this. If you need any help, advice, or someone to scream or vent to. I am only a subspace call away, okay?" she commented with a smile. "Besides, you got the real expert here on random and weird surprises in life." as she indicated Celeste. "But either way, it'll work out. You'll see." Marie smiled as she regarded Brianna with a gentle smile.


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