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Past and Present - Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Kameron "Foehammer" Solusar-Yamaguchi & Commander Keyan Fardreamer

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1120Hrs - September 2nd, 2393

Commander Keyan Fardreamer regarded the text on the display before him, he sighed softly as he thought this matter had been dealt with, but then he did stick in the paperwork as Kameron had demanded all of those months ago. "Well, this should be different," Fardreamer commented aloud in a soft tone when the door beeped. "It's open!" he called out. The doors parted and admitted Kameron Yamaguchi, who entered the office as he regarded his boss. "You called for me skipper?"

"Yes, Foehammer." Fardreamer sighed softly. "Take a seat. You won't like what I'm about to tell you?"

"That was evident from the look on your face when I walked through the door," Kameron answered as he sat down in the chairs across from Fardreamer. "And the tone in your voice when you called me, what's happening?"

"Well." Fardreamer turned the terminal so Kameron could read for himself. "Your reassignment request was denied. I'm sorry Commander but Dreamcrusher has enough people and does not need any more people." he then braced himself for the inevitable explosion as the other man was sure to lose his temper, in truth he hated bringing bad news like this to anyone, it caused issues in his working relationship with people, but now he would see what sort of a man that Kameron actually was, would he actually meltdown or would he process it and move on. It was time to find out once and for all.

Kameron regarded the display as he glanced through it and then took a moment to re-read it and then process what it was telling him. "So, my request to serve on Dreamcrusher has been rejected, my replacement is doing the job fine and they don't need me." he then shrugged. "Oh." he then shifted his attention over to Fardreamer. "I'm only confused about one little detail, why'd it take them three months to tell me that. Captain McKnight would have told me in three minutes." he paused. "I would not have liked it but he would have bothered to explain why... Knowing why I wouldn't have liked it."

"A lot has happened in the last few months, Kam..." Fardreamer answered evenly. "Are you still having teathing issues with your son?" he inquired.

"No, we got resolved not long ago and I can thank Siaxx for that little detail," Kameron answered. "The first decent night's sleep Robert ever had was when he was saying at the Dvald-Vaxx household, Robert was apparently a great child to have... Elizabeth donated several bottles of milk as Siaxx couldn't nurse him for us. Bolian milk is a little too acidic for human babies."

"Siaxx as in Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx?" Fardreamer inquired. "I didn't think she was on good terms with anyone."

"Oh no," Kameron answered. "Whoever told you that, is full of shit..." he paused "Siaxx is a real sweetie but she's a delicate wallflower right now because she's pregnant with twins, except one of them is in sickbay, under the careful watch of Doctor Galiaan Fordring. Even Elizabeth doesn't get to see the second baby without Fordring's express permission and apparently she doesn't give it to anyone." she paused. "Doctor Fordring has involved the rite of Dranosh'Thar with Captain Dvald-Vaxx over the matter at hand."

"I've never heard of that one before," Fardreamer answered. "But it sounds like Doctor Fordring is really serious about it."

"The rite basically means that as long as that child is in her care, its part of Galiaan Fordring's family, as she is protecting and caring for the child in question until its parent returns from whatever they are off dealing with." he paused. "The child isn't born yet and Siaxx has only enough space downstairs for one child, she can't carry two. So arrangements were made." Kameron then slowly smiled. "Elizabeth was involved in the planning of said details and she shared with me only because I'm her husband. I share with you because Siaxx clearly has a reputation still."

"Well... Wow, I had no idea that Siaxx was so highly respected..." Fardreamer answered. "That second part... Thar... Means... either until death or until the end." he commented. "But yes, your reassignment request was rejected." he wanted to bring the conversation back to its original subject material.

"That's understandable, it's for the best really."

Fardreamer let out a soft sigh. "Well, that's a relief. You seem to be settling in nicely here. Your work ethic is excellent and you seem to be getting along with the others here too..." he explained. "Honestly, I'm glad I'm not getting rid of you," he admitted.

"That's because you made it clear how you liked things done on day one, plus you gave me that week off to sort things out sir, Elizabeth greatly enjoyed it as did I, that's how child number two came along in the first place," Kameron answered. "Then Siaxx pulled a rabbit out of her hat and resolved our son's issues for us," Yamaguchi-Solusar explained. "It was a surprise but Siaxx is good at those."

"Well, I for one, am glad it all worked out in the end," Fardreamer answered with a gentle smile. "Or did it?" he added a moment later.

"What do you mean?" Kameron inquired of the man before him.

"Are you settling in well?" Fardreamer inquired. "You don't have any issues to mention or to report?" he added.

"Nope," Kameron answered evenly. "Robert is sleeping through the night now, his mother and I can get some sleep at last, well when Elizabeth's issues don't keep her up," he mentioned. "This is Elizabeth's third pregnancy but it's our second child," he noted the confused look that crossed Fardreamer's face for a moment. "She was surrogating for her mother with her first... a child named Kurt, his story is long and complicated... and Its best I don't go into details."

"That bad?. Hmmm." Fardreamer inquired. "It must have been something special..."

"Yeah," Kameron answered. "It caused Elizabeth and I no end of issues, problems, worries, and concerns on the USS Roanoke.." he let out a soft sigh. "His father took him in and he's been looking after him ever since. Elizabeth and I are moving on with our family and for now, at least, things seem to be working out for us on the Starbase." he paused. "Things between me and Admiral Lasky are tense but quiet... He and I used to be friends..."

"Good," Fardreamer answered. "It sounds long and complicated... But how is your work coming along?" he inquired of the younger man before him.

"The analysis of the hydrosphere you assigned to Courtney is finished, my steller dynamics report is almost finished, I want to give it another once over and clean out my typos. and spelling errors, you know how it goes. I should have it done for you in about an hour or so."

"Nice." Fardreamer smiled as he received the first PADD from Kameron on the matter of Utgarde Fours oceans. "I think Courtney is capable of more than what she's doing at present... I wish I could get her to accept a commission but she's not interested."

"Courtney has issues she needs to work though, keep an eye on her and when she's ready to move on, she'll let you know." Kameron slowly smiled. "I'm married to her cousin, up in the medical area... But Court and I aren't related..." He paused. "Not directly anyway."

"Fair enough. I'll let you get back to your work... On your way Commander. Thanks for dropping by." Fardreamer smiled as Kameron rose to his feet, he turned and departed in silence.


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