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Past and Present - Part One

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 5:20pm by Chief Warrant Officer Courtney "Warhowl" Yamaguchi & Lieutenant Commander Kameron "Foehammer" Solusar-Yamaguchi & Commander Keyan Fardreamer

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1100Hrs - September 2nd, 2393

Kameron gets called into Fardreamers office, he is told that his request for reassignment back to the USS Dreamcrusher has been rejected, Kameron has forgotten about it and he doesn't care.

Lt Commander Kameron Yamaguchi still sometimes went by his callsign of 'Foehammer' as he accepted the PADD from the older woman before him, who also wore a callsign which he felt really did not do the woman before him any justice whatsoever. "Thanks, Court." he addressed her, a gentle smile on her lips. "I'll take this to the Commander and drop them off with my own work, it'll save me the trip and let you get some peace from people nagging you."

"This world is rich in life, I could be here for years watching and charting and learning about it," Yamaguchi answered with a gentle smile. "I dunno..."

"I do," Kameron answered quietly. "Can I ask you a rather sensitive question... You do not have to answer it if you don't wish to do so." Kameron pressed on with his explanation of his question.

Courtney regarded him for only a moment before she sat down at her desk which doubled as her work station. "Let me ask you about the nature of your question... You wish to know of my military record from my home reality... How someone who could look like Marie Yamaguchi could be so unlike her.?"

"Yes... I've seen this sort of thing before... Wartime post Traumatic Stress Disorder." he commented. "You hide it well though... But I can see it in your eyes Court. It's why when you're talking to me, or to anyone else, you can't look them in the eye.. you distract them with attention to details... I know this dodge, I've done it myself often enough. Hell, I've even done it to Elizabeth and she's caught me at it, and I know I've hurt her with it too."

Courtney sat in silence before the words came out. "You don't know what it's like to be someone else's prey... To watch powerlessly as the guy in question is able to overpower you at will and take whatever he wants from you..."

Kameron regarded her in silence, he had heard this tale and variations of said tale from female pilots who had been captured and then tormented and raped, sometimes to their great dismay as they could end up pregnant with their rapists child, many of those same pilots would abort and move on with life, but some would not, they would keep the child and then give it up for adoption, everyone had their reasons for what they do. "I'm sorry Court... I didn't... I didn't know."

"Kam, do you have any idea of its like to be someone else prey... feeling every inch of their violation... I still bear the marks of that incident to this day..." she paused. "Its why I gave up my Captain's rank... But that's also because I am not a good leader."

"I happen to know that's not true. You are the one who holds this department together. Not the Commander and not me, these people follow you. You're the one who does the rounds, checking in with everyone, you work an hour late every day so you can check with the next shift, you helped me with Robert and all of those issues, I would have gone crazy had it not ben for you... I also know about the Hyatts and their marital issues, you took in their children for three weeks remember while they sorted their issues out. Then there was Selmek who seemed ready to go through the pon farr and then he got that one sorted out quickly. You're doing I assume.?"

Courtney shot to her feet before she moved over to Kam. "You are not to tell anyone of the event between me and Selmek, that's between me and him... I want him back at peak efficiency and the pon farr prevents that... so I am assisting with a natural bodily function." Courtney answered.

"Hey, this conversation never happened and we were never here. You know me by now Court, I don't tell tales..." Kameron answered as he was half expecting her to haul off and belt him one.

Courtney sighed softly. "Yeah... I'm... I'm sorry." she paused. "I do still wake up at night, the nightmares keep me awake..." she admitted. "Selmek has been helpful in that regard..."

"Good." Kameron surprised himself by saying it. "I'm glad you could find someone to bond with, someone you want for you." he admitted. "considering what you've told me over the last while... About the reality you come from and what you did while you were there..." he let the words trail off.

"Now I live here and the people here are a reminder as to what the Federation in my reality lost and what it should have been..." Courtney answered evenly. "Besides, I prefer it here..." as she gently slid her lithe form back into the chair behind her work station. "Maybe going to see one of our counselors might help me as well."

"Probably a good thing, I have a counselor, a psychotherapist, and a sex partner on tap. Elizabeth is good at what I need... In turn, I'm good at dealing with her issues. Because sometimes a little help is never a bad thing."

"Indeed." Courtney agreed with him as she nodded her head. Just then the com system beeped at the two of them, halting the conversation. "Fardreamer to Foehammer?" he asked for Kam by his callsign rather than the last name as he'd get over a dozen responses.

Kameron tapped his combadge. "Yessir, what can I do for you?"

"Could you drop by my office please, your paperwork came through and I need to talk to you about the matter before it becomes an issue."

Kameron raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I'm on my way." as he nodded at the older woman who went back to work at her post, he turned and departed in silence.


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