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Echoes of Pain - Part Three

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 6:35am by Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard (47)
Timeline: 1030Hrs - May 27th, 2393

Captain Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs stared at the reflection of herself in the mirror but what she saw was the teenaged version of herself staring back at her, she studied the face of her younger self. "When was your last cycle?" she asked her teenaged self. Celeste heard her mothers voice asking the same question of her. "What?" Celeste asked herself, answering her own question, from the perspective of an outsider, what was presently happening in the master bathroom of her new family sized quarters, looked like Celeste had quite literally, gone insane.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs felt herself cringe while she recalled her fifteen-year-old self, what she endured at the hands of her mother and her boyfriend who had impregnated her as Celeste recalled the first time she had faced this particular nightmare, once before while she regarded the teenager in the mirror before her.

Her year of grade ten had been completed and she was heading into grade eleven and while Celeste had found for herself, a guy on the football team, someone who could open her mind to different ideas and possibilities, while she and Robert Connor had been on and off again throughout their childhoods, there was no question that this was the man that Celeste was going to spend the rest of her life with, facing the challenges of life together. They were admired and envied by many and it was without question among their peers that these two were going to enter Starfleet Academy together. Many of their friends had already been accepted into Starfleet Academy and while Celeste, at that point in her life had not decided to join them despite being their intellectual peer, she had simply not considered the idea had much worth or merit to her.

Celeste and Robert had been lifelong friends, they had grown up together and had attended many of the same schools and classes of said schools, she had many memories of his face, his laughter and more than anything else, his boyish smile, she also had many memories of the awkward years in junior high and late elementary schools when they had known that they were friends but not being able to show it for the fear of being mercilessly teased by the other kids. "Celeste and Robert, hand in hand, down by the creekbed kissing in the sand." or the more famous one "Celeste and Robert up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First came love, then came marriage and then came a baby in a golden carriage." that only children of a certain age found most amusing but anyone older, generally hated as it was considered really immature after a certain point.

Finally, when both had entered Junior high school, it had become socially acceptable to start paring off and so Celeste and Robert had made their relationship official, there was no question between either Celeste or Robert that this was anything but normal for either of them but neither of them had any question about the horror that was in store for both of them. Other were also paring off into couples and while it was not mandatory, it was considered socially normal and thus used to maintain or enhance their social status.

So they had, for three years on and off. Celeste and Robert had been the closest and most envied couple in their social circles. They had done everything first including the awkward explorations of each other that usually led to sex and they also had sex first as well. Everyone knew that these two were meant for each other.

That certainty had lasted until two weeks after Celeste's fifteen birthday when Celeste realized that she had missed a cycle, she normally didn't bother to keep track of them but it did not matter, the math of her not using any major form of birth control had finally caught up with her, but she didn't realize this until later.

Celeste had gone out and had acquired a home pregnancy test, it had produced the results that terrified her, it chilled her blood and froze her soul solid in a state of horror and panic, she was indeed pregnant, the look was written all over her face as when Jessica Yamaguchi laid eyes on her youngest child, she had gently but firmly grasped her by the arm and had hauled her daughter into her bedroom, where she had asked the question of when her last cycle had been.

Jessica Yamaguchi's face had been set in hard lines as she had glared angrily at the face of her youngest child who in her eyes had committed a major mistake, but Jess, could help her correct it as she didn't want her child to repeat her own mistakes and the misdeeds of what other people had done to Jess when she herself was a young woman.

"Umm... about four weeks... or thereabouts." Celeste had answered, when Jessica suddenly let her go. "Okay..." her mother responded. "I understand." before she moved into the kitchen of the dwelling that her family had lived in, she busied herself with whatever it was she was doing while Celeste stood in her mother's bedroom, wondering what she had to do now, she was lost and confused.

Suddenly her mother came back into her bedroom a few minutes later. "Here, this will help calm you, when you are calm, we can discuss what to do with this situation." Jess had said.

Had Celeste known of what was to come, she would never have drunk the tea that day.

Celeste suddenly breathed out and then back in as she found herself still staring into the mirror, she blinked. "Fuck, I'm losing my damn mind," she muttered softly, under her breath. "I need a vacation," she added, in her normal tone this time. "Before I lose whats left of my sanity and my soul to this." and with that, Celeste turned and left the bathroom in silence.


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