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A Lunch Break With a Twist - Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:33am by Captain Robert Connor & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Connor & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Captains Quarters - USS Massachusetts
Timeline: 1215Hrs - August 6th, 2393

Yamaguchi-Hobbs lifted the first chunk of cooked chicken to her lips when suddenly the doorbell rang, she turned her head as she lowered her mouthful of food back to her plate. "Expecting someone?"

"She's a little late... But that's to be expected." Connor answered as he rose to his feet and went over to the door, he tapped the door release toggle to find himself face to face with a younger female wearing many of the features that were shared with the woman sitting at the table. "Hey Jaz, come on in."

"Did I interrupt anything?" the young woman inquired bluntly as she regarded her father with a rather intense look on her face. "I can always come back later if you want...." she added a moment later.

"No, we're just having lunch, you're more than welcome to join us," Connor answered, a rather wide smile on his face.

"Oh." The younger woman answered. "I thought you two would be having sex, considering your history..." she added as if discussing the weather down on Utgarde rather then her father's relationships or the lack thereof.

"Well, that's not in the cards today, young lady and there is no need to create more problems and baggage between us when we already have so much..." Connor sighed, as to him, that statement was the story of his life and the understatement of the century. "Come on in, she's at the table." he turned and led Jasmine over to the table. Yamaguchi-Hobbs watched the two in silence. "Jasmine, nice of you to join us, I was wondering if Rob had invited you."

The younger female went over to the replicator and ordered herself a good-sized lunch, easily twice the size of the one that Yamaguchi-Hobbs had before her, then she came to sit down at the table, on Yamaguchi-Hobbs's left side. "I had wondered if Dad had invited you too... Considering you two are my parents..."

"Yes. I still wonder what gods intervened with fate when you appeared." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered in a tone that could have dried Pacifica in one swift stroke. "Jazz. I never expected to ever see your dad ever again..."

"Yeah..." The female nodded. "Well, here we are..." she added with a smile.

"Yeah," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered evenly. "I never assumed that I had any biological children other than Jackson. Had I known..."

"Would it have changed things?" Jasmine inquired as she began to eat her food. "You were on Earth, diving into Starfleet Medical and Dad was on Alpha Centauri Four, also heading to their academy, my childhood would have been unchanged as Dad's parents would have looked after me until Dad was fully capable, you two were separated by time, space and other issues..." she then shrugged. "Besides, it's not like it matters anyway."

"Your right Jasmine," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered evenly. "Too much time has passed and I don't even know your dad was alive, much less into Starfleet until the better part of three months ago," she explained. "Since we parted, I raised two Andorians to adulthood and now I have three Caitian kits I'm raising in addition to Jackson and Bree is pregnant with a surprise of her own." Yamaguchi-Hobbs regarded the younger woman who shared so many of her looks and features as she explained herself. "Maybe you'll understand my position a little better when you find someone for yourself."

"Perhaps." Jasmine popped a chicken ball into her mouth as she began to chew on it, taking a moment to enjoy the sudden silence.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs turned to Connor. "When do you leave?"

"Early tomorrow, local time of course," Connor answered. "Command wanted me underway at about twenty-two hundred hours tonight, I was able to get them to bump that off until oh nine hundred tomorrow... It'll give your Engineers a little more time to repair my issues and my guys get to have a little longer of a break," he explained. "Captain Fordring was only too happy to request that we remain in port longer because he found another couple of issues he wants to sort out for us, I was only too happy to sign off on it, so command can't really shout at me if your man tells me otherwise." Connor smiled, there was something in the smile that indicated he did not care in the slightest.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded. "Sounds like Tirion's busy working his magic again, he almost gets off on fucking with Admirals... He enjoys it almost as much as bedding his spouse, how Galiaan is able to get anything done?. I will honestly never know."

Jasmine regarded her mother. "Isn't Captain Fordring a Vrykul?" she paused as she considered the image in her head. "Oh my, I hope Galiaan isn't human otherwise he might hurt her."

"No, she's a full Vrykul, though I know some of their children are married to humans and some of their grandchildren are even part human..." Yamaguchi-Hobbs added. "Oh Galiaan and Tirion have much to be happy about, their children have done well and so are their grandkids too." she suddenly grinned at the younger woman across from her. "Galiaan is in her seventies, which for us is really old, and for them, it's midlife." as she grinned.

Connor chuckled softly. "Sounds like it, I'll bet that they make themselves worthy of being on your staff..."

"Oh I have family who has worked with Galiaan and Tirion, they don't shut up about them, especially Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar, my cousin. She never shuts up about it." Yamaguchi-Hobbs explained with a gentle smile. "So what about you Jasmine?"

"I'm just here to enjoy lunch before I head back planetside for several hours in the gym, I gotta go crank some iron after all." the young woman answered evenly. "Calisthenics classes are fun but they can be exhausting." she paused. "Then come back here to say goodbye to Dad before he leaves..." she indicated Connor with her thumb. "and you'll probably want some alone time together anyway," she added with a rather unsettling grin.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded. "You're probably right," she answered, as she smiled back. "Would that be an issue?"

"You're my mom and he's my dad. I think that you-" she regarded her father as she spoke. "-should take her to bed and fuck her senseless, as soon as I leave." Jasmine added with a rather wide grin.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs paused as she regarded her food a moment. "Not what I was expecting, let's eat..."


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