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Clearing the Air for Good - Part One

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:30am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Cheleya Dvald & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Post Captain Vasily Borodin

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1100Hrs - August 6th, 2393

Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs placed the PADD that she had been reading back down onto her desk, as she let out a rather frustrated sigh. The middle-aged human female knew she had issues before her that needed resolving but for some reason, she could not concentrate today. "Fuck, this sucks!" she said aloud, the relaxation that Yamaguchi-Hobbs had spoken aloud was something of a surprise to her.

The tall female rose to her feet as she pushed her chair away from her desk, she needed ten minutes to clear her head. Yamaguchi-Hobbs reached down with her left hand as she snatched up the pair of boots that were sitting there, unloved, unwanted and forlorn before she slipped them back onto her feet. Yamaguchi-Hobbs suddenly smiled as she went out of her office and into the anteroom where her aide worked. "Cheleya, hold my calls. I'll be out for the next thirty minutes, if anything important happens, call me and I'll come and tend to it."

"Yessir.' the young Bolian female looked up at Yamaguchi-Hobbs as she walked by, the human female nodded as she recalled that the Bolian working for her was the niece of her Executive officer who was also pregnant to boot. "How are you doing Cheleya?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs inquired of her in a gentle tone of voice. "You doing okay?" she added.

Dvald regarded her boss in silence for a moment. "Some days are good, some are not so good sir." she paused a moment. "Today, I'm doing okay..." she paused. "I'm still seeing the counselor and it's helping me cope." the younger female paused. "I'm taking it day by day ma'am... one day at a time."

"Good." Yamaguchi-Hobbs smiled warmly at the other woman. "You should help yourself before you help me."

"The work needs to be done, ma'am," Dvald answered evenly. "But... I am better then I was... its a slow process..." the young Bolian explained. "I remember... pain, fear... death..." she paused.

"You need not explain yourself to me Cheleya, I know all too well what a life-changing event is like. The events leading up to Jackson being born was one such event." the middle-aged female explained with a gentle smile on her lips as she gently rubbed the younger woman's shoulders.

"I honestly had no idea, I don't pry into the lives of others," Dvald answered quietly.

"That's always a wise plan, Cheleya. Less mess and less stress... You'll have fewer issues." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered with a gentle nod of her head. "Besides, Jackson's conception was most certainly not an event I care to discuss, not even with members of my own family." the older female added.

"Oh. Jackson was... One of those cases... I see. I understand." Dvald answered in a quiet tone of voice.

"I'd best get going... I am looking for Captain Borodin. Hold my stuff for me, would ya?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs inquired.

"Yessir," Dvald answered with a smile on her lips.

"Thanks." and with that, Yamaguchi-Hobbs made her farewells and she departed. Yamaguchi-Hobbs went out into Operations where she nodded her head as she greeted several of her staff before she entered one of the four turbolifts. "Plaza," she said in an even tone of voice before she tapped her combadge. "Computer, locate Captain Vassily Borodin?" she inquired of the Starbase mainframe.

The answer was quick and simple. "Captain Borodin is located in the firing range."

She nodded her head, her mind made up. "Override the previous destination. Take me there." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered in a flat tone of voice, while she mentally cleared her head for the argument that was to ensue. Moments passed as she stood in silent contemplation while Yamaguchi-Hobbs waited for the turbolift car to reach its destination.

The sound of the turbolift doors opening terminated Yamaguchiu-Hobbs reverie as surely as someone contacting her over the com system would. She stepped forward and out into the hallway, when suddenly she crashed into the man she wanted to see as he came around the corner and ran into her, sending them both flying, he stumbled as was able to catch himself. Yamaguchi-Hobbs meanwhile went flying across the hallway and crashed into the far bulkhead, the force of the impact knocked the wind from her lungs as she slumped to the deck.

Borodin regarded the woman he had crashed into, his concern turned into dismay when he realized it was the one person who had the chance and the opportunity to make his life into a pure living hell. "derr`mo" he muttered, the translator turned it into English. "shit."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs blinked as she breathed in and then out, her eyes speared Borodin with a look before he gently took her hand in his and he hauled her to her feet, almost without effort. "Apologies Ma'am," he commented to her.

"I'll live," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered. "You and I needed to speak anyway... This wasn't what I had in mind..." she admitted the last sentence with an air of hesitancy.

"We need to talk?" Borodin inquired, in a rather confused tone of voice.


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