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Cast No Shadows - Part Four

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 3:44pm by Lieutenant Rachael "Ripcord" Yamaguchi-Cullen & Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1710Hrs - August 14th, 2393

Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx was almost finished eating her food, her son was deliberately taking his time with his food as he was always the first to finish, he almost seemed to enjoy doing schoolwork, he was very much the opposite from Herar whereas her other two sons were a rather awkward mixture of Herar and Ma'haat in terms of personality, Xiral and Zhan were identical twins, both came from the same egg. Zhan tended to favor Ma'haat in his style except he didn't have Ma'haat's dedication, but he sure had his older brothers drive and determination. Xiral however, he tended to favor Herar in his style. He tended to favor sports but he was also more intelligent then Herar was at the same age.

Ma'haat finished his food in silence as he lifted a hand to his mouth, to prevent himself from belching and to clear his throat, both he was able to do without making any loud noises, Dvald-Vaxx smiled as she flagged down the waitress. "Hey, could we get the bill when you get a chance please?"

"Right away ma'am." the young woman answered evenly before she moved off.

"What did you think of the food?" Dvald-Vaxx inquired of her son.

"It lives up to its name. I enjoyed it." Ma'haat answered with a gentle smile.

The two Dvald-Vaxx's waited for the bill to arrive when it did. Dvald-Vaxx paid it, she also left a generous tip before the two departed. Dvald-Vaxx walked slowly with her son beside her when suddenly, out of a side hallway, came Rachael Yamaguchi-Cullen. Much like Siaxx, she was wearing her duty uniform. "Siaxx... working late?" she inquired of the smaller female before her. "Oh, hey Ma'haat. How ya doin'?."

"Hello Rachael," Ma'haat answered with a smile. "What's happening?" he inquired.

Dvald-Vaxx knew that her son had a rather confusing relationship with Rachael. He was simply unsure of where the larger female fit into his family as Rachael was considered a member of the family by his mother.

"Oh not much, I just got in from four hours of patrol time, the best part of the patrol was there was nobody around to pester me. It was great..." Yamaguchi-Cullen commented. "Saki and Ennis should be calling me in about thirty minutes. I was wondering if you wanted to catch up." as she looked at Ma'haat directly. "Saki has spoken of you, at length."

"Oh," Ma'haat commented quietly, as he reached behind his neck to scratch an itch that had developed there rather suddenly. "What does she say of me."
he inquired of the larger female before him, he was unsettled and unsure, it showed too.

"Well." Yamaguchi-Cullen smiled. "You make the martial arts workouts more fun. She has someone who won't try to kick her ass and can handle her eccentricities without being judgemental. She is unusual." she commented lightly.

"Saki is... Unique." were the words he settled on. "She is also unappreciated," he added.

Yamaguchi-Cullen smiled, clearly liking his answer for what it was. "Siaxx, say something will ya." as she decided to let Ma'ahaat down gently.

"Something," Dvald-Vaxx responded. "Hey, you never said what to say," she added as she walked beside her son. She was the same height as her son and it could be confusing at times, many would have thought Siaxx was a teenager herself were it not for the lines on her face and her uniform.

Yamaguchi-Cullen snickered softly as she fell into step beside the smaller female. "Do you mind if I use the com terminal at your place when the call comes in.?"

"Sure. It's just me and Ma'haat anyway. Herax is being babysat by your sister who loves him, at times more then I do." the small Bolian explained. "How Elizabeth gets anything does other than the caring and feeding of children, I will honestly never know."

Yamaguchi-Cullen shrugged. "Elizabeth loves kids," she responded bluntly while the three of them left the plaza and moved into a turbolift. Dvald-Vaxx gave the destination to the empty life and it sped to where Dvald-Vaxx wished to go, mostly because the turbolift system automatically defaulted to the most senior person present.

The doors opened and out stepped Siaxx, before Rachael and lastly, Ma'haat followed, in silence. he was happy to keep his own counsel as the small group reached their destination with the door marked 'FCAPT DVALD-VAXX S - STARBASE EXEC'

Ma'haat smiled. "Haahhh home sweet home," he commented aloud as the door opened, he went in and over to where he had left his bags. He then went over to the kitchen table. He began working on his homework. Meanwhile, Dvald-Vaxx retreated into the master bedroom. Rachael followed her in silence.
Dvald-Vaxx began changing out of her uniform, shucking her skirt, her uniform top and undershirt all in quick succession while Yamaguchi-Cullen locked the door, she knew that Ma'haat did not need to see this. "Siaxx. I can hear you thinking... Out with it."

Dvald-Vaxx was pulling on her sweatpants as she regarded the woman she called her co-daughter. She let out a sigh as she huffed a look at Yamaguchi-Cullen, this told Rachael that the smaller Bolian didn't know how to address the issue she was thinking about.

"You protect no secrets Siaxx. I already know." Yamaguchi-Cullen decided to address the elephant in the room.

"Oh... How?" Dvald-Vaxx paused as she gave Rachael a confused look. "I've not said anything."

"You don't need to. I know you and I know enough about your son." she indicated the door with her thumb. "I also know what he wants with Saki... The trouble is... She knows it too." Yamaguchi-Cullen explained to the older woman who was pulling one of her many sweatshirts down over her chest before she gently pressed her combadge to her chest. "What?" Dvald-Vaxx inquired.

"Saki knows that Ma'haat wants to have sex with her," Yamaguchi-Cullen responded. "Part of why Saki is off with the guy she calls her dad is because I want her to open her mind to other possibilities, to relying upon other people who are not me, you know what Saki is like around me."

"She listened to you without comment, question rhyme or reason. Even if you ask her to do something stupid. If you're not around then she'll treat me the same way. I could have had her round-up tribbles from all over the ship and she'd do it, without question." the small Bolian female regarded the taller woman before her. "How does Saki feel about Ma'haat?" she asked.

"She is more confused than anything else. Ennis has been rather gentle on the matter as he knows not much will get past biology, also he's been discussing things with me a lot more, but that's because of the breakdown in coms we had over the Paul Harrison incident last month." Yamaguchi-Cullen explained as she gave the small Bolian a rather pointed look.

"Yes. I was wondering if Paul Harrison was going to get nailed to the wall for having sex with you." Dvald-Vaxx commented then she sighed. "It seems the tides of fate are not without a sense of irony, would you not agree?"

Yamaguchi-Cullen nodded. "Yes indeed. Your son wants to bed my daughter... Though I highly doubt that Saki will mind or care." she commented. "But she is too young for that sort of thing." she paused. "How old is Ma'haat?"

"He's thirteen," Dvald-Vaxx answered lightly. "Like I said... Ironic."


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