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Cast No Shadows - Part Three

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 3:44pm by Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1700Hrs - August 14th, 2393

Dvald-Vaxx smiled as their dinner arrived, her son was almost drooling which never ceased to amuse her, unlike most parents, Siaxx saw no need to use excessive amounts of discipline with her children, and yet, they seemed to be turning out rather well. Heris and Lenaris, along with all of their various children were more or less in the same boat as Siaxx's own children. Rhaenys had no children, she was a woman who lived like a hermit and it showed, as she had no lovers or love interests of any kind. Then there was Daenerys who was another version of Siaxx herself from another reality who had become stranded in this one, a reality that looked like hell itself or so Siaxx had been told, what her twin had endured in that reality had horrified Siaxx and she had sought solace in her husband, which was part of the reason why Siaxx now had two daughters on the way. One of then was growing inside her and the other was growing in an artificial womb, and both were being looked after by one of the sharpest minds in the station's medical staff. Lt Commander Galiaan Fordring. Siaxx suddenly remembered that she had a medical appointment coming up.

"Mom. You still with us?" Ma'haat's voice suddenly sliced into her reverie.

"Mmm... Oh, I'm a sorry sweetie, what were you saying?" Dvald-Vaxx inquired in a gentle tone of voice.

"You looked like you were gone," Ma'haat responded with a smile. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I was just reminding myself that I have a medical checkup I need to prepare for." Dvald-Vaxx admitted it was something she had forgotten.

Ma'haat nodded his head, he knew what it was about. "Your pregnancy.?" he inquired of his mother.

"Yes. I need to make sure everything is developing as it should. I don't have a lot of space for things to go wrong." Dvald-Vaxx answered evenly.

Ma'haat nodded his head. "How are..." he paused as he was the one who tended to shy away from these sorts of conversations, preferring instead to leave things like this to his elder brother. "How are things going?" he managed to get out.

"Things are coming along nicely, the first one is doing really well, its the second I am concerned about." the small Bolian female commented evenly. "The one growing inside me," Dvald-Vaxx commented, she knew her second child was uneasy, he was different from his older brother as he was more introverted and prefered his own company rather than Herar who was much more outgoing and social. This did not mean she loved her second son any less, it meant that Ma'haat was more articulate in his education and the like, he focused much more energy on it rather then Herar who was more pro-sports, he wasn't as well educated but he made up for it with his martial arts. He was a lot stronger and faster than his brothers but that was because he prefered sports and the like whereas Ma'haat was all lines and angles, he was much more intelligent but he didn't show it as he prefered to not show it. Siaxx knew it was time for her to address the matter before her. "Does Herar intimidate you?" she asked her son directly.

"He does..." Ma'haat answered quietly. "I have a feeling..." he paused. "Nah it's insane."

"Perhaps, but I still wanna hear it Ma'haat."

"Herar knows I like Saki... I think he might try stealing her from me." Ma'haat answered his mother.

It was not an unrealistic scenario and Siaxx knew it too. "That's why you should stay in contact with Saki... and bulk up your martial arts training, I know you enjoy it." she smiled warmly at her son. "You are much better educated then Herar is, I've seen you working on some really advanced math work, you recall that grand unification theory that your teacher threw at you a month ago...?" the small female Bolian inquired. "Ma'haat. I should explain a little something. You see. I asked your teacher to throw the math section of Starfleet academy's entrance exam at you."

"What?" Ma'haat was stunned. "You wanted to see me fail." Ma'ahaat glared angrily at his mother, he had thought that everyone in the class had gotten that test and then to find out that he had been singled out, it annoyed and angered him.

"No. Do you recall what your teacher said?" Dvald-Vaxx inquired. "Because I recall what she said to me.."

"I failed... I only got a third of the questions right..." Ma'haat answered quietly. "She said My math needed work."

"She told me something quite different, I made sure to ask her with Herar in the room." Dvald-Vaxx then smiled. "I assume he has been leaving you alone?"

"He's not come near me recently. Wait, what was said?" Ma'haat paused a moment.

"She said that you are gifted and she has much promise in you, she thinks that with time and effort, you'll not only pass the math test, but you'll also ace it." she then smiled. "That will almost guarantee you a commission in Starfleet when the time comes." she regarded her son, her eyes locked with his. "I don't think you have much interest in medicine... Do you?"

Ma'haat paused. "No." he whispered at his mother.

"Good." Dvald-Vaxx was quite pleased with her son. "Not everyone is made to be a Doctor... What do you see yourself doing if... you decide to join Starfleet?"

Ma'haat didn't even think about it. He just came out with it and said it. "I want to know how the world works, I want to know... How they make the ships of the Fleet, how they made this stuff." he indicated the room they were sitting in. "I mean the lovely intricacies of space and time. I want to know how it all works..."

"So Science or Engineering." Dvald-Vaxx inquired with a nod. "Engineering then," she added.

"I want to know how they make these things... How was this base built?" he paused. "Two days ago, I watched the USS Enduring Conviction leave her moorings, she was huge..." Ma'haat paused as he allowed himself to relive the experience. "Watching her leave was an experience. She seemed to be truly gigantic... I think she was a Guardian-class starship... and I wanted to fly her out of the spacedocks and into space..."

Dvald-Vaxx nodded her head. She knew of the Enduring Conviction and that the ship was brand new. She was almost ready to be commissioned and would soon receive her final crew before entering service. Dvald-Vaxx was busy assisting with many of the final details regarding the new ship as the crew prepared her for duty with the Federation fleet. "She's just finished her builder's trials and she should be commissioned into the fleet in a few days. I assume you wish to go to the commissioning?"

"I do," Ma'haat answered quietly.


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