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Nightmare or Prophecy - Part Five

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 4:49am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Lieutenant Commander Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar

Mission: Mission 100: I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day
Location: Lost in the Mists of Space and Time
Timeline: January 29th, 2423 - Actual Date: 0915Hrs - July 12th, 2393

Lieutenant Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar peered down at the display on his tricorder while he slowly moved around the corner of a decaying wall, the last remnant of a building that had once stood here several thousand years earlier as humans reckoned time. His reverie was interrupted by one of his teammates asking him. "You ever wonder what we're actually trying to accomplish out here?"

"Nope," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered quietly. "I know what I'm doing here but that said. I also know what I'm chasing." he regarded the younger female before him.

"You never seem to come across like you care Lieutenant." the Ensign commented. "What's your deal?"

"You wanna know what brought me out here?... Why I wear this uniform?" Yamaguchi-Solusar answered in something of a curt tone. "My mother is what brings me out here. My goal is to find out what happened to her, even if it takes the rest of my life to do so. My family wanted some closure on what happened to her. She was lost on active duty thirty years ago. You think I don't care?, well I assure you, Ensign, that the truth is exactly just the opposite."

The Ensign's comment was interrupted by another person coming over. "Hey, El-Tee. We found something... You need to see this for yourself."

"Okay, let's go see what you guys found them." Yamaguchi-Solusar regarded the female who had spoken up. "Well come on then," he commented to her before he moved off after the officer who had come to get him, the small female Ensign followed after him.

Yamaguchi-Solusar moved down a flight of steps and into a tunnel before he passed through what was designed to look like a part of the rock face. "What that doorway even there the first time?"

"Nope. Whoever did all this, designed the doorway to make it almost impossible to find. That's why the Unto the Breach's crew never found this place."

"Just, what is this place?" Yamaguchi-Solusar paused as he entered a large room with a lot of advanced technology contained within.

"We assume its a medical storage area of some kind but that's not all, we found a half a dozen people, in cryogenic suspension."

One of the medical techs regarded the display as he gently wiped the glass of the tank he was standing at, with his hand when he noticed a human female's face, she was asleep and looked like she was at peace. He raised an eyebrow. "What the hell have we found in here!?" he then regarded the woman a little more carefully. "Is that... No..."

He turned "Lieutenant!" he yelled as he pointed to Yamaguchi-Solusar. "You are gonna wanna see this!"

Yamaguchi-Solusar came over. "What have-Oh... my.. god." as he found himself looking into the face of his long-lost mother. Yamaguchi-Solusar blinked before he turned to the medic. "Well, one mystery resolved but ten more take its place. Can we get these people out?"

"We don't know how the technology works sir. If we revive them now, we could kill them." The younger man answered quietly. "I'm sorry sir."

"No, it's alright," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered quietly. "Because that's my long lost mother. I honestly never thought I'd ever find her." he paused. "Considering it was this easy."

The medical technician looked stunned as if Yamaguchi-Solusar had physically hit him. "How is that possible?"

Yamaguchi-Solusar turned away for a moment as he considered it. "My mother was here before. This was the world she went missing on. When the USS Unto the Breach came through here, it's possible she was kidnapped and placed in this cell, but to what end.?" he asked.

"I have no idea. But was she left here for us to find or something else?"

"Chief, maybe I'm just being paranoid but I don't mean to be pushy, we need to get these people out soonest before any of our people start to disappear."

"Aye Lieutenant." the man answered with a nod.

Yamaguchi-Solusar turned as he regarded the young woman in the cell for the second time. "I'm going to go check in with the skipper. Keep me informed will ya?"

"Willdo El-Tee." and with that, the two men went back to work. Yamaguchi-Solusar went back above ground as he quickly glanced around. He tapped his combadge. "Yamaguchi-Solusar to Gaarni.?"

"Duran-Yeager here. Go ahead?"

"Captain. We have found six humans, alive in Cyro-hibernation. My mother is among them but I have concerns about security down here. I need a constant series of short-range scans designed to locate any intelligent life. This place was designed to be hidden and I'm concerned our people might start going missing as a result."

"Understood Lieutenant, scans don't show anything but we're about to start a new series of scans, I'll keep your topside team posted."

"Understood," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a smile. He turned and went back into the excavation site as the various personnel worked on their specific assignments. The large human male stopped by the entrance. "So how did we actually find this place.?" Yamaguchi-Solusar inquired.

"Would you believe me if I told you one of my guys was being paranoid about cave-ins?" a young Andorian Shen answered, she was wearing the marine green colors on her uniform. "He wanted to make sure we missed nothing, just in case of a cave in and we became trapped. He noticed the odd markings on the wall and he found the entrance, we were then somehow able to open it and it's been open since."

"Yeah, mind if I ask a favor?" Yamaguchi-Solusar commented.

"What's that?" the Andorian answered.

"Give him some R&R or give a promotion. Thanks to him, we found six Federation citizens in Cryo-Hibernation." Yamaguchi-Solusar explained in an even tone of voice.

"What?" the Andorian answered. "Just like that?"

"Yep. It gets better.. One of them is my biological mother." Yamaguchi-Solusar answered.

"Ahh. I read about that." the Andorian answered with a nod. "I'm glad we found her."

"None more so then I am," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered.

Just then his combadge beeped. "Fredrickson to Yamaguchi-Solusar. We think we're ready sir to make the effort to free someone. The skipper is asking for you to attend."

"Roger I'm on my way." Yamaguchi-Solusar turned to the Andorian. "Keep your eyes peeled. I'm concerned about uninvited guests."

"You got it." and with that, the two parted company as Yamaguchi-Solusar moved back into the room with the cryo-tanks. "Over here El-Tee." came the voice of Fredrickson. "We thought we'd try your mother's tank first," he said like he was expecting resistance.

"Proceed. Let's do this." Yamaguchi-Solusar didn't even hesitate as he moved over to the various people assigned here. The medical technician nodded. "Ready sir."

"Go for it," Fredrickson responded, as the two men carefully watched the displays as Yamaguchi-Solusar stood and waited for them to go about their work. The medical enlisted man tapped the display once and then again a moment later when the hatch to the large cryo-tank suddenly opened as the human female within opened her eyes, she then breathed out and then back in again. "What's going on?" she croaked softly.

Yamaguchi-Solusar gently touched her mind with his own and within a moment, he was convinced that this was Lt Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar. "Doctor. It's good to see you awake," he commented as he gently took her hand in his own and he helped her out of the tank. "Come on over here and we can get you looked at by our own people."

"Did the skipper send you guys?." Elizabeth asked softly.

"We're not from the Unto the Breach," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered quietly before he looked away. "A lot has happened since you were presumed lost on Stardate Seven one four one three." he paused. "The present date is Stardate Ten zero zero seven six."

Elizabeth regarded the massive man seated next to her. "You seem familiar to me, I should know you. But I've never seen you before." Elizabeth frowned. "I'm not going to like what you have to tell me... Am I?" she asked in a rather hesitant tone of voice.

"Yes, you're not," he answered with a nod. "I'm your son, mom. The one you left behind."

"Oh my god... Then that means.." Elizabeth whispered. "I need a moment." as he gently withdrew from her for a moment, to let the medics work and to give her some space. "How we doing sir?"

"Is that actually your mother?" Fredrickson asked.

"It is." Yamaguchi-Solusar nodded. "She is shocked and shaken but we should get her back to the ship soonest."

"Agreed. Same with all these others. Why don't you take her back to the ship, we got this."

"Thank you, sir," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a smile before he turned, he went back to the medics. "How is she?"

"She's in good shape and I think she'd benefit from being outside and if one can arrange it, off of this planet." the medic answered

"I'm here to arrange it," Robert answered. "Come on mom, let's get out of here."

Elizabeth gently climbed to her feet before she nodded, she then gently touched her son's mind with her own, she felt him react to her presence as she felt his memories and his feelings. "You never stopped looking for me.."

"None of us did. Aunt Siaxx sents us out here to see if we could have any better luck then the Grey Wolf did."

"How is us?" Elizabeth asked as the two moved through caverns.

"Its best I tell you back on the ship when you are sitting down and things won't take you by surprise, you won't like much of what I have to share."

"Okay." the two emerged outside as the sunlight beamed down on the world as Robert called for the two of them to be beamed up to the Gaarni. Moments later they both were beamed away.


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