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Nightmare or Prophecy - Part Four

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 4:41am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Lieutenant Commander Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar

Mission: Mission 100: I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day
Location: Lost in the Mists of Space and Time
Timeline: December 4th, 2422 - Actual Date: 0915Hrs - July 12th, 2393

Lieutenant Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar smiled as he handed the PADD to the smaller Bajoran looking female across from him. "The proposed route I took the liberty of putting together for you. Lieutenant Penny Waugh was most helpful with the details."

"Oh, was she now?" Lanair Duran-Yeager commented, a look of surprise on her face and in her tone of voice. "I've heard she was a malcontent and a troublemaker. I had considered getting rid of her." the small Bajoran explained evenly. "But if you were able to make her useful then I will keep her for the time being."

"Well, I had to approach the issue from another angle," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered evenly. "She should be in security rather then conn but I can use her in tactical, she knows her way around the various missiles and weapons I have in inventory and I can trade you Ensign Ryan De Poix instead. He's always saying he wants to become one of the legends of flight so I want rid of him."

"Okay, normally I would take more time but time is something I don't have, so I'll arrange the transfer swap between these two and call it a day." Lanair Duran-Yeager answered with a smile. "Alright. How are we doing with our ordinance stocks?"

"It's all loaded skipper," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a smile. "I read up on this planet. Thirty years ago, the Unto the Breach surveyed this area. My mother was aboard her at the time."

"I read about that incident." The shorter Bajoran looking female nodded. "Maybe we'll get lucky and find something to tell us of her fate El-Tee. I know this is personal for you."

"It is skipper but I can handle it." Yamaguchi-Solusar smiled as he thought of his biological mother, it was true that he had missed her and he wanted to know what sort of a woman she was, what happened was thirty years earlier and he could not change history or change her fate, she was gone and that was all there was to the matter. "But yeah, maybe we'll find something that the Unto the Breach and her crew missed." Robert tried his best to sound hopeful but he knew better than to get his hopes up.

"Alright, we'll we ship out shortly." the small Bajoran female explained. "Commander Smithson was just reporting that all ships and personnel are ready."

"Alright," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered as the shorter Bajoran looking female rose to her feet and went out of her office and onto the main bridge, with the massive human hot on her heels before he went to take his station.

"Are we ready?" Lanair Duran-Yeager inquired of the man presently seated in the first officer's chair, off to the right side of the commanding officer's chair, as was traditional on a Federation ships bridge.

Commander Michael Smithson nodded his head. "Yeah skipper. The Pollux and the Vesta, both say they are ready to proceed."

"Excellent, inform them both to prepare to get underway. " the Bajoran looking female commented as she sat down in her command chair. "Alright then, let's ride," she commented. "Seal the airlock and get us clearance for departure," she commented.

The personnel around her all went to work with the precision of a well maintained and oiled machine. Robert found his attention wandering to his lost mother and what she would have felt about all of this, maybe she was out there somewhere, alive but lost and maybe she was dead. Either way, Robert wanted answers to his questions.

The time for launch came and went as the three Federation ships proceeded to all get underway and within moments of leaving the massive Federation base, they all shot forward into slipstream speeds.


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