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Nightmare or Prophecy - Part Three

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 4:40am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Lieutenant Commander Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar

Mission: Mission 100: I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day
Location: Lost in the Mists of Space and Time
Timeline: December 3rd, 2422 - Actual Date: 0915Hrs - July 12th, 2393

It had been almost forty-five minutes since Lieutenant Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar had arrived on board the USS Gaarni. He had also met the commanding officer at the same time, the meeting had gone well, it had been educational for Yamaguchi-Solusar as his assignment to this vessel was last minute and he had no idea of who anyone was. Yamaguchi-Solusar had settled in rather quickly as he had changed out of his old uniform before pulled his spare from out of his pack that he had carried with him.

Yamaguchi-Solusar had plucked the two rank pips off of his collar that indicated his rank, he found himself staring at it for a moment before he realized that she had been looking at it for a long longer then she had expected. 'Come on Rob, you got a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it all.' he thought to himself as he finished removing the last of his clothing.

The massively built human male, now nude, quickly took care of things before he went into the bathroom, he smiled as he had expected smaller but he decided to proceed with taking a shower and freshen up before he went to meet the medical officers to check in.

About twenty minutes later, Yamaguchi-Solusar was finished as he finished zipping up his jacket, he then tugged on both his boots quickly before he departed her nearly assigned quarters. He made his way to his first destination which was sickbay.

The doors parted, with a soft sound that to his ears sounded like someone swinging a blade, the sound it made as it rent the air with its force and grace. The massively built human entered sickbay a moment later. A nurse regarded him with an odd look. "Hello Lieutenant, what can we do for you?"

"I'm just here for my coming aboard physical, is now alright or do you want me to come back in the morning?" Yamaguchi-Solusar responded with a smile.

"Let me check with the doctor, please take a seat and I'll be right back." and with that, the nurse withdrew in silence as Yamaguchi-Solusar took a seat on a biobed as he settled in to wait.

An incredibly young looking, waif-like figure entered the room with a bright smile. “Hello! I’m Doctor Asa Dael, a pleasure to meet you!.”

The doctor approached with the energy of a nervous puppy, all happy smiles to meet another crew member with an underlying current of nervous energy. She proffered their hand for a handshake in greeting in the way Starfleet Medical had taught as fleet-wide etiquette, placing a PaDD on a stand next to the bed and reaching for a medical tricorder with her other hand.

“First things first, how are you faring after your trip in reaching us? Properly hydrated? Had some protein, carbs, and sugar recently?” the doctor inquired as she scanned Yamaguchi-Solusar.

Yamaguchi-Solusar regarded the Doctor as he gently shook the other person's hand with his own in the human style. "The trip was... Well, calling it eventful is not a statement I'd use." he paused. "I had a doughnut and a glass of milk but that's all." he regarded the small being before him. "No Doctor, just my coming aboard physical," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a smile.

"Of course." The CMO started to scan and a brief frown crossed her face like a flash of anger was momentarily in her eyes. Before looking back up at the human male before her. Asa turned to the nurse before she smiled. "Why don't you help Ensign Ralih with her medical supplies.?"

"Yeah, Doctor. Right away." and the second young female withdrew as Yamaguchi-Solusar sat in silence.

Asa turned back to the massive human male before her. "You are a tad undernourished but an extra portion with each meal will soon cure that issue," she explained. "But other than that, you seem like you are in fine shape, all things considered of course."

"Thank you, Doctor," Yamaguchi-Solusar explained with a smile. "This should be a very interesting mission."

"It should be anything but dull," Asa answered with a smile. "What will you be handling?"

"Tactical. I'm going to head on duty, normally I'd wait but I think the skipper wants to push off and get going as soon as she can. So I'm going to report for work early and see if I can help with the issues and problems."

"Alright. Well, I am certifying you as fit for duty, welcome aboard."

Yamaguchi-Solusar rose to his feet before he departed the sickbay, his next task was clear to him and that was to help out as needed with this assignment.


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