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Hard Contact

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 4:24am by Lieutenant Melody McKnight-Yamaguchi & Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard (47)
Timeline: 0900Hrs - May 26th, 2393

Major Tienn Nerra stepped off of the shuttle with her large family around her, her boots let out a soft clunking sound as they connected with the deck. The tall Bajoran female was wearing all of her armor and gear, in addition to her pack and gear. Balin was walking beside her and the other six Caitian children followed in silence, their footfalls made no noise as they landed on the deck, behind their mother.

Balin regarded Tienn with his eyes, he likewise carried a massive pack on his back but he also carried a small child in his arms, this child was Tienn's infant daughter that she had given birth to several months earlier.

"I miss K'Taro," Balin commented softly, while he regarded Tienn Nerra with a soft look in his eye.

"I know Balin. I've not heard from him for weeks. I am concerned." Tienn answered in a gentle tone. "I know you and he had your issues in the past."

"Don't worry mom, K'Taro is a brave warrior, he would not give Greth'or the privilege of his company." Balin then finally smiled.

"That's a terrible thing to say," Tienn responded quietly as she regarded Balin with a tired look in her eyes.

"Yeah well. I'm still right on the subject, mom." Balin explained as he followed the taller Bajoran female out of the hanger and into the main hallway.

"Yeah. Come on guys, let's go settle in so I can let the people here know that I'm alive." Tienn responded. "Next stop is the quartermaster's office so we can get our new quarters assignment," she added as the doors opened at her approach.

The young woman smiled as she regarded Tienn. "Hello Major, what can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for a quarters assignment. Myself plus these children."

"Okay," McKnight answered. "Sounds good." as McKnight-Yamaguchi nodded at Balin before she handed Tienn a PADD. "Your quarters are a little on the large size as I was informed by the Marine commanding officer of your rather specific needs," she explained. "You'll be quartered on level sixty with the other senior staff, inside the armored citadel of the base, " she explained. "You also have the option of residing planetside. Apparently the houses that are all under construction are all going quickly." the young woman explained.

"Thank you El Tee, you have been most helpful," Tienn answered.

"I do my best Major. If there is anything yourself or your children need, let me know and I'll get it for you." Melody added, a gentle smile playing on her lips.

"Thank you Lieutenant." and with that, she turned and departed, her small army of Caitian children all made their farewells before following Tienn out the door.

A short time later, Tienn made her way down the hallway and entered her new home after unlocking the door. "Go pick out your rooms kits, the master bedroom this time, is mine, however," Tienn commented as the five small children scattered to explore their new home.

Tienn smiled as she received her infant daughter from Balin, he nodded before he dropped off the pack he was carrying, the items carried within were not his but instead, they belonged to Tienn Edal, the infant now safely ensconced within her mothers embrace. "How are you, sweetie?"

Balin packed very little, he only had one small bag with him, it carried all of his PADD's and nothing else, he never carried clothing with him either as he preferred to live on the resources where he was presently living.

The small child regarded her mother as she cooed up at her, it was infant code for 'I'm hungry. Feed me please'.

Tienn smiled. "Let's go take care of matters." before the two retreated into the master bedroom, with the large pack in her hands.

Ten minutes later, Tienn Nerra reemerged, a gentle smile on her lips. "Alright. I'm gonna go check-in and let the good marines here know that I'm still alive. Balin, would you mind terribly?" she inquired.

Balin regarded the smaller Bajoran female before him. "Have I ever minded looking after my sibling?"

Tienn had lost sight of Balin bonding with her natural-born daughter, he was almost her second father in that he doted on Edal as much as Tienn did, if not more so and Tienn didn't mind either, now that she was thinking about such things. "Ah, right. I'll be back soon." and with that, she picked up her boots and then tugged them both back on, then she departed her quarters, while she was busy zipping up her uniform jacket.

Tienn was presently dealing with pregnancy number two and she knew that this one would be her last, she missed her husband, while she was greatly thankful for the support offered by her twin sister and her niece who were both assigned here too, she missed her spouse as she had not seen K'taro in months, what was worse was that she didn't know where he was or how he was doing.

Tienn moved down the hallway, her legs eating the distance as she moved towards her destination, eventually, Tienn arrived at her destination, as she regarded Brianna Hobbs. "Major Tienn Nerra, reporting for work and all that wonderful yadda yadda yadda." the Bajoran then grinned across the desk at her old friend.

"Major Tienn, nice to have you on the team." Hobbs warmly greeted Tienn. Brianna looked over Nerra. "Looks like you adding to the roster."

"Yes. I was careless." Tienn responded with a soft sigh. "That'll teach me because I'm a slow learner and I like getting into trouble." she regarded Hobbs. "This one is an oops baby." she added. "and will be my last," she said that sentence without conviction.

"I didn't mean that as an insult," Hobbs told her. "You should start a family."

"No insult was taken, sir," Tienn answered evenly. "My statement is a simple fact, considering I got into a fistfight, was reassigned as a punishment detail and then ended up getting knocked up and married as a result of said punishment detail." Tienn regarded Hobbs. "It can be said that I am a slow learner." she then smiled at the other female before her. "How's your family doing?" she inquired.

"Celeste and the children are doing fine. Celeste can get overwhelmed at times but she is made of stern stuff." Hobbs told her. "We should have you over for a nice dinner. If you would be up for that?"

"Absolutely," Tienn answered with a grin. "I'll bring all eight or my kits." she paused. "Or is it nine?" she paused. "Well Balin will want to help cook but it'll be a really full house either way." the taller Bajoran female responded with a cheery tone. "Is there anything you'd like me to bring?"

"Just yourselves and your appetites. I'll talk to Celeste to arrange a date." Hobbs replied. "And, oh yes, if Balin wants to help cook in the kitchen he is more than welcome. Charon is trying to learn the fine art of cooking."

Tienn grinned at Hobbs. "Sounds lovely, let me know when okay... and when do I start in my salt mine?" she inquired, a good-natured smile on her face.

"Soon but don't knock yourself. The marines are coming in at a trickle. If you need a few days to get settled in or need to take care of something, do it now." She told her.

Tienn nodded. "I appreciate that," she answered with a gentle smile. "Alright. I'll start work tomorrow but I'll take the rest of today to get settled in and the like. I need to arrange for the kits to join the ship's school and the like. Plus I need to go make myself known to the medical staff, knowing them, they'd like to poke and prod me." Tienn let out a sigh. "I miss my husband."

"I heard from Daisy that the Klingon ship was headed back to the Empire. I hope your husband will be safe." Hobbs told Tienn.

"He won't be," Tienn answered with a soft sigh. "I expect he will enjoy the battle to come and I will be miserable. Such is my lot in life." the tall female added. "Alright, I'd best get going, I have a lot to do and little time to do it."

"Take your time Tienn," Hobbs told her. "You have the time. The Marines present aren't going anywhere in a week."

"Thanks." and with that, Tienn turned and departed in silence.


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