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Echos of Intent - Part Three

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 2:14am by Lieutenant Morg "Morgan" Wolfsong & Captain Ouros Yamaguchi

Mission: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0730Hrs - August 6th, 2393

Captain Ouros Yamaguchi had deliberately arranged to have this fine morning off and she wanted her guys to take a little time off as well, they were fine marines and she respected them, so she had requested the morning off for herself and for her small band of Spartans as she jokingly nicknamed her unit. While they were general infantry, she noted the quality and quantity of their training which she considered excellent and the chat the previous evening that she had with her boss in a jacuzzi was really strange, she had always treated her commanding officer with a certain deference but she had never expected her to be quite so female on how she looked and the shape of her figure.

Ouros smiled softly as she slowly moved down the hallway, she was in uniform wearing the skirt which she had once sworn that she would never wear as she decided it was time to correct her mistake that she had made two months earlier when she had aborted her relationship with Morg Wolfsong but that she had come to terms with her error. She had rushed headlong into something that she wasn't ready for, Selendis made it look easy but that was because she had ended up with a man who had intrigued her. Ouros had wanted that too for herself and she wasn't ready, especially after her childhood problem had come out, she wanted to make sure she could have children with the problems and it had scared her.

Morg had claimed to understand when she broke things off with him, even though the two were technically not dating at the time, even though the two were sharing breakfast together quite often, it was something that had brought her comfort as he was finishing his watch and she was heading on watch. Two seemed to meet somewhere in the middle.

The doors parted at her approach, like the parting of the reed sea during the Israelites crossing. The marine strode into the lounge as she found herself regarding Morg Wolfsong who was standing near the replicator. She found herself staring into his eyes as he nodded to her. "Hey Ouros, sleep well?"

"Better than normal. My usual nightmares didn't bother me." Ouros admitted. "I slept like a rock, I was dead as soon as my head hit the pillow."

"That's great news," Wolfsong answered with a gentle smile. "You wanna eat?" he inquired of the large woman before him.

"Sure," Yamaguchi answered. "Let's eat. I will need the calories and... so will you." as she gave him a rather sultry look.

Wolfsong regarded her, unsure of her motives but he decided not to speculate or question her about them, he knew she would retreat if confronted and he would instead feel and wait her out. She was a master of her craft and he knew her well enough that she was testing what he would see and do next. "So, what will you eat?" he inquired of her.

Yamaguchi smiled as she tapped three buttons on the replicator. "Two slices of Brooklyn style pizza with a large glass of coke-cola."

The response was the computer creating what she had requested. The massive woman lifted her dish as she gave Wolfsong a rather impish grin before she went over to their usual table, taking a moment to swing her hips ever so slightly from side to side. Wolfsong smiled as he regarded the show that was for him and him alone before he ordered his usual meal of scrambled eggs on toast and a mug of English tea, he lifted his own food before he went over to where Yamaguchi was sitting. "You seem really happy this morning," Morg commented as he sat down.

"Well Major Rohr-McKnight was nice enough to give me the morning off so, I figured I'd spend it and get to know you a little better," she commented. "Rather than sleep in, I figured I'd do something productive." as she regarded him. "What of you?"

"I've never been good with planning my time off, something will come up, it always does," Wolfsong answered evenly as he regarded her. "Do you have something in mind?"

Yamaguchi gently rolled one of her slices as she regarded him. "I do, but eat your dinner." as she grinned at him.

Wolfsong smiled back at her, as he proceeded to start eating his food, mostly their time together was eating with talking but today, things seemed to be rather different on the subject.

The time passed as the two ate their meals in silence. When the two were finished, they both rose to their feet to recycle their plates and utensils. A few minutes passed as the two left the lounge and ended up heading to his quarters. He was one of the senior members of counseling so he warranted his own quarters. This suited Ouros just fine as it helped her plans along.

The two of them reached their destination a few moments later, Ouros gently slipped off her jacket and she kicked off her boots, one at a time. "Well... I have time..." as she gave him a grin, as she gently slipped off her undershirt. "So.. You sure you got plans?"

"Not anymore." Wolfsong smiled as he regarded her figure, she was only wearing a skirt and a bra. "So... The bedroom then?"

"Well I was hoping to share a shower with you... but the bed will work too." Ouros gave him a rather sultry grin. "Shall we?"

"Yes... Come on." and with that, he led her into the bedroom, and he closed the door behind him.


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