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Lieutenant Morg "Morgan" Wolfsong

Name Morg "Morgan" Wolfsong

Position Medical Officer

Second Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 300lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Morg Wolfsong is a large and massively built Klingon male, he, however, is really odd because he was raised by a human family so he doesn't have many of the usual Klingon habits. The usual Klingon stereotypes amuse him rather than anger him, he is also very hard to provoke. Morg has a level of emotional maturity that would not have been out of place on a man fifteen years his senior.


Spouse Captain Ouros Yamaguchi - 1/37th Company Commander, 19th Marines - Dating
Children None
Father Captain Daniel Wolfsong - Chief Dockmaster, USS Valhalla
Mother Captain Angelique Devereaux-Wolfsong - Chief Operations Officer, USS Valhalla
Brother(s) Vincent Wolfsong - Civilian, Child
Alan Wolfsong - Civilian, Child
Sister(s) Madeline Devereaux-Wolfsong
Genevieve Wolfsong - Civilian, Child
Rachael Wolfsong - Civilian, Child
Other Family Jean-Luc Devereaux - Civilian - Maternal Grandfather
Marian Devereaux - Civilian - Maternal Grandmother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Morg Wolfsong is a gentle and placid soul who would go ten miles out of his way before harming an ant. He is the type who will prefer to find an alternative to fighting. "My time on the Enterprise has taught me that most problems have more than one solution." However, he is forced to contend with the fact that many see only the Klingon in him and not who he is. It's forced him to deal and tolerate a lot of foolish ignorance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Morg is calm, rational and generally pragmatic, he does not easily lose his temper. He is generally a nice guy, helpful and attentive to those around him.

Weaknesses: Morg is something of a workaholic and will frequently skip meals.
Ambitions To find a mate and settle down with her, then raise a family of his own. He has found the woman of his dreams, now he needs her to see what he sees.
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who will try anything once.