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Captain Ouros Yamaguchi

Name Ouros Yamaguchi

Position 1/37th Company Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Halanan/Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Brunette with Raven highlights
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and Muscular with gentle looking curves,
Ouros is rather powerfully built. Considering her martial arts experience. Also, she is far larger than the human average.
She is intimidating and she knows it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Admiral Jake Yamaguchi - XO, Starfleet Forces, The Taurus Reach
Mother Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi - Commanding Officer, USS Grey Wolf
Brother(s) Gabriel Yamaguchi
Paul Yamaguchi
Ennis Cullen - Brother in Law - Married to: Rachael
Atin Temeti - Brother in Law - Married to: Selendis
Sister(s) Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar
Selendis "Ratchet" Yamaguchi
Rachael Yamaguchi-Cullen
Lasarra Yamaguchi
Tressa Yamaguchi
Savannah Yamaguchi - Sister in Law - Married to: Gabriel
Other Family See Yamaguchi entry in the Wiki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ouros is gently easy to get along with, she has her mothers temper and her fathers work ethic, always an unusual mix as her mother is the workaholic of the family. She's extremely well trained in the martial arts, backed up with Parkour.

Ouros is an extremely strong telepath, as a result she can blend into and disappear into crowds, Starfleet intelligence wants her to come work for them, thus far she has refused.

Ouros has a dark side which she has used, when her boyfriend cheated on her, he proceeded to beat the living daylights out of her, landing her in the Medcenter but that was after she plucked a chair and smashed it over him a half dozen times, considering he had his hands around her throat and was attempting to strangle her, she felt it was justified.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ouro's work ethic is peerless, when there is something to be done, she's always first in line to handle what needs to be handled, no matter how long it takes to deal with.

Ouros will go to extreme lengths to protect those she cares for, she can also be cruel and vindictive when the need calls for it, she can also reach into someone's mind should she wish it, she will not hesitate to employ this, should the situation require it.

Ouros is also different from her twin in that she will stand her ground rather than cut and run, Elizabeth would. She is also extremely sure of herself and her abilities, as a result, she's one of the more unusual Yamaguchi's
Ambitions To make peace with the demons who plague and haunt her every waking thought and emotion. This is a woman who is a living, breathing, death threat to her enemies.
Hobbies & Interests Many and varied, she likes a lot of variety in her life so she never really sticks with one hobby for long. Martial Arts which she takes to an extreme level.

Personal History Ouros 'Sledgehammer' Yamaguchi was the eldest of the children born to Jacob Lee Yamaguchi and his on-off again girlfriend Torilla Plataea Unal. Her birthdate was August 11th of twenty-three sixty-seven, she arrived while both were still at Starfleet Academy.
Unfortunately Jake was not willing to accept this child as his own so he demanded that Torilla did not name her Elizabeth as she was intending but rather she select another name, she settled on Ouros which was the word 'Elizabeth' translated into her native tongue.

Ouros grew up as the eldest of three children and all were neglected by their father while they were cherished and raised by her mother who was alone, as Jake's family did not want her as a part of their ranks.

Things for Ouros went downhill after she began developing into an adult female, she earned herself the attention of her father who sexually assaulted her. Selendis had been ignored but Lasarra had often been beaten by Jake for whatever excuse he could dream up so Ouros decided to do something about it, she pushed into his mind and began fucking things around, his response was to rape his own daughter which he succeeded in doing.

Ouro's mother was able to save her from any subsequent attempts as she very nearly destroyed Jake's mind for the affront. Jake packed up and left the very next day. Selendis and Lasarra watched in silence as Ouros had saved them from the same attention she had gotten.

In the space of one night, she had gone from a somewhat cheery young girl to a frightened and broken young woman, a stranger had taken the place of Ouros Yamaguchi, a stranger, wearing her own skin and clothing, her own muscles, bones, and her blood.

Ouros joined Starfleet as soon as she could, it was now a military police state and thus, her every waking moment and many of her moments when she was asleep, were carefully watched, her and everyone else had to tolerate this extreme paranoia as the Empire was beset by enemies on two sides and the second front was an extremely bloody one, the Romulan Front was a bloodbath and the Klingons had ben all but exterminated.

Ouros graduated and joined the Marines as a shock trooper, she got all the nasty assignments but in return, she got the best gear and the most respect from her peers.

After a few months. Owas quietly assigned to SPECWAR Three and their allies were deployed to counter the increasing threats of terrorism from the Star Empire and they also went on the rampage in several systems, destroying a critical Romulan shipyard which slowed the Romulan Offensive.

Now with the enemies of the Federation crowding around them, they dispatched SPECWAR Three to obtain information from a parallel reality or die trying.

Their mission was a joke and while they succeeded, other members of their family stabbed them in the back and tried to kill them, Since being marooned in this alternate reality. Ouros stuck in her name to become an Intelligence officer and was quickly assigned to the USS Roanoke to bring her numbers back to a hundred percent.

It quickly became apparent that she needed some education to brush up on what she knew and she needed a chance to expand her horizons from a purely military and SPEC OPS background if she was to become a successful Intelligence Officer, so she went off to Luna to expand her skillset. However, she was denied her request and so she decided to go back into the marines instead.

Because Starfleet had a copy of her paperwork on hand and also because of her conduct, she was advanced to Lieutenant JG from Ensign during her time at the Starfleet Marine Officer School on Luna.

Selendis has no idea of what she wants anymore, she is hoping she can find out for herself on her next assignment, also she is hoping that her new extended family can assist her as well. Since this universe's Jake accepted her as his own child without hesitation or reservation, its broken down her barriers somewhat, her new relationship with her new father is still soft and needs to be gently nurtured as she had never imagined anything other than the monster of a man she had known.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2384 to 2388 - Marine Student - Heavy Weapons, Sniper.
Cadet One - Four

Starbase 12 - Ournal II Class
2388 to 2390 - Marine Infantry
2nd Lieutenant / 1st Lieutenant

SPECWAR Team Three - Various Locations
2390 to 2391 - Operator - SPECWAR Group Three - Noble Four

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
December 2391 - June 2392 - Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant JG

Starfleet Marine Officer School - Luna, SOL
2392 to 2393 - Marine
Lieutenant JG / 1st Lieutenant

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Marine
1st Lieutenant

Time of Promotions and Demotions:
2384 to 2388 - Cadet One - Four
2388 to 2389 - 2nd Lieutenant
2389 to 2390 - 1st Lieutenant
2390 to 2391 - Captain
2391 to 2392 - Lieutenant JG
2392 to 2392 - Lieutenant
2392 to 2393 - 1st Lieutenant
2393 to Present - Captain