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The Kids at School

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:21am by Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen & Ryuujin Duval

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: School - USS Heart of the Tiger
Timeline: 1230Hrs, August 2nd, 2392

The USS Heart of the Tiger had a fairly large school system aboard ship and Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen was presently doing schoolwork, she smiled as she finished the social studies homework that she had been given earlier that day, she turned off the PADD before she slid it into the pack she carried around with her.

The ship had two schools to cater to the children of the crew, of which there were several dozen children present at all times, from toddlers to preteens, from teenagers to young adults, the entire array of growth across many species was represented here on the Heart of the Tiger as Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen was now reflecting on life and what it was that had brought her here. She also missed Ma'haat Dvald-Vaxx as she had unexpectedly hit it off with him a couple of months earlier when Siaxx was babysitting Saki as her mother was busy or something, Saki had honestly stopped paying attention to such things.

Saki missed her mother but she was also annoyed with her mother at the same time and she didn't wish to be around Rachael at the present time, she was lost and confused as to her purpose in life, she no longer knew where she fitted in with everyone else so she was simply doing the best that she could, day by day and seeing what happened and where things ended up.

Saki took after her mother with both but both siblings were skilled in one or the other, she called an orphaned soccer ball to her which the other students had left behind as a smile crossed her lips, the ball slowly rolled across the ground as it moved almost without noise or notice, before coming to a stop as Saki placed her booted foot onto the ball, before she reached down and picked it up. "I guess some people are too lazy to take you back to where you belong," she said quietly to the soccer ball.

Ryuujin Duval smiled as he made his way across the small playground area towards his friend. "Hey, Saki. What's going on?" he inquired of her.

"Oh not much... The bell is about to go off so we'd bets head for class," she commented before she proceeded to take the ball back to where it belonged, Ryuujin went with her "What classes do you have?."

"I have Physical Education and Social Studies. Honestly, Phys-ed is a joke." Saki pronounced the word as 'fizz-edd'. Saki regarded him. "What I did every day since the moment of my birth was physical educational training, it was either do it or you become food for the Orobirds or the Slimesuckers or any one of a hundred other mean and nasty critters on my homeworld."

Ryuujin blinked, all of this was a revelation for him. "Wait. What world do you come from?". Ryuujin gave her a confused look.

"Yeneer G-six. A moon orbiting a class Jay-Five gas giant." Saki explained evenly while she regarded him in silence, she knew that a battle was going to start brewing very soon between Ryuujin and Ma'haat with Saki herself as the prize of the battle, she wasn't stupid and she wasn't ignorant either, the bell going off interrupted her reverie as she sighed softly. "Come on, time to go to class... We don't need to be marked as late, you know Old Miss Williamson is an idiot but she's a consistent idiot."

"Yeah. Come on." Ryuujin answered as the two moved off into the school proper and out of the playground zone.


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