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The Lion and the Wolf - Part Two

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 4:56am by Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Tienn's Quarters - Starbase Vanguard (47)
Timeline: 1200Hrs - May 26th, 2393

Tienn Nerra smiled as she finished cleaning herself off after the rather sudden tryst with her husband which had ended not five minutes ago. "Well I can see why you wanted to surprise me." the small female was pregnant with their second child commented. "We should discuss names. You are so inclined." she looked up at him as she finished with the towel.

"I intended to leave that up to you unless there is some sort of Bajoran custom of naming children," K'taro replied. "Feel refreshed?"

"Mmmm nothing like feeling clean at twelve in the afternoon." she paused. "Does your ship have a betting pool on me or something?. They seemed very happy to see me when I was aboard the last time."

K'taro laughed. "I wouldn't be surprised. Some of them put bets on how many gagh will crawl out their bowls."

"Naming. No, not really but I wanted your input as your son will need to deal with the fact that he has a Klingon warrior for a father. Hero in Bajoran might mean weakling in Klingon." she grinned up at him. "Besides, maybe our son should have a Klingon name. It'll have the Bajoran naming convention of family name first. Tienn something." she added. "the son of K'taro."

"We will give the child more of a Federation conventional name." K'Taro told her. "It would be easy to alter a name later if our son chooses."

"Alright," Tienn answered quietly. "So... Names?" she inquired, a smile as she looked up at him. "Or did you even think about it?" she added, a gentle smile playing at her lips before she let out a gentle yawn. "Anyway, I'm feeling tired and so are you."

"I am?" K'taro asked of his mate. "I feel fine."

"Well, I wanna go back to bed and I'll admit, I'd like to fall asleep with my husband since I know he's present and then we can discuss names over dinner since I have today off. I start my work in the salt mine tomorrow morning. Colonel Hobbs, however, wants me to take it easy as this is pregnancy number two." Tienn explained. "I want to lie in bed with my mate beside me."

"We can discuss names over dinner. I'm not very particular though." K'taro admitted.

Tienn looked up at him. "Sounds good to me." before she moved into the small bedroom that was her private space, she then began donning her usual sleepwear which was a pair of shorts and a sports bra, neither really covered much. "I'd best go check on the kits before I head back to bed."

The small female Bajoran went out into the main area to find Balin, sitting on the sofa, PADD in hand as he was busy while the other kits were nowhere to be seen. "Balin, where are the others?" she inquired of the massive Caitian.

"They went back to bed mom." he answered.

"Okay, you not gone to bed yet?" Tienn inquired.

"No," Balin answered.

"Okay, off with you then. Go get some sleep, the numbers will still be here when you get up later... " Tienn gently shooed him off to bed, which he did without much protesting.

Tienn turned and came back into her bedroom where K'Taro was waiting for her. "Well it's nice to have my husband around." the tall Bajoran grinned at him before she climbed into bed. "I'm sorry it's not what you are used to." she added before she settled in next to her husband. "Mmmm. I've missed you."

K'taro laughed. "No, it is not."

"That's okay." Tienn smiled. "Everyone has different sleeping requirements. You like sleeping on a large crate where I like a nice large bed with thick covers because I get cold," she explained. "Personally I think Klingon society would get further if they had beds like this. Warm and soft." the pregnant female smiled. "It's good for sex too."

"Your bed is not structurally sound enough to survive a Klingon couple having sex," K'taro told her.

Tienn chuckled softly. "Well that's true." the small Bajoran answered. "I find that I prefer sex in the shower. It's more structurally stable than my bed," she explained. "My bed is for sleeping." before she yawned. "Mmmm." with that she regarded him with a gentle smile.

"I'm not good at taking hints," he told her. "Do you want to go to bed again?"

"I do actually," Tienn answered evenly. "The bed will not be what you are used to," she added. "I only got about five hours of sleep and if Daisy knew then she'd spank me."

"Is spanking a normal form of punishment doled out by officers in Star Fleet?" K'taro asked.

Tienn giggled softly. "No." she answered. "It's sometimes used to discipline children but I won't be using it." the small Bajoran explained. "Or you can use it in sex."

"Um...okay." K'taro was confused. "That still doesn't explain why Major Rohr would use that form of punishment on you."

Tienn smiled up at him. "She wants me to take it easy as I am a woman who doesn't do subtle or gentle and Klingon children aren't known to be small," she explained. "But she is right, I do need to take it easy. This little guy is demanding of me."

"Major Rohr is pregnant and still performing her duties?" K'taro asked.

"She just had her second child not that long ago, she isn't pregnant anymore," Tienn answered with a smile. "But in her defense, she is a little smaller than I am." as Tienn regarded her husband. "Besides. I still have work to do and I am not taking time off because I'm pregnant."

"Then perhaps you should lighten your workload?" K'taro mused. "Are you afraid that if you do people with think less of you?"

Tienn paused as she regarded him in silence for a moment. "All I do is paperwork. I could request assistance with things while I'm pregnant." Tienn answered gently. "I have had that thought cross my mind a few times," she added to answer his second question. "I wish I could deal with the other problem I have but I can't get leave to do it," Tienn added with a sigh. "I do however have a great deal of it saved up." she added. "but now is not a good time for it, I just reported aboard and the like."

"You should go home and deal with your brother. While you are pregnant." K'taro responded as he regarded his wife.

"Y'know, you're right. I have put this off for too long already." Tienn smiled. "When I wake up later, I'll contact the other Tienn's here and get them to get it into gear." she paused. "A human joke, it loses something in the telling of it." she paused. "Let's get some sleep.. we have a busy day ahead."


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