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This Doesn't Define Me - Part Three

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 3:10pm by Lieutenant Kadian Paris & Lieutenant Commander Kameron "Foehammer" Solusar-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1700Hrs - August 8th, 2393

Lieutenant Kadian Paris wore her uniform well, she knew it really flattered her curves if she did say so herself and she knew she was not the type to get out easily or often but she had since been considering her options ever since the mass-hallucination event the previous month and the second pineapple event just over eighteen months ago. The other reason was that her younger sibling was now dating a family friend, Heather Paris was a cadet at the academy and was dating one of her classmates, a man named Tony Bell.

The two of them entered her little home away from home, as she closed the door behind them both. "Make yourself comfy and take a seat on the bed when you're ready," she spoke in her gentle accent which sounded like a cross between upstate New York and Western Canadian. Kadian was a baby of two hardened space boomers, as her mother was not even human, despite looking very much like she was. Her father was not close to his family due to a falling out that Kadian was a major part of, regarding living arrangements as the assignment he was one did not permit families so Kadian ended up in state-sanctioned care. What only added antimatter to a burning building was that the facility staff was corrupt. They abused those in their care and did not protect them. It only came to light after Kadian decided to do something about it.

Kameron Solusar-Yamaguchi saw down on the large bed without being told to do so, he knew the woman across from him would tell him to handle such matters, he had already slipped off his uniform jacket, he'd hung it up on the rack located next to the door, placed there specifically for this purpose, then he had hoisted himself up onto the bed.

Paris turned to regard him, medkit in hand as she produced her tricorder, and went to work. "Let's see what ails you." as she gave him the once over. "You seem to be slightly overweight, one less portion per meal will soon address that concern, or you can bulk up your workout routine. Either will suffice."

"How much am I over the weight limit?" Solusar-Yamaguchi inquired of the young woman before him.

"About five pounds or so, it's really nothing major," Paris answered in a light tone of voice.

"Ahh... So what's with the long face then... You look like your best friend just died or your boyfriend cheated on you." Solusar-Yamaguchi regarded her. "I might not know you very well but I know you well enough to know that somethings bothering you." he regarded her. "So, out with it."

"You only know that because we merged while we were..." Paris answered. "I don't know how to explain it..." she admitted.

Solusar-Yamaguchi regarded the woman before him, she reminded him of Beth in so many ways, and not because of their similar skin tones with Paris having a slightly darker tone but it was their personalities and work ethics. "But you have an idea.?" he pressed.

Paris paused. "You make it look so easy Kam... Your relationship with Elizabeth." she sighed. "I can't help but envy her."

Thus, there it was, as Solusar-Yamaguchi nodded his head. "We've both been through a lot with our relationship and sometimes we've had to fight for it. That's never a bad thing Kadi. Believe me. Besides, he's out there and I'm sure you'll find him soon enough..." Solusar-Yamaguchi then slowly smiled. "Or maybe he'll find you. Stop worrying about things you can't control." he paused as he regarded her. "Or is there something else behind you asking me this?"

"Heather told me that she was dating someone," Paris admitted.

Solusar-Yamaguchi regarded the woman before him. "You are not your sister. Kadian. Do not compare yourself to her... She's a lot younger then you and she didn't go through half the shit you did." Solusar-Yamaguchi explained as if he was a wise old sage and she was a young apprentice, as when the two of them had merged minds during their unexpected sexual encounter the previous month, he had learned a great deal about him and him likewise about her. "You should consider getting out more and going to events rather then saying at home, pondering the mysteries of life or staying in here, cooped up as if you were a prisoner. One of your own making." while he gave her a pointed look.

Paris regarded him in silence as she processed what he was telling her. Solusar-Yamaguchi gently took her hands in his own. "Kadian, you are still many things... But you need to face this fear you have of people... I know where it comes from and I know why you hold it the way you do." Solusar-Yamaguchi explained gently as he gently slipped his arms around her. "I wish... It had been you." Paris said softly into his ear. "I envy Elizabeth... But..." as she smiled. "If it doesn't work out, you're mine." she paused. "I wish you and her all the best, I don't want to break up a good thing." Paris rushed over her words, as she did not want to cause a major issue.

"You won't but I appreciate the interest, all the same Kadi," Solusar-Yamaguchi answered before he gently released her from his embrace. "You will find the one for you Kadian Paris. I have faith in you. Even if you have none in yourself, so don't worry so much... But what I'll ask of you... Is to get out more, and see what happens... I met Elizabeth through chance and yes, you may find the failures and the dregs but how can one know the good from the bed if they don't try?" Solusar-Yamaguchi explained. "You will be tested, you will be challenged but you will overcome... Kadian, the greatest foe we face is ourselves because that is asn enemy that knows us as well as we know ourselves."

Paris nodded, as she smiled. "I'll consider it." as she gave him a gentle smile.

Solusar-Yamaguchi nodded, smiling at her. "That's all I can ask of you."


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