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Death Along the Elbe - Part Three

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 4:35am by Post Captain Vasily Borodin

Mission: Mission 100: I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day
Location: European Federation
Timeline: 0900Hrs - July 12th, 2393 (2100Hrs - October 1st, 2052)

Hobbs went up to the door and tried the knob. The door was unlocked. Hobbs looked back at Borodin before she entered.

"Hello!" She shouted. "Is anyone home?"

There was no answer so Hobbs entered. The house looked ransacked. The occupants left in a hurry. Hobbs stopped in the living room.

"If you put a fire on, I'll look in the kitchen for food?" She asked him.

"Sure. I'll see what there is for firewood." Borodin answered. He moved into the main room, to find a decent-sized fireplace. "Nice," he commented as he noted the half dozen or so pieces of firewood stacked nearby, he then proceeded to go down to the basement while he went and cleared every room of various issues and threats, mostly the house was empty and some of the stuff in the basement had not been touched. "Found the firewood." he then picked up two pieces and went back to the main room.

Within minutes he had a good sized fire going. "Hoo, that feels so much better." he paused. "We should secure the area," Borodin said to Hobbs. "Make sure there are no other problems around, like angry civilians."

"I didn't see anyone around," Hobbs replied as she rooted around in the kitchen. "Eww! Don't open the frig."

"Oh, bloody hell!" Hobbs let out. "These people are coffee drinkers. No tea."

Hobbs came into the living room. "I hope you're not Jewish." She told him as she held up a canned ham.

"Nope. Not me." Borodin answered. "At this point, even if I were, I'd eat it," he commented with a smile. "I'm guessing anything that's not canned or dried is a write-off," he commented. "What about upstairs?"

"Your right, only a few canned items. There isn't any power so I'll try and cook the food in a tin over the fire." Hobbs told Borodin. "Our clothes are soaking wet. Can you check the upstairs for any clothes?"

"Yeah." and with that, Borodin began moving up the stairs as a feral cat appeared at the top of the steps and hissed loudly at him. "Go away cat, there is no food for you, I am surprised there is food for me." he quipped before the cat turned and fled. Borodin quickly checked the rooms, the clothing of the male would be a little too large for him but he didn't know Hobbs's size. "Clear!" he called. Before he turned and went back downstairs. "I found some clothing. Looks like a married couple used to live here." he commented. "the clothing of the male will fit me, I don't know about you but we have plenty of water so we can have a bath. I'm not sure if this place has running water, however."

Hobbs was in the kitchen putting the ham and some canned potatoes into a pan. "A farm like this would probably have its own well and septic tank. They will be running water. The water will be cold."

Hobbs came out and put the pan over the fire. "Not the best tasting food but it will do."

"Get changed so you don't get pneumonia, Colonel." She told him.

"Yeah. Oh, and watch out for the cat. I'm guessing her's feral but somehow I think kitty lives here." Borodin made his way to the master bedroom when he selected some clothing before he began peeling off his soaking wet clothing, he suddenly realized how cold he was. "It's freezing in here," he commented before he began drying himself off with a towel.

"Dry yourself off and get back down her to the fire," Hobbs yelled out to him as she peeled off her boots and waterlogged socks. "If you need a bath, take one."

Borodin came downstairs later wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a sweatshirt. "I feel better already," he commented. "There is a cat upstairs, watch out for him," he said as he went past her into the kitchen.

"Ta." She told him as she went upstairs. There was some banging around upstairs.

About twenty minutes later Hobbs came down in a mini dress and a pair of rough looking stockings. "The bird who lives here must be short and stout," Hobbs told Borodin. "I think this dress is supposed to come down to her knees and I had to tear a pair of her tights in half to make these stockings."

Borodin raised an eyebrow. "Wow," he commented as he eyed her. "The cooking is good, you could teach Russian chefs many things, most of those idiots boil their food to death.." he commented as he turned his attention back to Hobbs, she really stood out now and she looked really attractive. "It could be worse.. right?"

Hobbs sighed. "She took her knickers with her." Hobbs then tried to pull down the hem of the skirt lower. "Anyways, I'm glad you like the food. How is the wine?"

"It has more flavor than traditional Russian swill," he answered. "I was never a big drinker." he regarded her. "and stop fussing, it's just us here," he added with a smile of amusement. "You could always wear one of the guy's shirts, they are a little big on me so I imagine they would look quite large on you."

"This dress is fine. I'd wished she was a bit taller so her trousers fit me. Besides, it has been months since I've worn a dress. I just don't like my bum out in the wind." Hobbs told Borodin as she put some food on a plate. "I want to eat in front of the fire. It's warmer there."

"I'm good with that." Borodin picked up his food before he went over to the fireplace, Hobbs followed him. "The skirt looks good on you," he added, making conversation.

"Thank you." She told him. "My name is Brianna Hobbs. I'm from Newcastle. It's an aging industrial port city with nothing worthy of note."

Borodin smiled. "I am Vassily Borodin, I come from Omsk. A decent city but it has its flaws," he commented. "We are both, a long way from home." he added. "sooner or later, we will need to head back outside and one of us must take the other prisoner." he paused. "I will leave my weapon here and we will go back to the allied lines." he regarded her. "As you said, something for your loss."

"We will both bring our weapons with us and surrender to whoever we meet first." She told him. "I've had enough of this war."

Brianna finished her food. "Let's not worry about that now. We need to stay warm tonight. I'm sure it will drop below freezing and this farmhouse has no power."

Borodin was not about to argue with her as she was right. "Very well. I too have grown weary of this war and I wish to go home. To look upon the endless fields again, flat and empty, the Europeans are welcome to this part of the world. I have never wanted to come here. But I went where I was sent." he sighed softly before he went back to his food. "

"I'll be right back." Hobbs told Borodin. As she made her way to the stairs she stopped. After she made sure Borodin was looking, lifted her skirt and showed off her naked bottom. She then giggled and went up the stairs.

She came down about ten minutes later with two blankets. "This is all there was. They even took the pillows."

Borodin chuckled softly. "That's not like the locals. Usually, they strip the place bare." Borodin answered with a smile. "Yeah, its gonna get cold tonight." he sighed softly. "Sleep in here?"

"Yes, we'll sleep in here." She replied. "We're going to have to sleep under the same blankets. I'm sure your good with that?"

"Yeah, I have no problems with that," Borodin answered evenly. "October in Germany gets cold. Fortunately, we're not in Omsk, we'd have two foot of snow on the ground already," he explained.

Brianna nodded as she stood up and pulled off her dress. She then snuggled up to Borodin. "It will be warmer if we are skin on skin."

Borodin likewise peeled off the clothing he was wearing before he gently slid his arms around the englishwoman. "Thats true." he admitted. "I'll make sure the fire lasts all night."

Brianna had a wry smile. She the kissed Borodin on the lips.


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