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With Regrets - Part Three

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 5:59am by 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Connor & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1630Hrs - July 13th, 2393

Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs had just gone off watch and she knew that she was being stalked by someone else on the Starbase, as she moved down the hallway she heard her name being called. Yamaguchi-Hobbs turned to find herself face to face with Second Lieutenant Jasmine Connor. "Commodore, can I have a moment of your time?" she asked politely but there was no mistaking the strained tone of her voice.

"Walk with me El Tee and we can have the conversation you wish to have when we reach my home, I'm not having it in the hallways," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered.

"Oh," Connor answered evenly. "Not what I was expecting..." the younger female added.

"Yes, I know. You were expecting me to tell you to book an appointment and send you on your way." Yamaguchi-Hobbs responded as the two of them walked into a rather large set of quarters. "Have a seat Jasmine and make yourself at home. Tell me, what ails you."

Connor slipped off her uniform jacket to reveal her upper torso and chest, which looked very female and finely toned and honed with hours of working out in the gym. "Why were you looking at my medical files. The medics caught it and they contacted me to let me know the check was done," she explained. "Is there something going on I need to know about?" she inquired in a gentle tone of voice. "If there is something going on, I should know..."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs was expecting the combative and hostile tone of voice but she had not been expecting the curiosity. "Yes, Jasmine. There is more to this situation then even I expected." she paused. "I imagine you have questions about life, where your family are and how you came to be in this world."

"I do," Jasmine answered quietly, while the younger woman nodded her head. "I've never been able to find out who my mother was, was it something that happened that caused her to vanish like a fog dissipating in the sun." she paused. "Does this have something to do with that telepathic incident I keep hearing about.?"

"It does. I was affected as were many thousands of others." Yamaguchi-Hobbs explained. "But I have good news, bad news and some things you will need to digest for yourself." the older woman paused as she sat down in a chair across from Connor. "It's best you hear it from me... As biologically speaking, I am your mother."

"What?" Connor answered quietly. "Does Dad know?" she added a moment later. She was shocked by what she had been told.
"I mean I had always wondered ... but... but... I don't know what to think."

"There is nothing to think about Jasmine, I have no right to call myself your mother when I was never there for you in any way, shape or form. I didn't know you were my child until several hours ago." she paused. "If you want me in your life then I will be there for you, in whatever capacity you need or require of me."

"Thank you," Connor answered softly. "Yes, I'd like to get to know you better. I mean I never had a mother but Dad would tell me of his first love at length, every other woman in his life was compared to the impossible yardstick of Celeste Yamaguchi." as she paused. "I never suspected that she... was you. You must have been something else to him." she smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry.." Yamaguchi-Hobbs said quietly. "Your dad and I... That... was truly something..." she sighed softly.

"Don't be, it was dad's choice to make," Connor commented. "Have you told him yet?" she inquired for the second time.

"No. I've not told him yet." Yamaguchi-Hobbs paused. "There's more, it won't be easy for you to hear it but you should," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered. "I was able to finally ferret the truth from my own mother, as when I was age fifteen. I had miscarried and my mother had taken the embryo from me, you who was still alive, by some miracle and she carried the child to term on her own. Then she tracked down your father and gave you to him to raise. Which I'm glad he did."

"Dad said he was more or less not given an option on the matter," Connor answered. "Dad very nearly walked away from Starfleet but his folks helped with me. Grandpa and Grandma raised me for four years and then I went to live with dad on his assignments since then I went everywhere with him," she explained. "Why didn't you know?"

"Because I had told my mother that I wanted nothing to do with her ever again, harsh words were said and mistakes were made," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered quietly. "This is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer," she added.

Connor nodded. "I see you share dad's love of Shakespeare." she smiled.

"Your father taught me much. When people ask me about him and our relationship, I will gladly sit upon the ground and tell sad tales of the death of kings." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered. "I never truly got over him."

"Can I let you in on a secret?" Connor answered.

"Sure sweetie," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered.

"Dad never got over you," Connor explained. "

"That feeling is mutual, I ended up with a woman because no man could compare to Robert." she sighed. "Now I sound like a love-starved fool."

Connor chuckled softly, then suddenly the door opened and in walked three Caitian children, they peered across at the two women as Charon commented. "Oh, hey mom, we didn't know you were busy..." he commented.

"Its okay kits, come on in, it's time you guys met," Yamaguchi-Hobbs commented with a gentle smile. "Jasmine, meet Charon, Shandra, and Kaleen. They were care of mail order." as a smile graced her lips as the three kits came over. "Kits, this is Jasmine, she is one of my children but we were separated at birth due to a screwup and now we are reunited at long last," Yamaguchi-Hobbs explained with a smile on her lips.

"Yay," Charon responded. "We have a big sister. Nice," he added.

Connor smiled. "Mom didn't say that she had other children."

"Our home is a little... odd," Shandra responded with a nod. "Mom, where is Jackson.?"

"Brianna is collecting him from daycare. This allowed me a little time to spend with Jasmine here," she explained with a smile.

Kaleen looked at Connor. "Welcome to our family."

"Thank you, sweetie," Connor answered with a gentle smile.


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