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Nightmare or Prophecy - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 4:40am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Lieutenant Commander Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar

Mission: Mission 100: I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day
Location: Lost in the Mists of Space and Time
Timeline: December 3rd, 2422 - Actual Date: 0915Hrs - July 12th, 2393

The door opened and in walked a rather massively built young human male, he nodded his head while the young man regarded the older female seated behind her desk. "Lieutenant Robert Solusar-Yamaguchi reporting for duty Admiral."

The Bolian female lifted her head from her work before her. "Ahh, yes. Take a seat Lieutenant and let me explain why you are here before me now." Fleet Admiral Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx explained, she was the commander of all Starfleet forces in the Taurus Reach area and her word carried a great deal of weight. "Robert. Its good to see you in uniform as Starfleet has been without a Yamaguchi for far too long. With what happened to your mother and the loss of your father."

Robert regarded her in silence before he commented. "You knew my mother?"

"Robert, I have a rather lengthy and complicated history with your entire family. Especially the females. I helped deliver their babies, your mother, you, all your siblings, your adopted mother, and all her children. I was there for them all when they came into this world and I was there when your father left it." Dvald-Vaxx explained. "I don't know what happened to your father that caused him to lose his battle with his demons but I know it happened after your mother disappeared. Something happened to her that caused her to want to go back out into the field. She chose not to talk to anyone.."

Robert nodded, most of this wasn't new to him but he held his silence and listened all the same. "Wasn't mom pregnant with her second child.?" he asked

"She was but something happened to the baby," Dvald-Vaxx explained. "It was all rather sudden and I don't know what happened but I know she lost the baby," Dvald-Vaxx explained with a soft sigh. "She and Kam remained together but their situation deteriorated, she needed therapy and she wasn't going to seek it, she felt nothing was wrong and that was causing Kam to bottle his issues up and not mourn the passing of his second child."

"Sounds like it was never going to work anyway," Robert responded in a rather indifferent tone of voice. His father had died when he was still very young so he had only a couple of fragmented memories of his father but he didn't call Kameron Solusar his father anyway, now that title belonged to Ennis Cullen as it had been him and his wife, Rachael Yamaguchi-Cullen who had raised him alongside all of their other children. Rachael had been Elizabeth's younger sibling.

"I wouldn't put it like that. I know Kam and Beth loved each other very much and their issues grew with time, eventually, Elizabeth requested reassignment into the field, she was reassigned to the USS Unto the Breach. Under the command of Captain Worf and she went missing two months later, your father blamed himself and so he took his own life in response." Dvald-Vaxx explained. "Your grandmother never stopped searching for your mother, even when she knew your mother was gone. Heather Duval kept Torilla out in the field because Torilla asked for it then she demanded it and then she begged for it." Dvald-Vaxx sighed softly. "Meanwhile you were sent to live with your aunt Rachael. The woman you would call mom. She knew her sibling was gone and so she raised you as one of her own but you kept your original name as a reminder that you were Elizabeth's child and not Rachaels."

"None of my siblings treated me any differently," Robert answered.

"That's because Rachael didn't treat you any differently," Dvald-Vaxx answered quietly. "I would often babysit for you and for her other children," she added. "My relationship with Rachael is a long and strange one."

Robert grinned at the other woman before him. "You've told me most of this already remember?" he responded.

"I know.," Dvald-Vaxx answered evenly. "Besides. As I said, Starfleet has been without a Yamaguchi for far too long. After your mother disappeared, your uncle Gabriel and Aunt Savannah both left their field assignments for a posting on a Starbase but neither felt secure or safe in the uniform, the loss of your mother overshadowed everyone and everything like an ever-present shroud." The small Bolian paused. "Your grandfather dropped his retirement paperwork about a month after Elizabeth was lost and so he kinda disappeared in the chaos of what happened afterward."

"That was about the start of the Federation-Tholian War?" Robert commented quietly. "I recall reading about it while I was in school and later at the academy."

"It was assumed that your mother had died at the hands of the Tholians, your grandmother became quite skilled at killing them, as did other members of your family," Dvald-Vaxx commented. "As did I, but then war, it was an ugly business. Jake came back to the colors a year later because Heather Duval called him back, he was a changed man," Dvald-Vaxx paused. "He'd been changed, he wasn't a happy man anymore, he was dark and he was angry and bitter. He took it out on the Tholians and after two years of war, the fight ended with the Tholians surrender. Then he walked away again, Gabe and Savannah both followed him out of Starfleet, Rachael also walked as the stress of raising eight children was far too much for her to handle, the only one who remained in Starfleet was Ennis and even then, he was so overwhelmed and overloaded that he had issues coping too." Dvald-Vaxx paused. "The loss of your mother shattered your entire family, as everyone changed and drifted apart."

Robert nodded, all of this wasn't new to him. "Mom did the best she could."

"She did. Yes. I helped her and I had my own six to look after and raise too, but she and I helped each other as best as we could. Saki and Sarah leaving home when they became adults did help a little. Sarah went into politics and Saki became a civilian scientist, working for the daystrom institute."

"Yeah, I'll admit, I never saw that coming as Saki was a troublemaker while growing up," Robert explained. "I went to stay with Saki for one summer and she was never tied down in one location for long, always wanting to see that next star system. It was exciting but it was also lonely as Saki could never find what she sought."

Dvald-Vaxx nodded her head. "Indeed. Saki was a wanderer and then she disappeared later on."

"No, she didn't disappear. She is a leaf in the wind and she goes wherever the winds take her, she is out there somewhere and when she is ready, she'll come back to us." Robert explained evenly.

"You cannot seriously believe that son," Dvald-Vaxx answered quietly. "She's been gone now for over ten years. Not a word out of her at all."

"I know.. But it doesn't matter what I believe. I don't think Saki is dead. I've seen her get out of some rather nasty scrapes before." Robert then shrugged.

"Maybe." Dvald-Vaxx sighed softly. "I was the one who delivered Saki when Rachael gave birth to her. I know her better than anyone and maybe your right and she's out there somewhere. But Saki has always had an issue with attracting trouble and it's been almost eleven years since we've heard from her. Most people who are gone that long are truly dead or they have been teleported to funny places elsewhere."

Robert nodded. "Yeah." he sighed softly as he wanted to get back to the meeting, rather than reminisce about his family history. "What will be my assignment here Admiral?" he inquired of her formally.

"You'll be serving on the USS Gaarni as her senior tactical officer, Commander Lanair Duran-Yeager has heard good things of you so I expect you to impress her," Dvald-Vaxx responded. "She is a fragile soul so be gentle with her, you'll report to her once you go pick up your quarters assignment from the quartermaster."

"Sounds good, yessir," Robert answered quietly.

"Questions?" Dvald-Vax inquired.

"No sir," Robert answered evenly.

"Alright then, on your way Robert and welcome to Vanguard."

Robert Solusar-Yamaguchi rose to his feet and departed. Dvald-Vaxx watched him leave as she could see his mother in the man before her, she let out a soft sigh. "Oh, Elizabeth why did it have to be you." she asked, the walls didn't answer but then, they never did.


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