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Buster's Americana Grill, or Buster's, is a restaurant that has an American drive thru theme.

Additional Information

Location Promenade
Description Buster's is an American style grill that specializes in cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and omelets. The restaurant is decked out like a 1950's style American diner complete with neon lights, checker board floor, and a jukebox. Items on the menu also include onion rings, fried potato skins, corn dogs, five alarm chili, and chocolate malt shakes.

Food from Buster's is some of the best on the station. One reason is the food is fresh and most of it comes from farms on from the colony below. Another is because the cooks are trained to a high standard. Mikwilla, the head chef and owner, is a Tellarite and at her heart loves Earth food. Her passion is, oddly, short order cooking.