Season One: Building Our New Home

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The Federation has returned its interests and its attention back into the Taurus Reach area. These efforts all started with a new Starbase, named for its ancestor, along with the same old number. Forty-Seven.

September 2392 to January 2394

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Included Missions

Building Our New Home

Post Count: 599

The new crew of Starbase Vanguard builds their new outpost on the frontier.

I'm Going to Ruin Somebody's Day

Post Count: 67

Torilla Yamaguichi Halucination storyline.

The Restless Shades of the Past

Post Count: 32

The USS Pegasus, long thought lost in action, is found, she's crippled and adrift with the majority of her crew in one piece.

Sic Transit Tienn

Post Count: 48

The resolution of the Tienn family storyline. In which Tienn Nerra and her kin, along with their spouses, return to Bajor and deal with their family issues once and for all. Along the way, surprises are shared and the various Tienn's fate is changed. Some for better and others for worse.

The Rumblings of Discontent

Post Count: 123

All is not well on the USS Solemn Penance as her crew faces a new threat, one that will sot them most dear as this new foe strikes without hesitation and without mercy. Who will fight and who will fall in this winner take all battle, to decide once and for all. Just who is in command of one of the Federations most powerful ships. Will it be Starfleet or the Human Defense Army.

Saturn's Children

Post Count: 14

Coral and Lee adopting Kosleht and Khalest.

Unto the Breach

Post Count: 0

The USS Infinity travels through the rift and visits an alternate reality, what awaits them may determine the future of one species and one reality.

Grains of Sand

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"In the fullness of time. The cycle shall draw to its end.
The Infinity and her crew are parted, going their separate ways due to assignments and promotions."

Be All My Sins Remember'd

Post Count: 0

The resolution of the Halanan medical crisis.

Blue on Blue

Post Count: 0

Dealing with the USS Holland and the USS Queen Mary going rogue.
USS Stalingrad must deal with the consequences of said actions.

The Pale-Fac'd Moon looks Bloody on the Earth

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Shield of Wolves, Tigers Claw, and Hermes go to New Halania to sort out a massive economic and political crisis. along
the way, they uncover evidence of a massive eugenic's program which has drained the Halanan economy and plunged the planet into poverty and anarchy, the Federation is forced to intervene to prevent the destruction of a species.

Zero Sum Game

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The JAG and SCIS Investigations into what happened with the USS Solenm Pennance Mutiny, the Queen Mary and her battlegroup going rogue, the Admiral Riggs conspiracy and the Incident at the Halanian Homeworld that resulted in her government being deposed and the nation being placed under martial law. JAG must clean up the mess while SCIS looks into matters of state. What they find and their recommendations will result in more changes to Starfleet then many had expected or planned.

The Fall of Joseph

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With little time to rest, Starfleet must now face a renewed Tholian Menace and the fall of one of their colony worlds to the Tholians genocidal campaign of terror, they must face this new threat head-on and without mercy.

Hearts and Minds

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The Federations response to the glassing of Joseph and the new warlike mentality of the Tholians. Whats driving this mentality and can it be stopped before the galaxy is plunged into war?.