Commodore Charlotte Rhodes

Name Charlotte Rhodes MD,PsyD, PhD

Position Chief Medical Officer - 92nd Fleet

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 138lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Charlotte is a tall and relatively fit woman. Her has very defined facial features, which are softened greatly by her blue eyes.

She carries herself with dignity and pose, and has a certain elegance in the way she moves.


Spouse None
Children Caroline Rhodes
Father Fleet Captain Richard Rhodes (Deceased)
Mother Dr. Anne van der Bilt-Rhodes (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charlotte is a sharp, focused individual. She finds her work relaxing, allowing her to remain calm in stressful situations.

She has been described as a hard worker, which has contributed to her success.

Charlotte is kind-hearted and gentle, providing her an excellent Bedside Manner. However, she has a sense of humor that has gotten her into trouble more than once.

Sexuality: hetrosexual
Strengths & Weaknesses Charlotte is a strong communicator, she is level-headed and reasonable.

However, she can also be quick-tongued, and narrow-minded.
Ambitions Charlotte hopes to one day apply the knowledge she has acquired over the course of her carreer to a leadership role within Starfleet Medical, or to Command of a Medical facility, base or starship.
Hobbies & Interests Charlotte has a keen interest in arts and culture. She frequently finds herself attending musical performances from different cultures on the Holodeck.

She considers herself an expert on rare alcohols from all over the Quadrant. Her collection is ever growing and never dwindling.

Personal History Born in Montecito, California to Richard and Ann in the year of our lord, 2341. Charlotte grew up on the family ranch, with her mother, while her father was serving in Starfleet. Her mother was a Civilian Doctor and would frequently bring Charlotte to the office with her. It was during these formative years that Charlottle decided she too wanted to work in the medical field.

At age 17, Charlotte began her Pre-Med studies at the University of California, before transferring her studies to Starfleet Academy, to her this was a way to honour both of her parents.

Her years at the Academy were most rewarding. She made many connections, that have helped her in situations throughout her career. Despite the work load being heavy, Charlotte loved the lessons in her Medical Studies. Charlotte excelled in her studies, and recieved commendations from most of her instructors.

Just as she was coming up on her graduation from the Academy, she received word that her father was killed in the line of duty. Charlotte raced home to be by her mother's side. Two months later, her mother also passed away.

Following the death of her parents, and her graduation from Starfleet Academy, with commission to the rank of Ensign, Charlotte was assigned to the USS Demeter for her medical residency. It was here that she decided to Major in Neurology, with a Minor in Psychiatry. She completed Three years aboard the Demeter before being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant as she had been promoted to Lieutenant JG two years earlier.

With her promotion, Charlotte accepted a transfer to the USS Hypatia, where she would serve as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. After several years aboard Hypatia, Charlotte, who was affectionately known as Dr. Charlie, became pregnant with her daughter which she named Caroline. During her pregnancy and for the first few years on her daughter's life Charlotte's career did not miss a beat.

Following her tenure aboard Hypatia, Charlotte was drafted in to Covert work with Starfleet intelligence. It is because of this work that she earned a promotion to Lt Commander before transferring back into active serve aboard Starbase 13.

Starbase 13 was definitely a departure from what both Charlotte and her daughter were used to, but it offered a stability they needed in the child's formative years. While assigned to the starbase, however. Charlotte was still going out into the field often and so she was also assigned to the USS Carpathia. Charlotte found that she enjoyed serving on both stations and ships. Carpathia offered Charlotte the opportunity to work on her first Romulan, as the ship responded in relief to the Supernova of Hobus.

Before long, an opportunity arose to serve on the McCoy Medical Station. Something Charlotte could not refuse. She was given the position of Deputy Director of Medical Services. While aboard she soon realized why the posting was available. The station was antiquated and falling apart.

It was about this time that Caroline decided she wished to join Starfleet and she went off to the academy to start her own career. Charlotte wished her daughter well before the two said goodbye.

Charlotte soon requested a transfer out and, at the recommendation of one of her former instructors, she was assigned to Starbase 24 as one of their senior medical officers. This happened right about the time that McCoy Medical Station was finally decommissioned and scrapped while its replacement was a state of the art facility that had been established next to the old base.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2358 to 2362 - Medical Student
Cadet One / Four

USS Demeter - Excelsior Class
2362 to 2365 - Medical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Hypatia - Nebula Class
2365 to 2373 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

Starbase 13 - Ournal II Class
2373 to 2388 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Commander / Captain

McCoy Medical Station - Regula I Class
2388 to 2389 - Director of Medical Services

Starbase 24 - Ournal II Class
2389 to 2392 - Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 12 - Ournal III Class
2392 to 2392 - Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 105 - Ournal III Class
2392 to 2393 - Chief Medical Officer

USS Valhalla - Valhalla Class
2393 to Present - Chief Medical Officer for 92nd Fleet

Timeline of Ranks and Promotions:
2358 to 2362 - Cadet One / Four
2362 to 2363 - Ensign
2363 to 2365 - Lieutenant JG
2365 to 2368 - Lieutenant
2368 to 2373 - Lt Commander
2373 to 2384 - Commander
2384 to 2392 - Captain
2393 to Present - Commodore