Division Admiral Andrew Whiteshadow

Name Andrew Whiteshadow

Position JAG Officer for the Taurus Reach

Rank Division Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and well built, this guy is muscled but not overly so, he tries to reason with everyone but sometimes he knows he can't so he won't try too hard.


Spouse Lt Commander Pava Whiteshadow - Science Officer, Starbase 12
Children Melanie Whiteshadow - Human - Biological Daughter
Chris Whiteshadow - Human - Biological Son
T'Sheera Whiteshadow, Vulcan - Adopted
Forii Whiteshadow, Bolian - Adopted
Rana Whiteshadow, Bajoran - Adopted
Koriia Zh'Whiteshadow, Andorian Zhen - Daughter
Father Kieran Whiteshadow
Mother Fiona Whiteshadow
Brother(s) James Whiteshadow
Keith Whiteshadow
Sister(s) Kira Whiteshadow
Marie Whiteshadow
Karren Whiteshadow
Other Family Several others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andrew is a consummate professional, in that either he's in uniform or he's wearing a suit and tie or a tux at all times, under all that, he usually wears two sidearms as he considers himself a man with a reputation to uphold.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He's easy to work out a deal with the criminals to get what he wants, that's usually a conviction. he puts on a face of the man who's been everywhere but under all that is someone who's outright dangerous when crossed. He does know how to control his temper.

Weakness: this is a guy with a serious anger management issue
Ambitions He's happy where he is.
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who's willing to try anything once.

Personal History Andrew Whiteshadow was born in early 2349, the youngest son to Kieran and Fiona Whiteshadow, he joined a rather sizable family as his mother was assigned to Earth Spacedock as the resident JAG Officer, while she got along with the base commander, she had to deal with two separate chains of command.

It would cause her and her family various issues later on as Andrew grew up here in Earth orbit before being shunted around like a package of mail from posting to posting.

His father kept the rest of the children with him but his other decided to take Andrew around on assignment with her so Andrew grew up spending his entire life on Starships.

He learned a great deal about being in Starfleet without being in Starfleet so when the time came, he applied to join Starfleet, he went into the JAG Corps after he graduated, his first posting was to Starbase Eleven.

He served here for several years before being reassigned to Starbase Sixty two, his subsequent assignments saw him going from base to base, he went from base to base to base, taking cases that he favored, sometimes it was the underdog and other times he accepted simple cases.

While he was not on cases. he was spending time with his wife and kids. He met his wife Pava while on assignment to Starbase 62 but they really didn't get to know each other until he was assigned to Starbase 15, she was a news reporter and following this JAG officer around seemed like a good way to find various stories.

The two started dating once he was able to elicit a promise from her that she would not use him for sensitive material and that he would provide her stories she could use, after he had gotten clearance for her to use said stories. She agreed as he gave his wife a steady stream of good work over the years.

She was the one who also started adopting orphans after they had their two children, first one was T'Sheera, A Vulcan whose family had died in a shuttle crash, then it was Forii, a Bolian who's family had been killed during the Dominion War and her in-laws didn't want her. A year or so later Rana came into their lives as nobody knew what to do with this Bajoran street urchin, all she really wanted was to feel safe and a home she could call her own. Last came Koriia Zh'Whiteshadow, an Andorian Zhen with no clan left to claim her, so the Whiteshadows took her in as one of their own.

Pava Whiteshadow remained on Starbase 12 as Andrew was demoted following a bar brawl in which he decked over forty-something people.

Pava was proud of her husband and his fighting skills but he pleaded guilty to all of the charges thrown at him, the entire series of events was also fictitious so he could be sent to the Roanoke's battlegroup as they needed JAG officers, it would be easier for them to accept him if they saw him blemished.

In early 2392, his assignment and tour with the USS Roanoke was completed and so he went back to JAG on starbase 12, his rank and service file restored, a year later he was reassigned to the Starfleet base on Utgarde Four as the head of Starfleet JAG in the Taurus Reach.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2365 - 2369 - JAG Cadet
Cadet One - Four

Starbase 11 - Planetside Base
2369 to 2371 - JAG Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

Starbase 62 - Ournal I Class
2371 to 2373 - JAG Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

Starbase 15 - Ournal I Class
2373 to 2378 - JAG Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

Starbase 62 - Ournal I Class
2378 to 2382 - JAG Officer

Starbase 62 - Ournal I Class
2382 to 2386 - JAG Officer

Starbase 12 - Ournal II Class
2386 to 2391 - Chief JAG Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2391 to 2392 - JAG Officer
Commander (Acting)

Starbase 12 - Ournal III Class
2392 to 2392 - Chief JAG Officer
Commodore (Restored)

Starbase 105 - Ournal III Class
2392 to Present - Chief JAG Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2365 to 2369 - Cadet One / Four
2369 to 2370 - Ensign
2370 to 2372 - Lieutenant JG
2372 to 2374 - Lieutenant
2374 to 2378 - Lt Commander
2378 to 2382 - Commander
2382 to 2386 - Captain
2386 to 2391 - Commodore
2391 to 2392 - Commander (Acting)
2392 to 2393 - Commodore (Restored)
2393 to Present - Division Admiral