Grand General Jessie "Ironhide" Spence

Name Jessie "Ironhide" Spence

Position The Halls of Valhalla

Rank Grand General

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Calico
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 10 inches
Weight 9lbs
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jessie looks like the Average Calico Cat


Spouse None
Children None
Father None
Mother Nicola Spence - Civilian Daycare worker
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Clovis - North American Shorthair Cat
Bear - North American Shorthair Cat
Nova - Pit Bull Dog
Keely - Australian Cattle Dog
Other Family Edward Spence - Civilian - Grandfather
Bernadette Spence - Civilian Nurse - Grandmother
Martin Spence - Civilian Cook - Uncle
Paul Spence - Civilian Cargo Hauler - Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jessie is an angry cat, she is a survivor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Jessie is a dangerous hunter of small animals.

Weaknesses: Jessie does not get along well with anyone. She is an abuse survivor.
Ambitions Enjoying Peace and Quiet, to sleep.
Hobbies & Interests To be left alone, in peace.

Personal History Jessie was the first guiding light that came into our lives from the SPCA, she was adopted quite by surprise in October of 1996, we had her until Clovis and Bear came along a couple of years later, the three never got along due to various causes. Due to issues, problems and general ignorance, the issues were never resolved and it was decided to rehome Jessie a few years later.

Jessie's life was one blunder following another mishap, following a screw-up and this continued time and time and time again.

Two years went by as we had assumed Jessie was alive and well in her new home, only to find out that she had been abandoned for the second time in her long life, my sister and I were driving somewhere with a consignment of equipment and she strolled out into the street right in front of us, my sister recognized her whereas I was slower to do so, she called to Jessie who came over and hopped into the driver's side, through an open window.

Jessie was home, back where she belonged. A Vet check later showed us she had been malnourished and as a result of issues and wounds, she had lost almost all of her teeth among other issues.

How Jessie had endured was simply not known.

I took her in with my sister's blessing, and she settled into life with the cats, Major and Nova. there were issues and problems but nothing like what had happened earlier in Jessie's life.

Jessie had endured pain, death, destruction, famine, and war... but she survived... But she could not outrun time.
In the end, her own body betrayed her as her heart failed her. She was going to pass from congestive heart failure and thus, the decision was made to speed her journey to the halls of Valhalla where Odin awaits her.

Thor would kneel in the presence of this cat.
Service Record TOD: March 30th, 2012

None. Her service was to her family. She was a companion, a family member, and a friend.
She also served her community who abused her, took advantage of her and then abandoned her.

"Thine eyes I love, and they as pitying me, Knowing thy heart torment me with disdain, Have put on black, and loving mourners be, Looking with pretty ruth upon my pain."

Martin Spence.