Grand Admiral Clovis "The Ancient" Spence

Name Clovis "The Ancient" Spence

Position The Halls of Valhalla

Rank Grand Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species North American Shorthair
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 13 and a half inches
Weight 12lbs
Hair Color Grey, silver and White
Eye Color Golden Yellow
Physical Description Clovis looks like the Average North American Shorthair Cat


Spouse None
Children None
Father Martin Spence - Civilian Cook
Mother None
Brother(s) Major - German Shepard Dog
Sister(s) Jessie - Calico Cat
Bear - North American Shorthair Cat
Nova - Pit Bull Dog
Keely - Australian Cattle Dog
Other Family Edward Spence - Civilian - Grandfather
Bernadette Spence - Civilian Nurse - Grandmother
Nicola Spence - Civilian Daycare worker - Aunt
Paul Spence - Civilian Cargo Hauler - Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Clovis is a gentle and peaceful cat.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Clovis is a dangerous hunter of small animals.

Weaknesses: Clovis does not get along well with anyone. She has been declawed.
Ambitions Enjoying Peace and Quiet, to sleep.
Hobbies & Interests To be left alone, in peace.

Personal History Bear and Clovis came into my life twenty-one years ago, in 1998, almost by accident. My brother was forced into a situation which I helped him resolve, with means that were downright painful to the offender in question, needless to say. He took me at my word when I made my statements to him. So the two cats came home with me.

At first, they were my brother's cats but he moved out within a year and they became my cats as he was told to not take them with him.

Bear and Clovis became my companions but they were declawed against my wishes and I almost never forgave members of my family for it, I still have issues when I think about what happened, I still get very angry very easily when I think on it.

Other than that issue. Clovis had some issues and various hardships in her nineteen years of life, not like her sibling and littermate. Bear.
As she aged, she had her various issues that had her in and out of the vet's office, bumps, bruses and one attack wound where she had part of her shoulder torn apart by several magpies. Then later on she had a massive fatty deposit on her tail which eventually was popped and caused a horrible mess which took time to heal.

After the passing of Bear. Clovis seemed to slowly fade away and it was a massive heart attack that got her in the endm she slipped away quietly in my arms as I tried to reassure her that it would be alright. The pain of her departure was only compunded by the fact that she was the last of her litter to go, all of the others had left over the years.

I could say so much about Clovis as well as Bear and still leave so much left unsaid, that honestly, wouldn't be right and wouldn't do her justice.
Service Record TOD: March 22nd, 2015

None. Her service was to her family. Clovis was many things. A companion, a family member and a trusted friend.

"No Growth without Change, No change without loss, no loss without pain."
"Now in the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this daughter of spence, and all the clouds that low'r'd upon hour house, in the deep bosom of the ocean, buried."

Martin Spence.