Commander Garen 'Gary' Maevik

Name Garen 'Gary' Maevik

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 102

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Gary takes extremely great care of his body. He typically Does weight training twice a week to keep his muscles in top condition.

One thing many of the females have come across, is his creamy skin tone and face. One of his more redeeming qualities are the dimples in his cheeks.

Uniform wise, he's wears BDUs most of the time, with his black RRT beret. His hair is a little shaggy, but generally combed neatly and pulled in a ponytail.


Spouse None
Children Dynten Christopher Maevik, PhD (82 Years Old)
Abbey Maevik Joins (73 Years Old)
Kristen Maevik Allen (51 Years Old)
Jocelyn Maevik (45 Years Old)
Father Nadah Maevik (602)
Mother Inre Maevik (523)
Brother(s) Taren Maevik, M.D. (247)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Felicity Kinton (Deceased, First Wife)
Amber Loften (Deceased, Second Wife)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Overall, Gary does care. Some might say his heart is on his sleeve. More so with his pets. Many people, however, believe Gary is not all that bright, given how laid back and engrossed with his animals he might appear to be.

His parents raised him to be respectful and gentlemen, so Gary rarely swears or lashes out at people.

Because of his species, Gary's eyes speak volumes of the life experiences he's had. Those who ask it of him, he does not mind being a mentor of life either.
Strengths & Weaknesses Gary's biggest strengths are his ability to connect with animals. Especially the canines. He also possesses life and war experience, which gives him a bit of an edge when things start to go sour. His positive take on life, and ability to keep calm under pressure is also something that has gotten him through hard times.

The biggest weaknesses of Gary's would probably be that he is not book smart. He possesses much worldly experience, but might not know as much as his other department counterparts, who might understand the more cosmic nature of space situations.
Ambitions Because Gary lives as long as he does, his ambitions are few. He may wish to marry again, depending on the right partner to come along.
Hobbies & Interests Gary loves running his dogs and taking them through agility courses. In his spare time, he also loves taking his dogs to hospitals for the Wounded Warriors and various other patients in need of dog therapy.

Personal History Gary was born into a family of spacers on the SS Willow (a civilian cargo freighter). He and his brother were part of the first generation of post exodus children to be born (of his race). While he and his brother were raised with a unique hatred to the Borg, he also became fascinated with all the new people he met when his folks would unload cargo at various space ports.

When he was five, all Gary dreamed of was seeing as many worlds as he could. At the age of ten, his brother had long since gone off to have his own life in the Beta Quadrant. Gary's parents had taken new contracts in the Federation to shuttle pets from planet to planet to various pet shops and breeders.

These new contracts opened Gary's mind and heart up to the animals. Some might say he was born with a rare empathy for animals. Able to connect with them better than people.

It was not until he was fifteen that his parents spent the summer in Sol on a vacation. He spent two months learning to become an animal trainer. Specifically, a canine trainer. Initially, his parents thought that having their son train dogs that would later go into pet shops, would give them a higher value on their sell prices.

To their dismay, Gary grew out of his fantasy to see the stars, and into a love for the Federation. He wanted to contribute back to a government that gave his parents their successful business. That was why, on August 12th of 2301, he reported in to Basic Training at Starfleet Academy.

During his handler's training, he met a woman named Felicity Kinton, who worked at a local humane society - off base. After three months of dating, they married on March 3rd, 2308.

Felicity would go with him from posting to posting. And they even managed two kids together (Dynten and Abbey) before she would eventually die on July 7th, 2325. Brain cancer.

Gary took five years sabbatical to raise his kids before he would recertify and enlist once more into the fleet. This time, in charge of the Danvers Base's Wardog Training Center.

In 2350, when Gary was given RRT command of a team on the USS Arthur, he met his second wife. She was a ship's general surgeon and senior lieutenant. While Gary was a bit intimidated by the rank, he never wanted for anything around Amber.

In the thirteen years they were married, they had Kristen and Jocelyn. But due to injuries sustained during the Federation-Cardassian Boarder War, Amber eventually died of pneumonia - a common cause of death for prolonged paralytics.

As young as his girls were, Gary went on another sabbatical in 2367. He wanted to raise the girls in an atmosphere where they felt they would not lose him either. This sabbatical, however, was short-lived.

With the Dominion War teeing up, Gary would have to let his parents raise his girls as he was offered his commission of Ensign and command of a large fifteen-man RRT.

Gary would continue to write to his girls often, no matter his posting. He missed them though. Loathed missing out on their birthdays and weddings. In the end, he was happy to know they eventually grew to understand why he chose a life of service.

His current assignment is Starbase Vanguard, where he and his pet Jaxs (a retired malinois service dog) would enjoy their time with his service dog partner, Martha.
Service Record 2307:

- December 12th, Graduates BT as a Crewman Apprentice. Accepted to Wardog Handler School.

- December 19th, Reports in to Danvers Base, Earth, for Wardog Handler Training.


- April 21st, Completes Handler Training. Assigned Crewman Saxxon (German Sheppard, Age 3) as his first wardog.

- May 7th, Arrives to the USS Tubman as the ship's Search Element, in the Security Department.


- February 28th, Promoted to Crewman.

- November 12th, Saxxon is promoted to PO3 and he and his handler are acknowledged for their 50th successful mission.


- Saxxon is retired (and kept as a pet) due to injuries in the spine. Gary Maevik is promoted to PO3 on the same day and given a three year-old malinois named Gladys for SAR duties.


- October 14th, reports to Starfleet Academy for RRT (Rapid Response Training).


- March 20th, Graduates RRT and is sent directly to Warrant Officer School, due to excellence in leadership performance.

- August 25th, Completes Warrant Officer School and promoted to Warrant Officer (WO1). Assigned to the USS T'Pol as RRT Leader.


- Sabbatical is granted owing to family needs.


- Status is reactivated and Gary Maevik is promoted to WO2, assigned to Danvers Base as Chief Trainer in the Wardog program.


- Recertified as a Field Medic to reactivate his RRT certification.


- Promoted to WO3 and reassigned with his new wardog (PO3 Delilah, a malinois SAR dog) to the USS Arthur as a SAR element.


- May 26th, CPO Delilah is KIA during a weapons recovery mission (during the Boarder Wars). Maevik does not reapply for another service dog.


- September 1st, Sabbatical approved due to death in the family.


- May 10th, readmitted into the fleet. Commissioned at the rank of Ensign. Assigned to SAR Team 853 as CO with SAR wardog Crewman Xavior (German Sheppard, Age 3).


- August 23rd, Promoted to Lieutenant JG. Assigned to Danvers Base as CO of all canine training programs (Wardog and Therapy dog programs).


- Promoted to Lieutenant.


- November 8th, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.


- Promoted to Commander, assigned to the USS Tranquility as SAR Team Leader, along with his search/therapy dog, PO3 Martha (4 Year Old malinois).