Grand Admiral Nova "The Grand Old Lady" Spence

Name Nova "The Grand Old Lady" Spence

Position The Halls of Valhalla

Rank Grand Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species American Pit Bull
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 45cm
Weight 45lbs
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nova looks like the average American Pit Bull. She has short hair.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Edward Spence - Civilian
Mother Bernadette Spence - Civilian Nurse
Brother(s) Martin Spence - Civilian Cook
Paul Spence - Civilian Cargo Hauler
Major - German Shepherd Dog
Sister(s) Nicola Spence - Civilian Daycare worker
Jessie - Calico Cat
Clovis - North American Shorthair Cat
Bear - North American Shorthair Cat
Keely - Australian Cattle Dog
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nova is a gentle and peaceful dog, she is, however, quite protective of her space.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Protective of the family.

Weaknesses: She has old injuries and can come across as really aggressive when in fact she is simply talkative.
Ambitions To have dinner, to keep the peace and be left alone.
Hobbies & Interests Hanging out with Dad, long walks in the dog park and no noise or drama of any kind.

Personal History Nova was many things to many people. However in her early life she was abused but not by her original companion, but by those he trusted to look after her while he wass out of town. Unfortinutly things escilated and he had to give Nova up because he woulcn't take care of her, my family took Nova in and she became the second dog of the Spence family after Major.

Major and Nova formed a bond that was truly unbreakable. Where he went, she went too. When she felt threaterned, he would look after her and she had a good life in the care of the Spence family.

Nova, much like Major, led a good life. She too faced life with an indomitable spirit that was impressive to behold.
In life, she was a beacon of hope, faith, and courage and in passing. She leaves behind a gaping void that can never be truly filled, losing Major was bad enough but I think it was the pain of losing her lifelong companion that caused Nova to simply wither away.

Nova was close to all of my family, but she was closest to my father and to my brother. She faced life with a curiosity and a passion that for me, is hard to write down as I don't know how to tell it. much like with Major, her passing opens old wounds that have never really healed.

I recall the first day I met her, an year old young dog who was having issues with life, I also recall how I intervened when things got too unstable, I leashed her up and took her home with me, refusing to allow my brother to see her after he was moving house, gone wrong. My family also refused to allow my brother to have Nova back, ever.

Nova lived a good life. Comfortable with all the love and attention she could ever want on demand, she was fed twice a day, walked once a day for an hour, she faced each and every challenge with a boundless passion for life. When she faced her first brush with death, it didn't stop her as she faced a porcupine that had spiked Major across the face with its quills but that didn't stop Major or Nova in the slightest.

Things started changing about her thirteenth birthday, when she really started to show her age, she was slowing down and things became hurdles before they became truly impassable barriers. Age weakened her and because time betrayed her. The littlest things soon became impossible challenges, just getting up became impossible as she had arthritus in all for limbs.

There was a time when I couldn't get her to be quiet, now I can't get her to talk.
There was a time when I couldn't get her to sit still, now I can't get her to stand up.
There was a time, I couldn't stand to be in the same room with her, now I can't stand to be without her

In the end, however, her body failed him, then it outright betrayed him as she was going blind and deaf. However, I feel enriched and honored to have known Nova for the time we had with her. She truly earned the nickname I had given her. "The Grand Old Lady." With her quiet stubborn nobility, a real sign of courage that for most, is hard to understand, but what's more was that Nova, like Major, had the courage of her convictions.

While to most, Nova was, like Major, was just a family pet, to me, however, she was part of my family, she was part of my kin and her spot at the dinner table will never be filled, as she can never be replaced.

Nova was steady and determined with a quiet resolve that was truly special. She faced death the same way she faced life and that courage will inspire me to keep going, long after her soul has departed from this world and this life.

That is how I will speak of her if anyone ever asks me of her.
Service Record TOD: January 11th, 2019

None. Her service was to her family. She was a Service Dog, a companion, a family member, and a friend.

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."
"How far that little candle throws its light! So shines a good light in a dark world."
"Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad tales of the death of Queens."

Martin Spence.