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Grand General Paul "Caveman" Antilles

Name Paul "Caveman" Antilles

Position Commanding Officer, Starfighter Forces, Beta Quadrant

Rank Grand General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 54

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 275lbs
Hair Color Medium brown / Silver
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Large and physically intimidating are what best describing this walking death threat.


Spouse Division Admiral Kerrie Antilles, Senior Chief Petty Officer M'aotoke T'gar
Children First Relationship: Bastard Son, Unknown until later
Commodore Edward Antilles - With Qun'a' - Daughter of Othang

Second Relationship: Andrea Crane - First Spouse
Commodore Robert "Robbie" Antilles
Commodore Rachael Antilles
Captain Kira Antilles
Lt Commander Jerome Antilles

Third Relationship: Captain Taryn Proudmoore
Lt Commander Marie Hasti

Fourth Relationship: Captain Angelique Wolfsong
Cadet 1st Class Madeline Wolfsong

Fifth Relationship: Rorik Falcon
Lt Commander Mekka Antilles - Adopted
Patrica Antilles - Child
Micheal Antilles - Child

Sixth Relationship: Kerrie Antilles - Second Spouse
Master Chief Petty Officer Julian Antilles "The Master Chief - Spartan Super-soldier.
William Antilles - Civilian Child
Katrina Antilles - Civilian Child
Father Jake Antilles - Deceased
Mother Lily Antilles - Deceased
Brother(s) Major Pash Cracken - Julia's First Husband - Deceased
Rear Admiral Julian Yeager - Julia's Second Husband
Sister(s) Grand Admiral Julia Antilles - Commanding Officer - Starfleet Forces, Alpha Quadrant
Commander Kate Antilles - Chief Science Officer, USS Bayern
Other Family See the Antilles family tree in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul Antilles is a man who has a very dual nature. Off duty, he wants to get as far from rank and responsibility as he can, to this end he'll wear jeans and sweatshirts with hoodies, anything to get away from the uniform. It also should be noted that this man is a master of various styles of combat but mostly with blades and bo-staffs. His approach is fast but extremely strong when facing this man in the arena, he tends to overwhelm and devastate. He is a living, breathing death threat to any who care to take him on, at his leisure or theirs.

On Duty he is the consummate professional, he allows the officers and personnel under his command to wear jewelry and clothing as they wish, he's formal yet easygoing. He is approachable and easy to get along with, proving one doesn't waste his time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: On duty. He's a workaholic, he'll remain at his desk as long as he has something in the 'IN' Box which must get done, he has an excellent sense of timekeeping, he'll wear an old style wristwatch everywhere he goes.

Weaknesses: He tends to dote and worry about family a little too much. He doesn't like to be bothered by duty when he's off duty.
Ambitions To become Commander in Chief of Starfleet, to be a good role model for his children and grandchildren and to be a good husband to his wife.
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who has a wide range of interests and hobbies, he'll try anything once.

Personal History Paul Antilles was the first of a set of twins, born in 2339 on the New Denver Colony, this world was rich in animal life but also boasted lots of farmland so growing up, Paul Antilles learned the value of a hard day's work. Unfortunately for Paul and Julia, their parents focused their efforts on him rather the two of their children. He earned good praise for poor grades whereas Julia sunk in twice the effort and was generally ignored, it was a poor choice that would haunt them later.

Paul was always close with his twin sibling growing up and while she had to fight twice as hard, their parents were, in all honesty, bad parents as they tended to ignore poor Julia. Paul however always involved Julia in everything he did, making her feel valued as his sibling.

Paul was sent to spend a summer with his uncle when disaster struck, the colony was attacked and nearly obliterated. Paul and a couple of others were the only survivors and so he was recovered by a Klingon Commander named Kaang.

This began his long association with the house of Kaang. As the frightened but determined child tried to process his changed reality, he was given to the ship commanders mate to raise among their other children, it was also very fortunate that Kaang himself was a moderate and a reformer rather than a traditional Klingon.

When Paul turned fourteen, he was introduced to sex by a Klingon teenager named Qun'a' - Daughter of Othang. The two had a short but rather tempestuous relationship which produced a son, however, Paul didn't find this out until much later in life. He was most displeased with Qun'a' over the matter, this came to blows in which he smashed three teeth out of her mouth after she defended her choice.

She was relocated because her family went elsewhere, looking for work and Paul didn't hear from her for over thirty years. Paul meanwhile found his biological family and after spending three years on Kronos, a human being raised among the Klingons which did much to shape his childhood and the man he would someday become. he went home to Earth to a rather emotional reunion with his parents and sister.

Paul found that in his absence. Julia had gotten into a relationship with a friend of hers she had met at school named Pash Cracken and she had borne a son by him, she had named him Keyan and since her parents refused to have anything to do with him. Julia was forced to grow up extremely quickly so she moved out of her parents home and in with her boyfriend who relied on his older siblings to help him with the accommodations since his folks also didn't approve of their relationship.

This was a very trying time so Paul moved in to assist his sister with her son's needs and issues, he found looking after a child to be quite a challenge and it was one he relished. Julia and Pash were glad to have the help.

Needless to say that Paul and Pash didn't get along until Paul found out how much of a devoted father Pash turned out to be but more issues would arise when Pash who was not from Earth, took his son back to his people to be blessed as a Cracken but they refused to have anything to do with him. In revenge, Pash severed all ties to his people and refused to have anything further to do with him.

This series of events created a bond between Paul and Pash that, ever since their first meeting, turned from abject hatred to mutual trust, respect and love as Paul accepted Pash as family and nothing has ever broken that bond, not even death itself when Pash was killed in battle against the Dominion.

Keyan was six when Pash and Julia went to the academy but the stress of school very nearly destroyed their relationship. It took the meeting of Paul's first wife, the one who he would call his soul mate to remedy the various issues as Julia recalled meeting Andrea for the first time.

Andrea was quite shy in their first few meetings as Paul, Pash, and Julia was a family all in at the same time, assigned to different quads. Minus the various issues, the foursome was able to adjust and they did well at the academy.

By the second year, Paul and Andrea were married and along came a set of twins. Paul graduated in 2363 and his first posting was to the USS Kyushu, based out of Starbase Four, where Andrea was assigned because she was busy looking after their children. Kira came along two years later.

Paul Antilles was present as he watched the fleet around him get destroyed at the battle of Wolf 359. He lost a lot of friends that day as many would end up dead but many other people would end up getting assimilated at the hands of the Borg Collective.

Paul was one of several dozen officers and crew who escaped from the burning butcher's house that used to be a Federation starship. He was recovered by a Klingon vessel, he impressed the Klingons by showing them he was able to handle their roughness and toughness by eating their food and having his way with a Klingon woman who was interested. She came to him wet and willing, she went away later in pain. She also said that he was as brutal as a Klingon in his approach to sex.

Paul took some time off to go home and reconnect with his wife for several weeks before he was reassigned over his objections to requesting a posting alongside his wife on Starbase Four. He was posted to the USS Arcadia which was an older Ambassador class ship and here he served with distinction, earning a promotion to Lieutenant and Chief of Tactical and Security while assigned to this ship.

Paul Antilles served with distinction here and while he was asked to go and fight with the Klingons as part of house Kaang during the war, he decided his loyalties and faith lay with the Federation and thus he declined, citing that he was honor-bound to his assignment and could not leave to affect political change in the Empire. His house understood and did not complain further whereas others did.

This actions culminated in the 'Gol'rag incident in which a Klingon bird of Prey attacked the Arcadia, it was a house enemy attacking Paul Antilles who was forced to defend his ship and crew by destroying his attacker.

Antilles was promoted before going over to the USS Belfast, an older Excelsior class ship on her last tour before she was to be scrapped and replaced by a Nebula-class starship of the same name. His time here was educational but it was also uneventful.

Early in 2371, Paul was offered a promotion to commander, a posting as Exec on the USS Victory and a chance to be reunited with his wife who was serving on the same ship, he accepted without hesitation or reservation.

His service aboard the USS Victory was rather uneventful at first while the ship was undertaking border patrols in areas near the Klingon Empire, but after the ending of the Khitomer Accords, life for a lot more interesting for Paul and Andrea after the Klingons attacked and invaded the Archanis sector.

It was here where Antilles gained command of the USS Victory after one particularly one brutal engagement between the Victory and four birds of Prey. After having her shields battered down and she was boarded. Andrea was one of the casualties after an explosion in engineering ended her life.

Paul gently held his wife in his arms as she died, then he requested a rifle and rather then head back to the bridge, he assisted the security squads in dealing with the borders, showing no mercy whatever as he terminated every single Klingon he came across.

Antilles then went back to the bridge and was able to deal with three of the four birds of prey by demolishing them, the Klingons thought they were receiving Klingon wounded and Paul beamed four torpedoes over, the forth did go off but it didn't demolish the Bird of Prey as the other three succeeded in doing because an Engineer threw up a forcefield at the last second, however the front section was completely destroyed and the rest of the ship was crippled.

Paul finished her off a few hours later before the Victory retreated to Starbase 23 to lick her wounds from her patrol. He was offered command of the USS Victory and while he wasn't prepared to accept, he did so in any regards simply because of his fallen crew, also his Captain and friend who also died while fighting the Klingons.

Paul Antilles remained here for another two months before the Victory was finally destroyed at the hands of a Klingon battlegroup. Antilles and his fifty-man crew all escaped and many of them ended up as prisoners aboard the Klingon flagship. Paul led an uprising of his fellow crew and they ended up capturing a K'Vort class vessel before they escaped.

The Victory's crew was almost destroyed as they approached Starbase 24. The base and her personal assumed the ship was hostile and responded accordingly, however, Paul hailed the base and was able to halt the starbase's attack.

Paul Antilles was disappeared for a few weeks so he could participate in a back operations program called the Orion Project, it was an innocuous sounding name but it called for genetic super-soldiers to be grown from scratch rather then people being augmented as it would be a violation of the centuries-old augment rules the Federation still kept on the books for decades.

He along with forty-something people quietly donated their DNA to the program before being sent back to their previous assignments.

It was also around this time when Paul came face to face with Q, who decided to celebrate Paul's birthday by restoring his wife who had recently died, back to life. Andrea was shocked before she was promoted to Commander and offered Command of the USS North Star. She accepted but it was to prove to be a major choice which would cause her death a second time at the battle of Tyra.

Paul was reassigned along with most of the Victory's crew to a new Galaxy-class carrier variant ship, this was the ship where he fought most of the Dominion War, he was present for most of the major battles such as the battle for the Rutharion Sector to the Battle of Tyra where he was able to save several thousand souls from other ships.

Ultimately Paul Antilles lost his wife for the second time when the USS North Star was demolished during the battle. In retaliation Paul Antilles took his ship, a Galaxy Class Carrier variant and disappeared for a month, he went behind enemy lines and left a trail of devastation across four sectors as Paul lopped off Dominion patrol after Dominion patrol, become he stumbled onto the Cardassian base which served as the headquarters for the Eleventh order.

He used a freighter as cover to get in close to the base before unleashing several massive tachyon bursts into the base's shield grid, when the base personnel reset their shield harmonics, he beamed over a dozen warheads to various locations, this produced a massive explosion which tore the base apart, then he demolished the Freighter then he went after two Cardassian Galor class warships in quick succession before withdrawing back to Federation held space.

It was this action that garnered his promotion to Captain as well as his first medal of honor in the war. The first of two that he would win. He spent the next two weeks refitting before he went back out to skirmish with the enemy, killing patrols as he went.

He was part of the First battle of Vulcan and then he was reassigned to Operation: Blue Room. The liberation of the area around Bolarus, while the Fleet would lose over a hundred ships in the process. Antilles and his task group would destroy over forty Jem'Hadar ships in the process, and assist the Federation with securing victory.

His next assignment was Operation: Return where he participated in what was arguably one of the most massive fleet engagements in Federation history with hundreds of ships from both sides taking part. Antilles and his battlegroup ended up helping to destroy over sixty ships and damaging another hundred or so before the battle ended, however, success was a sword that cut both ways, he lost two of his own and everyone else was damaged to some degree or another.

He had two weeks off before he along with his six ships went back to the Cardassian border where they remained with skirmishing details for the next couple of months before he ended up at Coridan, he was present for that battle where he witnessed the rise of Captain Jake Yamaguchi as a rising star in the Federation along with many others, both victorious and fallen.

All things must end and so the first ship named Relentless met her final fate during the battle of Chin'Toka at the hands of the orbital defense platforms, before the Federation fleet could counter the weapons fire, the Relentless and some forty other ships were destroyed during the battle before the tide was turned in favor of the Federation and her allies.

Antilles and most of his crew escaped but this time, they were broken up and transferred to various other assignments. Paul Antilles would receive a brand new Galaxy class starship for his next command and while she wasn't his Relentless, she did carry the right name and so off him and his new crew went, right back to the Cardassian lines.

Now the war had become one of attrition and it became a struggle to see who could bleed the other to death first as the Cardassians along with their Dominion Allies were able to keep the Federation bottled up in the Chin'Toka system. A Klingon fleet was repulsed when it attempted to destroy the Monac IV shipyards, although the crew of the IKS Rotarran was later able to destroy the Monac shipyards by using the Monac star to trigger a solar plasma ejection that engulfed and destroyed them

Paul Antilles tried the same tactic on the Lebedian Star which ended up demolishing a Dominion Ketracel White facility, thus causing a major shortage of the white in the Kalandra sector, this made the job of the Tenth Fleet easier when Paul Antilles and his small merry band of miscreants went in and helped with the liberation of the sector, taking four systems and damaging or destroying over two hundred Dominion ships in several major battles.

Paul was not present for the loss at Chin'Toka after the Breen came into the war but his ship was attacked by the Breen several hours later, he and his entire group were disabled, but they were able to deploy several shuttles and runabouts. Using last ditch desperate tactics they were able to drive off and destroy the two Breen warships attacking the Relentless battlegroup. It was a desperate last-ditch effort that saved several ships and hundreds of lives but it was successful.

Relentless and her group was towed back to Starbase 375 where her power systems were 'rebooted' for lack of a better word, also the counter to the Breen energy dampener came in and these ships were also fitted with the changes too. Paul and his guys were eager to hit back and they did, as part of the battle of the three suns.

He was assigned to the Chudala System which he would lead the attack from the USS Relentless. After two hours, they were able to exterminate the Breen and liberate the system, then he went for the Chin'Toka system and he got there as the Federation was just breaking through, he attacked from the rear, thus completing the victory there.

Next, he and his battlegroup along with the 15th Destroyer Squadron and the Enterprise-E were assigned with the elimination of Sentok Nor and the liberation of the Betazed System.

The Relentless was the vanguard of the battle as the Enterprise-E led the attack. Paul Antilles split his guys off to attack a Dominion moonbase that was being used as an orbital battle station while two special forces strike teams beamed aboard the Cardassian base, the Relentless braved the fire of the base as she recovered over three hundred Betazed civilians who were being held there.

Paul Antilles and the others assembled then destroyed the base and then they finished the liberation by cleaning up the Jem'Hadar ground forces, also they took Crell Moset as a prisoner before finishing the mission.

Paul Antilles, the Relentless and his guys would get little time as they were recalled back to Starbase Deep Space Nine to finish the war with the invasion of Cardassia. This was the largest fleet battle ever seen and it happened in the Getha System. It looks like the Dominion might win but ultimately, it was the Cardassians themselves who turned the fate of this war and they also would assist in bringing it to a speedy conclusion with an act of mercy as Odo was able to cure the female changeling of the morphogenic virus that she had contracted from him two years earlier.

Paul Antilles and everyone else stood down and the war ended. Paul now had no idea of what to do with himself so he decided he would do the best he could with what he had to work with, he found himself being assigned to various relief assignments inside Federation space, starting with Betazed and it was here he remained for the next two years. Providing assistance to the people and to the planet itself. His old battlegroup of ships was assigned to remain under his command.

However in 2378, it all came to an end with a terrorist strike on the USS Relentless, her warp core was sabotaged and while her crew all escaped, the Relentless herself was demolished in a massive explosion.

Paul Antilles was cleared of any wrongdoing in the loss of his second command and was offered the third of the new Pathfinder Class ships present being built, now his status as commander of a battlegroup was solidified with a promotion to Commodore.

He met Rorik Falcon who was a special forces operative who was between assignments, their relationship was quick but tempestuous but alas, it didn't last and she left a year later after leaving him with twins to raise alone, she decided she wanted no part of them as they were an accident, Paul was able to reason with her citing that if she didn't want them, then Paul would raise them himself. She agreed and never looked back. Paul was not overly bothered with this choice either.

Her relationship with Paul was wrong from the start as their personalities clashed on more then a few occasions. Paul didn't keep her around as she requested reassignment and he didn't stand in her way. Now he had two new infants to look after which, at the time did not bother him in the least.

After leading two exploration missions in Cardassian held space, he was able to help police Cardassian space until the final Federation withdrawal came in 2381. He evacuated over a thousand Cardassian nationals who didn't wish to remain but he also left behind a great deal of Federation literature and goods, hoping that some uses would come of them, while he was there he helped to modernize the Cardassian police forces and he also worked with the governmental leadership as he helped them to understand that there were many forms of good governance.

He was reassigned elsewhere as many of the battlegroups under his command was broken up and reassigned as individual ship Captains were promoted and the like. Paul Antilles was asked to transfer across from the Relentless to the USS Pathfinder in 2382 and while his time here was educational in that he was now commanding a new Federation battleship. He also wanted the chance to settle down and so he requested reassignment.

It was around this time when he met Kerrie Blackwood, the two of them hit it off right away but both took their time on the matter but it was his children, who at this time were in need of a serious motherly figure, took to Kerrie almost instantly.

Paul was reassigned to Starbase Three, orbiting Weytahn. He remained here from 2383 to 2386, receiving a promotion to Vice Admiral and the command of the Sixth Fleet, he took to his new job quickly and passionately, even earning top marks from many of the ships in the fleet as he had them all busy either with relief assignments or mapping assignments in their area.

His next assignment came in the months before the Hobus explosion threatened the Romulan Empire with their destruction. Paul knew that rather than extend the fist of war, he would offer the hand of peace and while many Romulans accepted, there were many others who chose not to do so.

Paul settled into his assignment as Commanding Officer of the Eleventh Fleet which was assigned to chart several sectors in the Gun Nebula but it was hard to devote an entire fleet to this effort. Paul had to play politics for one of the few times in his life and he hated it. This was where his longing for a return to the center seat of a Federation ship would come from as Admiral Riker and the USS Titan had shown the way.

Admiral Paul Antilles and the Eleventh would carry on and after three years, they would have half the nebula charted as well as several dozen first contacts. He would select the USS Carpathia as his flagship for this mission but he left Captain John Sanderson in everyday command of his ship rather than sit on the man's bridge and second guess every move the man made. Sanderson appreciated the respect and he had Paul at every meeting, Paul would hear reports as John did.

This forged an excellent working relationship between the two men that would continue for many years yet. After the assignment ended. Paul went back to his assignment at Starbase 22 where he would remain as commander of the Eleventh until he was asked to assume command of Starbase Administration.

He turned over command of the Eleventh to his Exec and he assumed command of Starbase Administration as Admiral Nechayev had fallen from grace, it was he who would sign the order to have the USS Crazy Horse and the USS Gorkon both stripped then scrapped as his first order of business.

Until 2392, his rise to the fleet commander in chief's slot seemed almost assured, however, Antilles was offered assignment to Starbase 103 as part of Starfleet Forces, Beta Quadrant with command of their starfighter forces. Antilles had been the one behind the development of heavy carrier designs in the Federation including the Vikrant class and the Champion Class starships so this assignment for him was a natural fit for his skills and talents.

Antilles accepted and off he went to his new posting, his wife and children in tow.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2359 to 2363 - Security and Tactical
Cadet One - Four

USS Kyushu - New Orleans Class
2363 to 2366 - Security and Tactical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Arcadia - Ambassador Class
2367 to 2370 - Security and Tactical Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Belfast - Excelsior Class
2370 to 2371 - Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Victory - Sabre Class
2371 - 2373 - Executive Officer / Commanding Officer
Lt Commander

USS Relentless - Galaxy Class Carrier Variant
2373 to 2378 - Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain

USS Relentless - Pathfinder I/II Class
2378 to 2382 - Commanding Officer
Commodore / Rear Admiral

USS Pathfinder - Pathfinder I/II Class
2382 to 2383 - Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral

Starbase 3 - Ournal I Class
2383 to 2386 - Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer - The Sixth Fleet
Rear Admiral / Vice Admiral

Starbase 22 - Ournal II Class
2386 to 2392 - FLAG Assignment
Vice Admiral / Fleet Admiral
USS Carpathia - Sovereign Class
Commanding Officer - The Eleventh Fleet
2387 to October 2391
Commanding Officer of Starbase Administration - October 2391 to mid-2392

Starbase 103 - Ournal II Class.
2392 to Present Day - Commanding Officer - Starfighter Forces, Beta Quadrant
Grand Marshal

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2359 to 2363 - Cadet One - Four
2363 to 2364 - Ensign
2364 to 2366 - Lieutenant JG
2366 to 2369 - Lieutenant
2369 to 2373 - Lt Commander
2373 to 2375 - Commander
2375 to 2378 - Captain
2378 to 2383 - Commodore
2383 to 2386 - Rear Admiral
2386 to 2390 - Vice Admiral
2390 to 2391 - Admiral
2391 to 2392 - Fleet Admiral
2392 to Present - Grand Marshal