Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer Julian Antilles

Name Julian Antilles

Position Intelligence Chief

Rank Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Cyberneticly and Biologically Enhanced)
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4 (7'2 in his armor)
Weight 325lbs (700lbs in his armor)
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Julian Antilles is a monster in human form, he is simply unbelievably huge in terms of muscle size and mass. He has the build of an Olympic Powerlifter and he has the strength to back it up, On the battlefield, he is become death itself, taking him on in a fistfight will result in the other guy's destruction.


Spouse Commander Vilotanzia "Violet" Bounlutay-Antilles - Chief Medical Officer, USS Rawalpindi
Children Nathan Bounlutay - 17 years old
Father Grand General Paul Antilles - Commanding Officer, Starfighter Forces, Beta Quadrant
Mother Division Admiral Kerrie Antilles - Commanding Officer, Starbase 103
Brother(s) Joseph Antilles - Petty Officer, 1st class
Victor Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Justin Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Walter Antilles - Petty Officer, 1st class
Nathan Antilles - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Jonathan Antilles - Petty Officer, 1st class
John Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Pash Antilles - Petty Officer, 1st class
Raymond Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Sister(s) Paula Antilles - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Victoria Antilles - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Sarah Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Joan Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Susan Antilles - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Jennifer Antilles - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Alyssa Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Nicole Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Mara Antilles - Petty Officer, 1st class
Heather Antilles - Chief Petty Officer
Other Family Many thousands of other Spartans.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julian Antilles is the leader of the Spartans, for a very good reason, as they selected him to be their leader, he commands their respect and he commands theirs in return. Julian is a tactical genius in small engagements, he is also peerless with armies and even entire fleets. Someone having access to this man's mind would be a true threat in a war against the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is highly skilled in the arts of war.

Weaknesses: He takes the losses of his friends and comrades a little too hard.
Ambitions To be the best he can be. He is a living monument to the art of war.
Hobbies & Interests fixing broken things. fencing and general combat training, Explosives, Cooking.
Languages: Standard only, all others with aid.

Personal History In 2365, Starfleet made contact with the human colony of Mariposa and with the new threat presented by the Borg, A small group inside Starfleet Command quietly began designing the ultimate super soldier, the concept was in that Starfleet could find themselves overwhelmed by the Borg due to their sheer resilience to direct weapons fire as well as energy weapons such as Phasers.

Project: Spartan as it soon became known as an operation run and managed by Starfleet Intelligence to provide a quiet strike weapon for the Starfleet Marines, The Spartans were named after the Spartans of ancient Greece. Sparta was a military-oriented state; from birth, its children were screened for disabilities or defects, and those that failed the checks were left to die. Its population was mostly slaves (helots), allowing the city-state's actual citizens to spend every waking moment training for war.

Historically, the Spartans won many wars simply by arriving to fight. Appreciative of this reputation, Starfleet Intelligence decided to use the name for this little project, the result would be a group of super soldiers gifted with super-human abilities, with this goal in mind, Dr. Kathryn Hood set out to gather donors as there was not enough time for them to clone an army naturally since the Borg threat was now and not 20 years into the future, however the project didn't get underway until later 2372 and by then Starfleet had learned of the Dominion and now the need for a proper counter was needed now more than ever.

They found a total number of 8 Donors who were permitted to supply their DNA for the project, the project itself was black, meaning classified, two members of the donor group was Commodore Paul Antilles and Lieutenant Kerrie Calabria. The small number of clones were bred with heightened intelligence, improved hand-eye as well as combat training but because of the time allotted, they were bred fully grown with a normal human lifespan, there were 20 clones created in the first batch, there were several thousand created in all. They were named with various names as well as the family names of all of the donors involved, in this case for the first batch, it was 'Antilles' because Paul Antilles was the highest ranking officer selected and nobody else involved had objections. Other names were granted to the other batches created.

They were officially conscripted by Section Three of Starfleet Intelligence, which is why Julian Antilles holds a Naval rank and is not a member of the Marine Corps, despite typically fighting alongside Marines.

The group was taken to Starfleet's space station Starbase Phobos where they were trained in all aspects of combat and tactics, as well as learning various other academic information in lieu of attending a proper school, a marine academy or Starfleet Academy. They also were administered many physical and mental augmentations. The process was not painless, nor was it entirely safe, but Dr. Hood thought she would have to sacrifice a few for the good of many. The result of the project was a group known as the Spartans, near-invincible warriors known for superior skills and tactical prowess.

These troopers were cybernetically and biologically enhanced well beyond normal human specifications.

All Twenty troopers were assigned together as they became brothers in arms, as well as brothers in a family, all of them, were utterly fearless as well as utterly loyal to Paul Antilles, he and Kerry Calabria both taught them about what it meant to be human because it wasn't enough to create a small group of super soldiers, they needed to be able to believe in what they were going to be fighting for and why. The teachings were against Starfleet Intelligence wishes, however, Paul was able to make his point with aid from the other donors.

Training and early deployment: The Spartans underwent extensive physical conditioning and received the best combat and academic teaching available. Their physical and combat training was administered by Chief Petty Officer Ryan Mendez while their academic instruction was handled by Lt Commander Heather McEntee. Their initial physical training consisted of workouts and an intricate structure which the young Spartans had to navigate. They were split up into teams and each team had to navigate a system of ropes, beams, and bridges to reach the top and ring a bell. The last group to ring the bell was deprived of dinner while the others were fed a lavish meal. Julian Antilles discovered early on that the goal was to teach them how to behave effectively as a team. After being less than impressed with his teammates on the first day of training, he left his team behind to fend for themselves. While he was the first to ring the bell, he was told that he had lost because his teammates were the last to ring the bell. The next day he and his two other teammates were able to work together to avoid being last.

In a later training exercise, the Spartans were dropped high in the mountains, each with only one piece of a map, and told to make their way to an extraction point. The last one to make it would be left behind. This is when Antilles leadership qualities first appeared. He picked out a spot where the Spartans would regroup after they had been dropped, and he led them, as a group, to the extraction point, and fought as a team to take out several members of a squad that had been placed there as another hurdle to overcome. When it came time to leave, he made sure that he was the last person to get onto the dropship, because he didn't want any of the others to be left behind. When they returned he was selected as the team leader by Dr. Hood.

During their training, the Spartans developed a strong friendship with each other and often viewed each other as brothers and sisters. After they received their combat armor, which completely obscured their faces and made it difficult to identify individuals, they could still recognize each other simply from the way they moved, as could Dr. Hood. When greeting another Spartan in armor they would often draw two fingers across their visor as this was the "smile" gesture, indicating they were happy to see them.

The Chief's greatest trial would come to pass when he locked horns with Commander Jerome Hunt. The two very nearly came to blows when Heather Yamaguchi broke the two of them up when the Executive Officer of the USS Victory made things official with a threat to Jerome Hunt that he'd best watch it. Jerome didn't listen and the two men got into a very one-sided fistfight. The Chief utterly destroyed him in four punches. Unfortunately, the two men would not get along as Jerome couldn't see past the issues he had with the Chief, however, the Chief refused to let one mans narrow-mindedness get in the way of his job and so he ignored the other man.
Service Record Education:
Mariposa, Mariposa System, FICUS Sector
2371-2372 - Spartan Operative Basic Training (Including Starfleet Protocol
Crewman Trainee

Mariposa, Mariposa System, FICUS Sector
2372-2373 - Spartan Heavy Weapons Specialist Training, Explosives Training, Infiltration Training
Crewman Trainee

Service Record:
Betazed, Betazed System.
2373 to 2375 - Heavy Assault Trooper
Chief Petty Officer

USS Far Thunder - Ambassador Class
2375-2382 - Border Patrol Guard, patrolling Dominion borders and peacekeeping on Cardassian worlds
Chief Petty Officer / Senior Chief Petty Officer

Mars, SOL
2382-2383 – Spartan Training Facility, Retraining and Reassignment
Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Victory - Galaxy III Class
2383-2385 - Marine Training Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer

Starbase 185 - Ournal II/III Class
2385-2389 - Marine Training Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer

Medals and Ribbons:
Battle of Sector 001
Battle of Tyra
Battle of Vulcan
Battle of the Bolian Front
Operation: Return
Battle of Coridan
Battle of Chin'toka
Battle of Earth
Battle of the Three Suns
Battle of Getha
Battle of Cardassia
Dominion War ribbon
Wounds Ribbon
Expert Marksmanship Award
Borg Cluster
Wounds Ribbon x4
Breen Cluster
Dominion Cluster
Tholian Cluster
T'Kith'kin Cluster
Starfleet Cross
Distinguished Flying Cross
Sisko Medal for Tactical Excellence