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Colonel Jack "Dirty Jack" Hassel

Name Jack "Dirty Jack" Hassel

Position 33rd Wing Commander

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 225
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean build. Jack keeps a few days stubble on his face. His hair is medium length and unkept. Has burn marks on his right side and back that are usually covered by clothes.


Spouse Olga Vaal (divorced)
Children Nicolai Hassel (deceased)
Father Quincy Hassel
Mother Marcy Hassel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dirty Jack has a mellow attitude and easy going demeanor. He is plainly spoken and will not hesitate to let his feelings known.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jack has good reflexes and is fast on his feet. He is a veteran pilot and very skilled. He is very serious about piloting. He will train his subordinates hard and respects any pilot that shows drive.

Sadly, he doesn't seem to take his other military duties seriously. His booking skills are sloppy and he has no regards for regulations. He is not concerned for any pilot in his command that misbehaves as long as they are good pilots.
Ambitions To continue to fly combat patrols. Dirty Jack cannot see himself do any other duty in Star Fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Dirty Jack enjoys drinking and playing poker (He never calls it gambling).

Personal History Jack was born on the industrial world of New Madison. His parents were industrial engineers. He wanted to study engineering and decided to apply for Star Fleet Academy. He figured he would work as an engineering officer on a ship and explore the stars before returning to New Madison.

His first two years of the academy were uneventful. Then, he took course on shuttle craft piloting. He found a new purpose at the academy and then applied for a transfer to be a fighter pilot.

After the academy he was assigned to a carrier, the USS Pebble Sea. The ship was assigned to the Triangle area. During one of the operations he ran into a young Marine, one Corporal Olga Vaal. The two feel in love.

Jack married Olga and the two had a son Nicolai. Jack was later assigned to the carrier USS Hans Rudel on the Romulan border. It is there he found out his wife was badly injured and his infant son dead. Jack went into a deep depression.

Jack performed very well during the war. He shot down several fighters and was himself shot out of his fighter three times. He was awarded several times for courage and skill.

The war changed him. He no longer cared about his military duties and held a jaded view of command. His only concern was to save his pilots and himself.

Jack only saw his wife twice during the war. Once when she was still in the hospital and after the Chin'toka disaster. After the war, the two could not get along and
Service Record 2367-71 Entered Star Fleet Academy and later Flight School.

2371-73 Assigned to USS Pebble Sea. Operations near the Triangle area.

2373-76 Assigned to USS Hans Rudel. Dominion War.

2376-81 Assigned to USS Coral Sea

2381-86 Assigned to USS Tsuchima

2386-91 Assigned to Red Stone Airfield, Dra