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Chief Warrant Officer Shael Jaest

Name Shael Jaest

Position Science Warrant

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde, just under shoulder length
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Shael Jaest is a small limbed female, she is shorter and smaller then the average. However she makes up for it with her personality,


Spouse Lt Commander Jonah Bailey - Chief Engineer, USS Boreas - Divorced
Children Shakaar Shael - Civilian, child
Father Shael Tor - Civilian
Mother Shael Hast - Civilian
Brother(s) Shael Kor - Civilian
Shael Koss - Civilian
Sister(s) None
Other Family Several Others around. Mostly on Bajor however as the rest of her family never left home.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ensign Shael Jaest is a gentle soul, she is truly happy to be on her present assignment, she is an optimist and is able to make an effort to co-exist with anyone she meets. She wishes to get out and see the stars and she is about to get her wish after her husband abused her, she then left him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: she is energetic and eager.

Weaknesses: She is in a rush to do everything and see everything all at once.
She is also divorced.
Ambitions To be the first Bajoran Federation President, failing that then its to become CinC of Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman who will try anything once, with anyone, up to and including sex.