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Commander Ethan "Hardcase" Duval

Name Ethan "Hardcase" Duval

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6
Weight 380lbs
Hair Color Black with streaks of Gray
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tall, Massive and evil can best sum up this walking death machine.
he has spent over thirty years of his life in the service so he is
extremely toned and well muscled.

More controlled then the average marine but when needed, he has no problems using excessive force to get the job done as this is a man who has no problems with hurting people or with death.

Duval also is recon qualified but doesn't get to use those skills much except in Urban environments where he can blend in and disappear almost at will.


Spouse None - Dating Hannah Mueller, Chief Security Officer - Starbase Vanguard
Children None
Father James Duval - Deceased
Mother Mara Reynolds - Deceased
Brother(s) Fleet Sergeant Major Jeffery "The Mountain" Duval - Division Sergeant Major, 19th Marine Division
Sister(s) Fleet Admiral Heather Duval - Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces, the Taurus Reach
Other Family Nieces and Nephews
Lt Commander Anthony Duval - Chief Engineer, USS Heart of the Tiger (Twins., first set)
Captain Marcus Duval - Commanding Officer, USS Oathsworn (Twins, first set)
Lieutenant T'Lee Duval - Chief Security Officer, USS Dreamcrusher (Twins, second set)
1st Lieutenant T'Kera "Demolitions" Duval - 1/37th Platoon Commander, 19th Marine Division (Twins, second set)
Lieutenant JG Suvak Duval - Counselor, Starbase Vanguard
Balin Duval - Infant (Twins, third set)
Alex Duval - Infant (Twins, third set)

Grand Nieces and Grand Nephews
Ryujin Duval
John Duval
Linda Duval
Kelly Duval
Fred Duval
T'Nae Duval

Personality & Traits

General Overview Duval is a hard case to deal with but this can be explained by the fact that he is a severe PTSD brought on by spousal abuse and rape. While he was large and strong, his wife was far stronger and she liked to abuse and rape him on almost a nightly basis, she used him for his connections. He is also heir to the family fortune which she wants at any cost.

While he loved her, she despised and loathed him, however, she also encouraged his feelings towards her from time to time, leaving him one seriously screwed up individual.

Duval also has no problems with using that violent temper he keeps under wraps to get his point across, sometimes with colorful language and sometimes with physical force or the threat of force. When threats fail, he does not hesitate to back up the threat with real force.

Now that he is in a new reality and has been freed from the mental shackles that T'Nae left him, he's now free to continue his destiny on his own in this new world which looks to him, a billion times better than the old one.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He has thirty years of combat and battlefield experience, he also is excellent at leading his troops into battle and bringing them back out again. He cares about the men and woman under his command.

Weaknesses: sometimes rushes headlong into a fight without regard for his own safety if a friend or a 'brother marine' is in trouble. also uses the com far too much for his dry humor.

Classic example "Dear Humanity, we regret being alien bastards, we regret coming here and we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!"

His temper is a strength and a weakness. in battle it will be an extra motivator to keep him and the others around him alive and the weakness is that he can easily get angry enough to do something stupid. He has earned two separate medals for two separate incidents in the Dominion war for valor and bravery where he saw it as stupidity and suicidal insanity.

His wife abused him so he has a case of stockholm syndrome building and now that she is dead, murdered by Ra'Vak. In a way, Duval is grateful to Ra'Vak for freeing him from his abuse and now he has come to see his rage will only destroy him, he has sought a new path for himself and he must see it through to the end.
Ambitions Duval is now working to defeat his demons, he is succeeding and is finding peace at the same time.
Hobbies & Interests He is expanding them. He has found a pace he can call home but now he is ready to return to Starfleet.

Personal History JeffersonDuval, later named Ethan Duval grew up the only child of a wealthy magnate and his wife, he was spoilt rotten while growing up and as such he decided to join Starfleet, he met a woman named T'Nae who was a self-centered egotist.

The two should never have been together in the first place but they ended up together and she was highly abusive toward Ethan.

His life was one of privilege and being a special snowflake until he joined the service that he found out what life was really about. he went into the academy partly to get away from his parents who wanted to shelter him and protect him from everything.

His wife manipulated him time and time again until she had virtually enslaved him mentally. It took Commander Plataea Unal to free him, causing her many psionic issues at the same time.

Now in this new reality. He is finally free to do what he wants in a Federation at peace with itself and its neighbors.

After several months away from Starfleet, he decided it was time to come back to the colors, with the paperwork out of the way, he is ready for an assignment, one that will test and challenge him, he got his wish with the command of the USS Gaarni, a Century class ship based from Starbase Vanguard. It was also at the same time he was reunited with Division Admiral Tom Lasky who is now his boss. His sister is assigned here and is his brother. Jeffery Duval. So now he has the chance to connect with his family.

Also, recently Jefferson has begun dating Captain Hannah Mueller, she has been teaching him German in addition to helping with his other issues, in return he shows her a man who is interested in her and doesn't get intimidated when she starts speaking in rapid-fire German. He can't keep up with it but he tries his best, Mueller knows all of this and she is working on her own preconceptions on the subject.