Staff Warrant Officer Hana "8-Ball" Nakamura

Name Hana "8-Ball" Nakamura

Position 2/33 Fighter Pilot

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 165
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Athletic, tall build and fair skin. She tends to keep her long hair up in a ponytail or pigtails. Hana tends to go without make up or wears very little and wears no jewelry. She tends to keep a pleasant smile on her face.


Father Yuki Nakamura
Mother Mariko Nakamura
Other Family Katsuyori Nakamura (cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hana is a hard worker and efficient. She sometimes has a hard time expressing herself due to her introverted nature. She also has the worst possible luck.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is intelligent and analytical. She has a very agreeable personality. She is athletic and physically brave.

While she has an easy going disposition, she is introverted and shy. Her luck is horrid and quirky things happen to her.
Hobbies & Interests Hana loves watching Noh theater. She also has an interest in the Warring States era of medieval Japan. She still practices Kendo.

She also enjoys drinking beer and whisky when she has down time.

Personal History Haniko grew up on the Japanese northern island of Hokkaido. Her family owns a commercial distillery. She was a diligent student and was excellent at academics. She was a good athlete at school and played girl's rugbee, baseball, and Kendo. She tried to practice kenjitsu but cut herself very badly. She wanted to attend a well regarded university and study physics. She worked hard and saved a bit of money to help get her into a school.

Haniko was helping family working in distillery when disaster struck. While she was operating a grav-lift, she lost control of the machine. The grav-lift rammed the large tanks of alcohol. That ripped open the spigots on the alcohol. Hundreds of gallons of beer and whisky flooded the distillery. To add to the damages, whiskey poured into her father's prized Koi fish pond. The fish died.

The accident nearly ruined her family. Haniko lost all her savings and her family asked her to leave. At seventeen, she was penniless, homeless, and was shunned by her family and friends. With very few options open to her, Haniko applied to Star Fleet.

During her recruitment induction she took a battery of tests along with other recruits. Unfortunately for her, there was a computer glitch shortly after she took her intellectual aptitude test. Her test got mixed up with another recruit that had a sub par intelligence. Although she challenged the results of the test, it did her little good. She was offered few choices but eventually settled on enlisting as a marine infantryman. It was hardly the scientific occupation she wanted but she was desperate.

After she completed her initial training she was assigned to the USS Saipan in a rifle company. Among her fellow marines her bad luck was infamous and she earned the nick name "Eight Ball". She also earned their respect through her hard work.

The Saipan was assigned to patrolling the triangle and hunting down pirates. While she was with the Saipan she survived a few engagements. In one, a renegade house Klingon vessel hijacked a Tellarite ore freighter. The Klingons took a number of hostages and with a tractor beam tried to pull the freighter back into the triangle. The Saipan gave chase and caught the renegades. In the ensuing fight a number of marines were lost while rescuing the hostages. Despite the marine casualties, the mission was deemed a success because no hostages were lost.

Haniko was a casualty during the rescue. A disrupter shoot grazed her left shoulder. She spent the next month in a treatment facility and made a full recovery. She returned to duty to finish her enlistment.

After her enlistment expired she applied for Star Fleet Flight Academy. At first the retainment officers scoffed at her previous test scores but she persisted. After a second battery of tests she was admitted.