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Crumm Widdy

Name Crumm Widdy

Position Lounge Manager

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color None - Bolian
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Crumm Widdy is a young and virile Bolian of average height and weight. He will likely be found wearing the best and most current of Bolian fashion. As he is allergic to Retinax V, he is required to wear corrective lenses. Of the varying shades of blue Bolians exhibit, Crumm's is of the brighter and more vibrant variety. While this does not mean much amongst Bolians, some outsiders view this as a sign of stature within the Bolian community. A jovial man, Crumm is almost always smiling and is a joy to be around.


Spouse Mazz Koolas (co-husband), Neeza Widdy (first wife), Kinn Widdy (co-wife), Ayen Koolas (co-wife)
Children Nixx Widdy (biological son)
Boon Widdy (biological son)
Tyna Widdy (biological daughter)
Teela Koolas (co-daughter)
Finn Koolas (co-son)
Father Sarn Widdy (biological)
Mother Trysta Widdy (biological)
Brother(s) Bamm Widdy, (biological)
Ofa Widdy, (biological)
Zaxx Mont (co-brother)
Sister(s) Kist Mont (co-sister)
Mamm Mont (co-sister)
Other Family Several others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Crumm epitomizes the archetype of his race. He is truly happiest when making others happy. He has always been comfortable is various service industries, displaying a culinary aptitude. You will likely never see Crumm alone as he is always making his rounds, attempting to bring cheer wherever he goes. Crumm seems to have an anecdote for every situation and claims to have visited countless worlds in an attempt to understand each species and to build his culinary database.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Crumm has become a master at creating Bolian dishes. He has adapted several delicacies to appear more appetizing to non-Bolians. He has amassed an immense culinary database, tweaking each recipe, and claims to serve the absolute best replicated food in any quadrant.

Weaknesses: Crumm aims to please, almost to a fault. He has been the victim of an occasional Ferengi scam. He has since hired trusted aides to help manage his finances to avoid future loss at the hands of those who would seek to take advantage of his kindness.
Ambitions Crumm seeks only to leave no customer left unsatisfied. If his database does not include a food or drink of choice, he will painstakingly research it until he is satisfied his recipe knows no equal.
Hobbies & Interests Crumm's main passion has always been food and the act of feeding others. While he relies on his replicator, Crumm has always preferred to farm his own ingredients and grows his ingredients regularly. In addition, he finds music to be extremely enjoyable and very therapeutic. He finds the inspiration in music of varying ranges and compositions.

Languages: Bolian, English

Personal History Born in 2340 on Bolarus IX, Crumm Widdy called Bolius City home for the first twenty years of his life. He was raised by a trio of parents, all of whom had excelled in Bolian cuisine. It was during this time that he developed his passion for food and service. At the age of twenty-one, he wed his first wife, Neeza. Shortly after, they welcomed their first child, Nixx. When he reached twenty-five, he married his second wife, Kinn. While on their honeymoon, the Widdy's met Mazz and Ayen Koolas, who were made co-spouses in short order. Inside of two years, their family was complete.

Crumm spent five years studying at the Bolian Culinary Academy. Feeling his studies were incomplete, he set out on a tour of the galaxy in order to achieve his goal of becoming a master restaurateur.

His travels took him to Starbase 400 where he went into business running the Skyline Lounge Owner where he met then Lt Commander Torilla Yamaguchi where she sold him some Halanan dishes that she had more or less invented, tow two of them got along rather well and when he was called back to the Bolian homeworld. Torilla simply took over the day to day operations of his business to ensure that all would remain as he left it, when he returned he made Torilla a junior partner in his business. Something Torilla accepted

When Torilla got command of her own ship eighteen months later after leaving Starbase 400, she contacted him and offered him the chance to run his business from her ship. he accepted before he got the chance to meet with Anthony Duval who was looking to expand his business onto the Courageous. Crumm is getting to know Duval.
Service Record 2361-2365: Studied at the Bolian Culinary Academy

2365-2375: Travelled aboard the USS Aldrin. Served as Mess Hall Head Chef. Used leave and away mission opportunities to study and incorporate food and drink recipes of countless species.

2375-2380: Returned to Bolarus IX and served as an instructor at the Bolian Culinary Academy.

2381-2384: Owner and proprietor of Crumm's Tavern and Restaurant aboard Deep Space Six.

2384-2388: Returned again to Bolarus IX in order to assist his co-husband in starting up a business selling personal replicator systems. It was here he learned from Mazz how to alter and modify replicator settings.

2389-2391: Owner and proprietor of the Skyline Lounge aboard Starbase 400.

2391 to 2392 : USS Courageous - Skyhook Lounge - Owner and Manager

2392-2393: Owner and proprietor of the Skyline Lounge aboard Starbase 12.

2303 to Pres: Owner and proprietor of the Skyline Lounge aboard Starbase Vanguard.