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Commander István "Archos" McKnight

Name István "Archos" McKnight

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 63

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 310lbs
Hair Color Chestnut/Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description István McKnight is a powerhouse, while oversized and sports an athletic build. he is exceptionally strong and has excellent stamina, he's tall and while not overly beefy, he's got a lean and physical build that many find rather deceptive as he's in excellent physical health, his real power is in his mind.


Spouse Captain Vanessa McKnight - Deceased
Children None
Father Colonel James McKnight - Deceased
Mother Fleet Admiral T'Sara McKnight - Commanding Officer, 5th Fleet
Brother(s) Commander Daniel 'Karass' McKnight - Chief Operations Officer - USS Dreamcrusher
Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen 'Orthos' McKnight - 1st Independent Battlegroup Command Master Chief.
Iason McKnight - Civilian Engineer - New Berlin Shipyard
Captain Jacob McKnight - Chief Security Officer, Watchman Station - Brother in law - Married to: Jennifer McKnight
Sister(s) Command Warrant Officer Jennifer "Karax" McKnight - Chief Engineer, Watchman Station
Jessica McKnight - Schoolteacher - Mars
Other Family See McKnight Family Tree in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview This is a guy who has seen too much and been forced to do horrible and distasteful things, however, he believes it's all in the pursuit of a higher goal, the defense of the Federation as its facing a two front war.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Likeable, easy to get on with and easy to co-exist with, on duty he'll work long hours and will often take meal breaks at his post, he has no problems staying focused until someone mentions his now dead wife. He also likes to remain focused on his work while at work.

Also he is stilled with Halbards, Polearms and Glaves, he also is known for using some rather exotic and elegant weapons such as Disks, Chakraan's and a few others.

Weaknesses: When off duty he generally prefers to be left alone. He's a private man who's grief left him somewhat unable to get along with crowds. He's a quiet guy and has often been through of as not caring about anyone or anything, he has not gone out of his way to cure these rumors. Also, he doesn't tolerate glory seeking or macho chest thumping by anyone.
Ambitions At present none, now he's just looking to finish his career so he can retire in the next few years. He wants vengeance for his wife's murder. Red Squad MUST all die. The charges were bogus of course but that didn't stop Red Squad from committing state-sanctioned murder.
Hobbies & Interests Reading. General research into various subjects, painting, watching old movies, making holo-programs. combat training, flying, cooking and playing with knives, swords and whatever other weapons he can use.

Personal History István 'Orthos' McKnight is a capable servant of the Empire, however, he still has not forgiven or forgotten what happened to his wife. She was murdered for suspicion of releasing state secrets to the Klingons. She was assassinated by members of Red Squadron. Lord Admiral Robert Leyton's special elite force of personnel who were loyal only to him.

McKnight has become bitter towards Leyton as a result and all those around him.

Now in this new reality, he has embraced what it has to offer as he has recalled what the Federation originally stood for, there was a worthy nation-state so he applied to join and was granted the right to remain in this universes Federation Starfleet.

Archos as he now calls himself was assigned to the USS Alaska as her executive officer. He accepted with relish.
Service Record USS Alaska - Discovery Class
2392 to Present - Executive Officer